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Faye, what can we do for animals we find hurt/dead on the roads…like a small blessing we could give them. There are so many on the road and I want to support them a bit more

This is the email I received from lovely caring Susan: “Hi Faye, Sometime maybe might you put something in the newsletter for what we can do for the cats, birds, hedgies etc we find hurt/dead on the roads or which we hit while driving ourselves – like a small blessing we could give them. There […]

Animal Whisperer Faye Rogers

Animal Whisperer Faye Rogers shares a message from beautiful elderly blind cat Magic. Magic shares her beauty, and her perceptions of aging. “……the elderly are difficult because they do not fit into what is considered the norm as the elderly have different needs and are not always that beautiful to look at as the human […]

Facebook Page: Vision, Mission, Motto & Objective

Initially, I was resistant to being on Facebook when Poppy daughter first created a Facebook page for me, and the page lay dormant for a few years, with little input from me. And then over time I felt comfortable with using Facebook, and loved sharing from the heart, and loved others also sharing from their […]

Hey, Faye Meets A Giant Petrel

Visiting Hagley Park this week for a catch-up girly lunch, bought back a wonderful memory involving a Southern Giant Petrel. Now this all happened 10 years ago, I had taken Poppy into the city during the weekend. And we had parked at Hagley Park, walked through the grounds to the museum, and then visited the […]

Buzz Buzz “Time Spent In Tauranga”

22nd January saw me heading towards Tauranga, catching an early morning flight to Auckland – I was born and raised in Auckland and always great to fly into ‘my old hometown’, and then another flight onto Tauranga. Window seats on both flights, and capturing the spectacular aerial scenery all the way. Christine & Di were […]

first blog post INSPIRATION

My first blog post on website. I have been blogging for a few years on facebook & sharing snippets of info, pouring my heart out, also protesting & rejecting what doesn’t hold true for me.  When I started to think about having a regular blog page on website, it felt kind of mammoth ‘BIG’ of […]