Thistle Donkey’s Message on Realigning Your Energy 

I would love to share a message with people.

For some people, the present energy has been like a huge curve ball—a big whammy blast of energy—feelings stirring on the surface, forgotten memories that have been reawakened, energy to do one day and not able to do the next day.

To help people through these tumultuous times of intense energy……

Is to remember the dance inside yourself – remember your own natural rhythm. Take a beautiful big pause and start to remember that you have your own natural rhythm, you were born with your own natural rhythm.  You might say, “I cannot do it; this is impossible; I cannot hear or sense my own natural rhythm and what on earth is all this about?”

But listen to me, my friend, because you do have your own natural rhythm. Every living being has its own natural rhythm – it isn’t the heartbeat but something that you have carried with you since the beginning of your existence.

The clue to finding your own natural rhythm is to reach deep into your core energy and actually feel yourself doing this, when you have found your core energy, take a big breath in and then start to imagine that your life force is spinning around you, and yes I have used the word ‘imagine’ due to the imagination of yourself you will feel the dance of your own natural rhythm – allow this to be – and then this will help realign your energy – it is that simple – it doesn’t need to be difficult.

With the tumultuous energy changes happening, there are aspects of you that are waking up. Sometimes these aspects are not in alignment with the physical body & sometimes, your own energy can be off = sometimes, you can be absent from yourself due to your own energy being off, or you can be overwhelmed too greatly by things that are happening around you OR overwhelmed with what is happening in community/country/globally, or you can be in a buggery mood for no real reason due to your emotions are stretched high but I am not asking you not to give yourself the service of examining or playing out what you are feeling but of giving yourself the service of quickly re-aligning your energy.  And yes, depending on what you are going through yes, of course, you have to examine your feelings, but this quick exercise will help you through the intensity of what you feel, will calm your energy, will allow you to be in the heart quickly, and once you step into heart energy then what is overwhelming is less so.

Hey, good loving people, be in your heart, feel your own power, be at peace with yourself, and remember that you are creating your own path all the time. This comes down to a strong belief system; sometimes, the energy is so draining, or fears are overwhelming that you forget that you are creating your own path all the time. Rest easy on yourself, eat & drink, be festive, dance and yes, physically dance; why not? It is a great expressive way to loosen up your restraints, but also learn to quickly dance to your own natural rhythm through the simple exercise I have shared with you.  And for people whose animals are presently struggling with the energy changes, just remind your animal, and yes, you can do this mentally. Just send them mentally visual images of what to do or ask them to sit with you whilst you realign your energy and and you are dancing to your own natural rhythm so that they can follow suit.

Bless you all, and peace be with you – Thistle Donkey