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Phoenix, Sedona, Grand Canyon, Los Angeles – Dreams Do Come True

I must admit I am a total novice at travel, but Sedona, Arizona, had been on my bucket list for many a year. LifeVantage wanted to share some kudos with Poppy & me and we were invited to their 2022 Convention. This year it was held in Arizona, Phoenix – oh wow – so grateful […]

The Christmas Star, Returning Home Spencer Sharing

20th December 2020,           “As we are in this phase of planetary ascension, many humans have been getting stirred up in their relationships they have with others.  Others can be family, partners, friends, acquaintances, business colleagues, school acquaintances, community groups, social or sports groups, social media friends & groups. Many humans & animals are having […]

Self-Containment/Turtles – Torino Wolfhound

Turtles are amazing land/sea animals, not quite of this world – they are so unique in how they are. To be able to carry your house on your back doesn’t this make complete sense! To be able to stand up and uproot yourself whenever you wish and that all your possessions are contained on oneself. […]

From Northern White Rhino: Goodwill is the Energy of 2019

“It might seem strange that a species that is on the brink of extinction is sharing, but it’s not strange, because we are sharing as a reminder to humans that you can destroy, or you can captivate with love with tenderness with caring Goodwill, and the gentle reminder is captivating with Goodwill. You will be […]

Being In Love – Torino Wolfhound Sharing

“Being in love…. What a powerful emotion to feel – being in love. Being in love it turns your world upside down, it makes you feel things so much deeper, it allows you freedom to be who you truly are. Please place your hand on your heart, and pledge to yourself that you are in […]

Lynx Shares About The Rainbow Prophecy

Lynx sharing “There have been prophecies that have been given to this planet from the Star Nations relating to the Rainbow Prophecy…. We are not copycats, and we won’t be sharing word for word what another has shared relating to the Rainbow Prophecy instead we will use our own words but the words are also […]