People do ask me what sort of people contact me, and why?  This question is really difficult to answer as the reasons are so hugely varied. In the past I have been asked to connect to wildlife species that are cared for by an animal sanctuary, or wildlife species managed by a trust, rescue organisations, a farmer who is having herd issues and I will connect to the entire herd, domestic animals: elderly to the young, competition animals, rescue animals, animals in spirit, and people who also contact me for soul exploration healing sessions or intuitive readings for themselves.

Here’s a small peep into some of the animals I connected with last week:

The Life of An Animal CommunicatorI connected with a beautiful dog who had survived a house fire. Her entire family (8 family members) had perished in the fire, and she was inside the home at the time of the fire – how she survived nobody knows . The little dog mentioned that one of the family members hadn’t gone into spirit, and could I help the stuck family member to go into the light.

A beautiful cat who loves the outdoors but is now an indoor kitty due to she is recovering from a serious accident. After talking to the beautiful wise cat & some healing  for her emotions of frustrations, her caregivers reported that her behaviour has altered and she is now comfortable with just hanging around indoors.

A gorgeous cat, and the new kitten. The family had been feeding a feral neighbourhood cat and her 2 kittens. The gorgeous cat loved hanging around with the kittens and would even allow the kittens to eat from his food bowl, spend time in his house, and he was getting them used to being around a family home. And the family had managed to over time tame the kittens so that they could be handled. The kittens were taken to the SPCA. One of the kittens had died at the SPCA during neutering, and the family decided they couldn’t leave the other kitten at the SPCA and adopted him. After the family returned home with the kitten, their gorgeous cat took resentment, and was hostile towards the kitten, refusing to spend time indoors with family. After sending him some healing, his personality of being incredibly affectionate and interactive with his family returned, and he is now hanging out with the kitten, and his family.

Now this makes you wonder about the Universe, due to last week I was also asked to connect to a beautiful cat who is now sharing his life with an adopted gentle older dog.  The beautiful cat was finding it difficult to cope with a dog on his property and was staying upstairs, he shared he had memories of being traumatized by dogs. After sending the cat some healing and some healing for the relationship with the dog, the cat is still wary of the dog but not as before, and the cat has ventured downstairs to spend time with the dear dog.

A beautiful inspiring horse [a mare]. Who has had a life of ups and downs, and has come to her new special caregiver and the horse is stepping into her true power of beautiful self. After communicating with the beautiful horse, her caregiver mentioned that the beautiful horse is now calling out to her. Her personal messages that she shared are incredibly inspiring and beautiful; she also touched on her physical needs.

Another wonderful horse [a gelding]. Who is so strong-willed and presently undergoing re-training. He has the best of care, and everything done holistically but he has his own agenda of refusing to be co-operative. He is here as a teacher, as one will have to dig deeper in themselves when around him, and find something extra in themselves that he can relate to.

Two other special horses, who shared their viewpoints with their caregiver, and also what they felt they needed – one was for health and the other for behaviour. I also sent healing to both.

A lost cat who hadn’t been seen for a few weeks and a good outcome as the cat is now home with family. I can only accept one lost animal a week due to they are very draining, and can be very time consuming.

This one was unexpected. I was having quiet time out, and a small pod of 4 Maui Dolphins popped into my consciousness to ask for some help. One of their pod members wasn’t well, and had gotten stranded, and was losing energy fast. The scenery was an isolated bay, I sent some healing and the tide was coming in, and the Maui was able to get out to rest of pod.

If I can help your animal companion, here is the link:

I am sometimes asked to connect to little people: Baby Whispering, and talked to a baby last week, and the baby kept directing back to her diet was upsetting her, along with a few other things in her environment. The ‘new children’ many of them are ultra-sensitive due to their energy is incredibly light & beautiful.

And also last week  Soul Exploration Journeying Healings for people. The journey work has led to amazing outcomes for the people concerned. If I can help you or a friend here is the link:

Last week, I also worked on the meditations for the Gratitude Bundle. The Gratitude Bundle is an interactive E-book that comes complete with 2 meditation bonuses that I launched this week. Hey everyone, I am  really really thrilled at the feedback I have been receiving for the Gratitude Bundle, thank you. The Gratitude Bundle value is over $30.00 and I have launched it at $12.00 but also offering a coupon code FL87Y5TL4H which if applied at checkout brings the package down to NZ$9.00 till the end of MayHere is the link with more info:

I was asked a couple of weeks ago if I could interpret a dream and it felt the right time last week to tune into the dream. I was really gobsmacked at the amount of information that came forward. I am now the Dream Queen LOL!!!

Last few months I have also been doing a lot of walking depending on weather, and one day last week I walked over 8 km’s but on this walk I had someone stop to chat to me as he wondered if I was Faye Rogers, as he had read about me in a magazine, had seen me on TV, and also had watched ‘Conversations with Pets’ on an Air New Zealand overseas flight. And yes I did blush.