“Turn your energy towards us, feel our presence, feel our sanctuary essence, feel our heart lift you high.

The world is changing very fast, and you are on an escalator of change. Our messages do not capture fears; they only give you love.

We Dolphins love you, adore you, treasure you, and cherish you, dear humans. We have been striving with you, humans, because you have tried to conquer us and keep us subjected to your ways.
But we are free—we are so free—and you must remember that you cannot capture our essence. You can capture our physical presence, but you cannot capture our essence. Instead, we can gift you our essence, but only if you are ready.

Feel our heart energy, feel our heart plug into your heart, and when you feel this, feel yourself encased in love, feel yourself encased in surrealness, feel our healing vibe, feel our awareness, and allow us to capture you in wonder.

Allow the beauty of our essence to rest with you. When you do this, you will find peace within yourself, knowledge within yourself, fulfilment within yourself, and maybe what you have been looking for.

We are all Universal, and this means that our energy is connected to your energy, and your energy is connected to our energy. Your thoughts, patterns, and deeds are held in Universal Energy, and in return, ‘all that is’ is held in Universal energy. This means that we are all connected, and when you realise this, when you recognise, then this will lead you far.”