Please join us for ‘The Heart Collective Soul Gathering Evening’ 

  • Date: 19th April @ 7 pm – 9 pm 
  • Location: Papanui Spiritual Centre, 150 Harewood Road, Christchurch…
  • $20.00 or Koha by Arrangement
  • April’s Gathering ‘Gods & Goddesses’ 

Together, we’ll walk our Path of Light, embracing Courage, Truth, Clarity, and Protection.

This is your invitation to connect with divine guidance and fortify your spiritual armour. Let’s illuminate our paths and carry forward with unwavering strength and clarity. 

THE HEART SOUL COLLECTIVE is dedicated to fostering growth, enlightenment, and a sense of community. With Virginia, Sonya, Faye, and Jane at the helm, each bringing their own unique wisdom and perspective.

The Heart Soul Collective’s monthly gatherings will be sharing experiences/knowledge from the Nature Kingdom through to the Angelic Kingdom, the Greater Universe, and other interesting topics.

Each month brings a new, unique experience (and topic) that allows for personal growth. It’s a chance to learn and experience, enriching the soul and the interconnectedness of all …… (and you will have the opportunity to experience deeply relaxing guided meditations, learn things you can use in your everyday life & have the opportunity to participate & connect with others).

The Heart Soul Collective monthly gathering will be a sacred space where individuals can connect, share, and evolve together.

For those yearning to deepen their understanding, find camaraderie, or simply immerse themselves in the collective energy of a shared path, the Heart Soul Collective extends a warm invitation to you to join us and let’s light the way for one another, united in our quest for spiritual understanding.


Virginia is a vessel of divine wisdom and artistic grace. Her multifaceted talents as a Reiki Master, Mystic Walking Oracle and a teacher of Angels & Ascension from the Diana Cooper School position her as a guiding light for those on a quest for spiritual clarity and growth. Her experience with the Akashic Records, Light Path Journey Therapy (life regression work), Numerology and Crystal Healing, combined with her grounded and practical approach, make her an invaluable member of the Heart Soul Collective. Virginia’s artwork has touched the hearts of many. Her intuitive guidance is not just a service but a gift, illuminating the paths of those who seek her out, and her presence in the collective ensures a rich, nurturing environment where knowledge and experience are shared with compassion and insight.

Sonya’s love for the celestial is evident in her fascination with orbs. Her talents as an author, poet and photographer allow her to capture the beauty of the spiritual realm. As a teacher in Angels & Ascension from the Diana Cooper School, Sonya shares her profound insights, helping others to ascend in their spiritual practice. Sonya is also a medium & a channel for the Council of Light and channels beautiful & insightful messages during her conversations with her teachers & guides in spirit.

Faye is a world-renowned Animal Communicator, and she bridges the gap between humans and animals, facilitating a deeper understanding and respect. Faye also supports people with Soul Journeying and accessing the Akashic Records, providing insights that lead to profound personal transformation. Faye is an Ascension & Angel Teacher with the Diana Cooper School. Faye has been gifted The Sacred Christed Energies for healing and empowerment. Her work is a testament to her passion for nurturing growth, fostering a sense of unity, and leading with a vision that transcends the ordinary.

Jane brings to the collective a treasure trove of Shamanic Practices, weaving threads of ancient knowledge into the fabric of the group. Her roles as a Reiki Teacher and reflexologist promote healing and equilibrium. Jane is renowned because of her drumming circles and her women’s circles; Jane forges a hallowed gathering place for bonding and empowerment, nurturing a community of kindred spirits on their spiritual voyages.