From Butterfly

“Look within my heart
What do you see?
Are you able to see within me and I truly hope you can see within me?
Are you able to see the energy dynamics of all that I have experienced to become Butterfly?
Are you able to see all the specialness that allows me to be me?
Are you able to see the beauty that is entwined in my heart and every thread of beauty captures the energy of Silver & Gold Cords of Love
Do not dismiss me
Feel me
Feel my gentleness
Feel my specialness
Look within me, and I will not object because I only have love to share

I have Silver & Gold Cords of Love to adorn you with, to wrap around your heart, to hold your energy still, to give to you, to love you
I view myself as sacred
Butterflies are Insects whose flame of light is captured in the Angelic Kingdom
I am of the Angelic Kingdom”

From Dolphin

“We all have a rhythm, we all have our own beat, and I am allowing you to feel my rhythm…
What do you feel, what is my rhythm exclaiming to you?
Would it be possible for my rhythm to address your concerns?
Is it possible that my rhythm is directing you forward?
Is it possible that my rhythm is allowing you to remember what it felt like to be in the womb?

Is it possible that my rhythm is allowing you to feel creation?

Is it possible that my rhythm is allowing you to feel the energies of the stars that shine bright?

Is it possible that my rhythm is creating for you?

Is it possible that my rhythm is bringing you illumination?
Are you able to feel the powerful intensity energy within yourself because of all I have exposed you to because of my rhythm.
Powerful intensity energy of belonging
Powerful intensity energy of love
Powerful intensity energy of purity
Dream with me, feel me, swim with me, surf with me, but let me cast you back into the energy of the stars from where you are created and allow this energy of creation to be with you as you walk the earthly realm.”

From Dog

 “Be one with me, be present with me, live in the now with me, allow yourself to be in the NOW.
Do not shut yourself away from the present.
Allow me to guide you into the present so that you learn to be in the NOW.
Feel my form, feel my joy of running, feel my excitement when I greet you, feel my excitement at all the smells all the sights that I behold, feel my joy at eating, feel my joy at sleeping – being dog is joy.

From Domestic Rabbit 

“My people expressed to me ‘Why are you nervous, why are you not calm, why are you full of reactive energy?’
And I exclaimed back, ‘Because I am me, and my energy builds up, and I have to release this through my whiskers moving, by being highly reactive.
I live in your world because you invited me in, but I am also teaching you about living in my world.
And you have to allow yourself to smile with me, you have to appreciate my qualities.
I am energy, I am energy that doesn’t have boundaries
I am highly aware, and I love my awareness.
I view myself as an antenna picking up energy, feeling energy, and I love being an energy bunny
I explain all this to my people, and they look at me with different eyes, and they stop seeing me as nervous; instead, they see that I am burning brightly with energy and that I am expressing the burning energy beautifully

They now see me as relaxed because they are aware of why I startle because I am an antenna for energy

They see me with energy that is positive and there is understanding, deep understanding.
We now communicate differently than we once used to because there is an understanding of who I am, whereas I have always had an understanding of who they are
I am not a stuffed toy, I am not the Easter Bunny, I am a living being full of my own magical energetic presence.”