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Wellington Workshop 2nd & 3rd July 2011

Vanessa and Jacqui have asked that I have a workshop at Kapiti, Wellington & they are kindly hosting – if you or your friends are interested in attending please drop me a note for more details or to register your interest – there are a few places left. It will be a weekend where you will be introduced to Animal Communication, practice communicating , healing i.e. Energy Healing / EFT etc. Every workshop will be catered for the people that are attending.

Up Close With Giraffe

Faye’s News

Phyllis Brown Spirit Talk Phyllis has asked that I have a regular feature on her Spirit Talk online show, I’ll be able to tell you more about this later on Website and Facebook – Spirit Talk is changing and will be going digital via A little snippet from Phyllis “I have to say I am very excited about this new direction Spirit Talk is taking and welcome input from all parts of the globe. To get a feel for the new look simply watch the clips on the home page or email me with an expression of interest in joining Ustream and I will pop your details onto our data base. I will be having a Spiritual Teaching Channel and people globally can be involved in various teaching workshops i.e. Sacred Path – A Journey with Native Americans, Angels on the Airwaves, Psychic Development, Ascension Pathway and much more. Through joining us online you can become part of the growing global community of like-minded people who wish to continue their spiritual growth in the comfort of their own home at a time that fits their busy life style.” Thank you Phyllis, there is already a lovely online meditation given by Phyllis on Spirit Talk online show!!!

I spent a day with Medicine Crow whilst Crow was in New Zealand making my own Shaman’s drum, we did a blessing prayer/meditation honouring goat/tree/bee for providing us with materials to manufacture drum and worked with a wet goat’s skin but when my drum was drying (mine took about 5 days to dry) it was amazing the various pictures that would appear as many totem animals would be showing on different days. What I don’t know how much my drum face will change with age but this is a photo of my drum and to me goat is showing in the drum face, Poppy has used her computer skills to draw on the photo she hasn’t drawn on the drum face. Also spent an evening at a Shamanic’s Drumming Circle with Crow beating away on my drum – amazing evening. Sky is going to teach me more about using my drum.

Website Update thank you to Mark for upgrading website!!! There will be further additions and a small tidy up to the website to make it more user friendly so do keep on looking. Also on website on the testimonial page you can submit a testimonial. I have also added more listings to the Holistic Page.

My Facebook page – Faye Rogers Animal Communicator – I have been adding regularly interesting videos but also news, so do keep visiting. You can link up to my Facebook page through website. I also have a Faye Rogers facebook page – do send me a friends invite.

WHALES I have had people ask about the mass beachings/stranding’s of whales & dolphins, flocks of birds & schools of fish dying – the animals have shared that this is happening due to electromagnetic energy and they are being shocked – there is more involved than this but I’m summing it up briefly. About 4 years ago one of my own animals shared his message on Whales with me, there is referrals to other messages that have been shared but also there is mention of whales beaching but this is different than why the whales have been beaching recently but sonar is involved also……..please take time to reflect on the message and reflect on the the other species that we share this planet with.

Riders of the Storm/Whales & Dolphins by Torino Wolfhound recorded by Faye Rogers (copyright)

Riders of the Storm – I want to talk about the huge massive beasts that travel in the Oceans. These beasts that are known as Whales but are so massive and so huge People have hunted them almost to extinction and what rights do People have to treat these Special Beings as Beasts to destroy them. Who is the Destroyer, who is the Beast why it is Mankind. Mankind that proudly stands strong and can justify their rights to harvest such Magnificent Creatures, such Special Creatures to almost extinction.

Ancient days Man used to harvest the Whales if they beached and that wasn’t destruction of a Species that was completing a cycle of life, so that the food wasn’t wasted and the bones would have been manufactured into jewellery, useful vessels for everyday usage like tools and even weapons. But Man built huge ships and these ships would track the Whales – schools of Whales and harpoon them with such vengeance and such destruction but still the Whales survived as man had to battle the Whales as a Person against a Whale. But then Man built other weapons that could attack the Whales, they built special ships and special harpoons but even in more recent times they have developed sonar systems that can track Whales and devastate whole Whale Colonies or Whale Families and what gives another a right to wipe out a total Family in such destruction as this. That all Whales of one Family will be slaughtered, young and old.

Slaughtered for greed due to traditions that have held that Whale meat is great for the Soul. This makes me angry, how could Whale meat be great for the Soul, what benefits would any Soul achieve from eating Whale meat other than a feeling of conquering something so massive, so beautiful, so awe inspiring and that Man conquered the Beast but Man hasn’t conquered the Beast as the Beast lives inside Man.

I am sorry that my Heart is so heavy with the Whales pain and their dreadful plights that await them.

Life is such a burden for me at times but a burden that I must shoulder as I wish you to understand about the Whales and their special ness to the World, their uniqueness and tell me what you feel. Sit quietly after I have explained and feel for the Whales misery that is stretched though out this vast World and reflect on the Whales destruction that awaits them.

For thousands of years Whales have travelled the Seas or the Great Ocean Paths as Whales like to call their Paths they migrate year after year. The Whales as a Colony have high ideals of respect for their Elders and Leaders in their Colony but also they treasure their Young and that is why Whales are prepared to beach themselves as sort of a mass suicide when one becomes ill but it isn’t really a mass suicide.

Whales due to their pain they feel, Whales have a special Soul – a Soul that is so vastly different than other Souls here on Earth but their Soul is able to magnify pain and happiness of such magnitude due to their huge frame but also due to the depth of their Soul that has evolved due to the depth of Water that a Whale can transcend too. When a Member of their Colony becomes ill this causes the other Whales to be receptive to the pain and confusion of one of their Members and they lose their tracking system due to so much pain captured in their great massive Souls. So it isn’t a sympathy stance they are taking when the Whales beach but due to their pain they feel they are disempowered of their sight, feelings and sonar systems that allow them to travel the Great Seas without harm and if the Whales in their pain are not receptive to their usual Ocean Paths and cannot sense the depth of water or sight how close the land is due to their pain trapped inside them they will accidentally beach themselves and the pain of all the Whales will echo through the land masses so that is why Whales become beached, it isn’t to try and save one Family Member, it isn’t because of sympathy but because of their pain they cannot sense what is where and become temporarily short sighted.

So tell me this after I have explained how much pain Whales suffer how can anyone hunt these Magnificent Creatures of our Seas. How can anyone rightfully kill a Whale for their own gain when you have a Species so highly governed by their feelings and suffering pain the way a Whale does how can Man hunt these Great Creatures? I am sorry to repeat myself so often but the pain of the Whales is almost too much for me to bear and when I discuss their future with them I am filled with their pain, their pain almost rips me to shreds.

So please all of Mankind think of these Great Treasures of our Seas and show these Gentle Massive Creatures some respect and allow them to be free, allow them not to have to carry the pain of being hunted, of their young slaughtered along with their elderly as the pain is trapped in the Whales and they need to be able to live their lives and be a part of this World without feeling the pain of their own Family being slaughtered in front of their very eyes, to feel the pain of the destruction that awaits them.

I will tell you a beautiful story about the Whales and this will waken you. I won’t be telling you a story of their pain of survival that they struggle with day to day and their pain of seeing their Family taken from the Sea but I will instead tell you a story of what the Whales do for the World and why they must remain here and be kept pain free of Man’s errors.

Whales are special, oh so special, their special ness is very unique like all Species on this Earth are. But their uniqueness is because of their massive size, how did something this big transgress, how did something so holy come of bearing and I wish for you to look at the Whale as a holy being, a creature of great beauty but one that is aligned with the Divine and that is the Whale. Watch how they float through the Ocean Paths, watch how they surface, watch how much water they spray from their Blow Hole and this is a celebration of their life. Yes I know it is exhaling of carbon dioxide from their lungs but surely it would be easier to exhale from a mouth and their mouth is large enough to do this but no when they spray from their Blow Hole is pure joy, pure joy for the Whale and pure joy for anyone who is fortunate enough to sight this and feel the emotions that pour forth. The emotions that pour forth is almost like a prayer of gratitude and humanity to all, a blessing to the World and this is the message that the Whales spout from their Blow Hole thanking life, thanking for being here, thanking for a beautiful day, thanking so much and now you understand that one Creature can give such thanks in such a way, this will make you understand why Whales suffer so much pain as their emotions run so strong and are so powerful. Also please take special note of the Whales Fluking and how they give homage to the Divine , how they are blessing the Divine and all of Life through this simple message of beauty. They emotionally feel more than I could ever emotionally feel, more than you could ever emotionally feel and even more than a classroom of Young Children who haven’t become conditioned to the pain of the World but who are fresh to pain could possibly feel and that is why we must treasure them, we must treat them as Special Beings for this alone as they are very fragile.

I have outlined my thoughts by using the Giant Whales as that will give my words hopefully more weight due to the size of the Giant Whales but also I would like to talk about the Dolphins, yes they are Whales also and they feel the same pain as Whales and this is why as I said before Man sees the joy that a Dolphin exhibits and wishes for it themselves but this joy is so intense that man wouldn’t be able to experience the Dolphins joy without being stripped away of their layers of make believe they carry on themselves. What a strange thing you say Man carries make believe on themselves. Man knows fact from fiction and why would Man carry fiction on themselves? Fiction in the respect that Man feels they embody power, that Man controls all Life Forms and yes this is true too but Man will destroy all Life Forms and if the Whales are destroyed the World would become deathly quiet as the Whales ensure so much happiness and as you know happiness spreads and this is what the Whales do with their unique sonar language they are spreading happiness in the hope it reaches many, this happiness will reach far out places with such vast distances from the Sea but it travels due to Sonar Waves that are not discernable to Man but it is a happiness that spreads throughout the World and if our Whales departed our quality of life would depart due to loss of happiness. So yes next time you see a Dolphin smiling have a good stare the Dolphin will not mind in the least and will be happy to share their smiling fortune with you as it is pure happiness that streams from them and this is another reason to explain why Whales can suffer so much pain due to the pleasure they are able to spread, if they didn’t suffer the pain with such intensity they wouldn’t be able to spread their happiness, as their happiness is so intense. It is not a job I would wish for myself to feel things so deeply but it one that the Whales wish to do to share themselves with the World in this way and that will explain their great humanity that they forgive being raped and destroyed. So I plead with you, I plead with all my might that the Whales are spared the pain of Man’s rape and Man’s torture as it is torture when Families are torn apart due to being hunted, a torture so deep that if they didn’t live in the water the World would tear apart due to the level of pain that the Whales feel.

Now you see why I addressed this chapter Riders of the Storm as those four simple words stolen from a song will give the Whales a remembrance that they have to ride through the storm of Man’s destruction. I will leave it at this and I hope my words carry the weight of the Whales plights and that these words reach many and bring the Whales justice.

11.11.11 Invite – Celebrating 11.11.11 & Beyond – Patti Cota-Robles is bringing 120 people from around the world to New Zealand

Shirley Calder would like to invite people that are interested to come to the 11:11 gathering to be held at the Chateau Tongariro, Mt Ruapehu on November 11 this year. Patti Cota-Robles is bringing 120 people from around the world for this Ceremony and up to 80 Kiwis can join in the afternoon for $20 (includes afternoon tea). Patti organised the first Harmonic Convergence in Hawaii in August 1987 and then a similar ceremony every August since called the World Congress on Illumination. 11:11 is an energy activation leading up to the shift and we are very honoured that New Zealand’s role in this is being acknowledged. If you feel drawn to attend please email Shirley at to register.

Auckland Workshop / Waikato Workshop /Otago Workshop

I have been asked to have weekend workshops in Auckland, Waikato and Otago – if you are interested or know anyone that is interested in attending please register your interest – on website under Services there is a Workshop Request Form but I’ll also place notices on facebook page.

Until next newsletter, love and blessings to you all, Faye