20th December 2020,

          “As we are in this phase of planetary ascension, many humans have been getting stirred up in their relationships they have with others.  Others can be family, partners, friends, acquaintances, business colleagues, school acquaintances, community groups, social or sports groups, social media friends & groups.

Many humans & animals are having to rest to prepare their energetic & spiritual bodies.

          And as always is happening some humans & animals are leaving the planet.

Some of the some that are leaving the planet are creating channels of light of such brilliance to support the planet in her ascension, but they are leaving their living loved ones with heartache which is opening the heart chakra of the Earth.

And some that are leaving the planet will be going home but did not sign up to create the channels of light instead they are creating their own light.

          I will continue my chat on humans getting stirred up from other humans, and this will be from relationships that are no longer necessary & outgrown or can be from old patterns that are no longer necessary.

When going through these transformations of changes with others you, humans, have to listen to yourself. And when you listen to yourself the answers will come to you. Is this person shabby towards you because their needs for you have not been in your best interests, or have you outgrown them in other ways, or have they outgrown you, or are they casting that they are a victim because of feelings of resentment?

Sometimes ones that hold themselves in victim mentality will feel resentful towards the one that has supported them because it is easier than addressing what needs to be addressed. 

And the ones that have placed themselves in the attention-getting victim role are not prepared to abandon their image of being a victim because as far as they are concerned this image serves them well or it has become a habit and they do not know how else to be.

I do not want my words to sound heartless and I have true heart feelings for any that are abused & mistreated; I do have true heart feelings for any that holds onto an image of themselves as a victim because of refusing to shift into something new that would better serve them.

          I mentioned some that are leaving the planet that are going home are opening up channels of light for the planetary’s ascension but they are leaving heartache for their loved ones on Earth.

For any that are grieving because of loss of a loved one and through their grief, their heart chakra is opening the heart chakra of Earth.

Your counterargument might be that Earth’s heart chakra needs to be filled with love & light and not with tears of grief.

But when someone experience the loss of a loved one your own heart chakra is being supported by the Earth’s heart chakra & in turn, they are opening up the Earth’s heart chakra – there is magnetism involved. To understand this if someone filled themselves up with hate or fears and this will plague their heart chakra but also add density to Earth’s heart chakra. Whereas if someone is grieving because of a loved one returning home then this is true love is it not and their heart chakra is fully open, and in turn Earth’s heart chakra is supporting them, and because of the depth of love then this is adding more volume of love to Earth’s heart chakra.

          I know my words are not simple to understand, you just must feel and be aware and listen to self, and that is my message to humanity – feel / be aware / and listen to self.

          I am elderly, I am preparing to return home, and I will be helping hold the frequency of love which will support the channels of light for the planet’s ascension.

My journey here on Earth as a physical being has not quite finished, but my journey is nearing completion. And if recently you have lost someone or you are in preparation for a loved one to return home then love & honour them, but also be aware because of this present energy that maybe also their journey has also been to accelerate the planetary’s energy into more evolution.

I am returning to my Blue Star, my registered pedigree name also captures the word ‘Blu’ have a play with the words of my pedigree name ‘That Blu Feeling’ and those words ‘That Blu Feeling’ are not about feeling blue, but of holding the light of ascension, as that has been part of my journey to do this, and to hold you in the highest esteem and to hold the essence of love for myself and for others that I love but also the fertility of the planet’s love.

Captured on my physical presence is the colour blue – blue hair, blue eyes, and I cannot escape from blue can I, it is who I am, I cannot escape from my incredible beauty because this is who I am. The external package represents who I am, but the internal package represents who I am – full of light – whatever form we walk in when full of light then beauty is exhibited and cannot be escaped from. 

22nd December

          My soul has been released from my physical body and I am light, I am light of love. 

          If anyone is needing to feel light, then feel my energy. If anyone is feeling unloved then feel my energy. I cannot contain my energy – my energy is to be of service to others, and if I can assist support you in any way then I am here for you. There is no shadow attached to me, I am light, and because there is no shadow attached to me then wherever my energy is utilised will be for the highest purpose.

          I will also suggest that in your minds-eye, which some might call imagination, but I prefer the words ‘minds-eye’ is that you sense Earth as a round globe of light, and surrounding Earth are the Angelic Choir the Virtues, and at this present time the brilliance of energy that is streaming in for Earth because the Virtues are holding the Chords of Light, but also captured on Earth is also brilliance of such magnitude, and that is why the Angelic Choir the Virtues is surrounding Earth because these notes of brilliance haven’t been experienced on Earth before, and this is exciting is it not. New energies, new way of being, new direction for all of Earth, but you humans have to step up, you humans will have to step up more, because these notes of brilliance can play out as they should, or they can be defused because of lack of goodwill because of lack of support from the human race. 

Listen to yourself, feel yourself, associate with yourself as you have never associated with yourself before. Become aware of your divinity in all your divinity’s wholesome, and this in turn will aid the planetary ascension.

My words I have just shared are not relating to that you have to be passive, and submissive to others, instead my words I have shared is that you stand up in your own magnificence with your own voice with your own power for all to see and when you do this, sure you can stir up others which can create resentment, sure you can move others which can create more positivity for them and for you, sure you can stir up yourself so that your reservations are removed and that your power is unlimited and that you are the light that you only light walking in an earthly body. 

          I suggested to feel me, but if you have felt me, also feel the Angelic Choir the Virtues and feel their notes of brilliance that are surrounding Earth, and the Virtues energy on the 21st December is surrounding Earth and is of such enormous brilliance because the Virtues have never done before this before in this manner so that new frequencies of light could enter Earth on the 22nd December, and these new frequencies of light will become stronger which will influence more.

But when frequencies of light become stronger they can also stir up and relationships that no longer serve will be tumbling, the old way of doing things that no longer serve will be tumbling but many will try and hold onto the old ways because they are not ready for the brilliance or they do not want the planet to rise into ascension and my words that I shared relating to people that purposely hold themselves in a victim image because they feel this serves them also stands true for the ones that try to stop the brilliance of light because they are not ready for the new images that they could become and that this world could become.

And this world could become images without shadows, and isn’t that a scintillating uplifting thought of the new world, but in the meantime the purity is ringing so high on Earth and this will create clashes between the light and the shadows but if you are a true warrior of light, then do not cast yourself into the shadows of others energy, instead be informed by listening to yourself and step into your own power of magnificence.”


5th December 2004 – 22nd December 2020