blog 1 (Small)I am wondering who else is feeling the same???

I know I am in the middle of a transitioning phase, and “I am ready to burst out of a chrysalis, with wings gently drying, and relating to fresh new designs for me”.

We are continuously getting bumped up in energy, and the old energy is stale; and new energy is waiting for us, waiting in all its glory – new exciting adventures unfold and as we are downloading the new energy we are becoming more aware and we are hopefully walking with the energy of trust and love…..

But then we might try to hold onto the ‘old’ as it is familiar and we might not feel quite ready for more…And we become stuck and unsure of what direction is right for us – stay with the present or embrace the new.

Also when we are in a transition period – things feel slower, some things will keep repeating so that we can step in full glory of the new, or we might even start being reminded of the past as the past is important but the past can also allow us to be in the present, as through the past we recognise what has served us so well and we DO become aware that we are ready for new. And new can be challenging and challenging can be beautiful. Challenging doesn’t have to be difficult as it can be full of excitement of discovery.

Also many of you will relate to this. When we are in a transition phase, we might have great stalling moments – not able to do much – as we are on one level preparing ourselves for the next phase that is waiting, for the new energy that is waiting. And when we walk out of the waiting transition phase we are then energetically  ready to step into new frequency.

Also the ones around ‘you’ might be relating to the changes that are happening to you, and this can cause them some disturbances because you are energetically altering and they are not quite ready for this, doesn’t mean your energy has shifted away from their energy just that they are more comfortable with the ‘old’ version of your energy.

And as my wings are drying I do become aware that I am ready for more….

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