I went to a dog show, my first dog show ever, and met an Irish Wolfhound puppy [there were at least 6 Irish Wolfhound puppies at this show as 2 litters were being shown from 2 different breeders and quite a few adults] and with one of the puppies it was instant love.

I just couldn’t get her out of my mind, every day she was mine but she wasn’t mine.

Now this puppy was all of 3 months old when I first met her at the dog show, and the people she was living with decided they didn’t want a puppy dog this big, and she was on-sold to a Doberman breeder when she was around 5 months of age. On hearing the news I felt crushed…and I said to the Doberman breeder that she lived with and to her part owner [as she was sold in partnership with a lady who bred Irish Wolfhounds – she lived with the Doberman breeder & the Wolfhound breeder had breeding rights on her] if it didn’t work out could they please consider us.

And sure enough she needed another home at 7 months of age. We couldn’t get there fast enough with a cheque.  We found her tied up in the backyard on a chain with very little shelter and the Dobermans had first class accommodation. We bought her outright with no partnership involved with anyone.

Bonnie Puppy

We bought her home and our hearts danced with joy. The perfect dog because she was ours; and the only crime she ever did and it wasn’t a major crime she chewed the edges of my first Irish Wolfhound book which is a very collectible book nowadays as it has long been out of print. All this happened over 35 years ago but then every time I pick up this book, I have this constant reminder of her and of her specialness and the joy she bought to us and the fun times but also the heart ache when she left. Thank you Bonnie for sharing your life with us.