“It might seem strange that a species that is on the brink of extinction is sharing, but it’s not strange, because we are sharing as a reminder to humans that you can destroy, or you can captivate with love with tenderness with caring Goodwill, and the gentle reminder is captivating with Goodwill.

You will be wondering what the energy of 2019 is relating to, and it is energy of prosperity. 

The energy of 2019, is about placating the old energies that no longer fit, and working with the new energies of brightness….The new energies of brightness is relating to humanity, caring, unity – must not forget dignity – dignity is worthy honourable respect!!! 

We are not sharing our words to educate we are here to encourage. 
You are in a period of greater consciousness, and this you do know. 

The Divine Feminine Energy has risen strongly, and this energy will keep on rising, and this will allow for more prosperity for this planet. 

Prosperity is relating to Goodwill. Goodwill is the energy of 2019.

Financial institutions, corporations, governments will be activating energy of fear, of hatred. And there will also be more disasters happening throughout the world some will be natural, and some will be manmade to look like they are natural disasters as the manmade disasters creates more fear and suffering, there will also be more strange weather patterns but do reflect on the energy of Goodwill.

You humans have that beautiful adage ‘Goodwill to all Men’ but sometimes this beautiful adage also captures the words ‘Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All Men’. This is the energy that the planet is going forward, where there is more awareness of consequences and that actions must happen to create more positive changes.

Since certain periods in time: since Lemurian, since the Golden Age of Atlantis and this was before Atlantis became destructive, since the great Arthurian era of discoveries – do not be fooled into thinking that these periods are only legends and have not existed because they are legends with existence. There have been a few other Golden periods on earth but our words will not become a book in explaining further instead our words will share simplicity. The present energy of this beautiful planet is replicating the energy of Arthurian where there was unity, where there was greater consciousness, and that there was strides of discovery relating to the Chalice energy of purity, feel honoured that you are here, honour yourself, understand that you are voyaging here because your soul wishes to be here, rejoice.

As the planet’s consciousness is rising, then this allows opportunities to happen that will lead to more Goodwill, remember the adage that was shared earlier ‘Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All Men’ pay attention to these words they are powerful words to share.   But also relate to that it has been advised that the old energy will try and control and create fear, but you must view yourself above the fears and relate to your own power, your own beauty, your own sense of who you are, and feel yourself shedding your outer covering and becoming the light that you are. 

Your voice can speak out, you can through your actions create positive, you can through your thoughts create positive, you are becoming lighter, you are become brighter, you are becoming exposed to the Chalice of yourself and is it possible that you could become the Chalice.

You might ask what is the Chalice, it is purity energy without blemishes, it is the greatness of yourself, and for some the Chalice will be representative of rituals, for some the Chalice will be representative of what Christ drank from at the last super but surely that is also important to reflect that if Christ drank from the Chalice then his energy has ensured that you can become purity energy whilst you adorn your beautiful earthly form.”