For many, this year has been a year of transformation; you have reestablished boundaries and put up barriers, and you are no longer walking the same story. You have created new stories that best serve you. New stories that embrace growth, and new stories of being open to your heart.

You have torn away from the make-belief of others and stepped into our own beliefs.

You are brighter; you are being true to yourself. Your light is illuminating.

With the new stories that have happened, you have seen some that you thought would be forever friends depart because you no longer put up with their narratives. You have found freedom from their shackles.

Your heart is on fire, and as you live this earthly life, your soul has expanded. While you walk the earthly realm, you have walked into the gift of ascension, of finding the true spark that lights the path that you are now on.

Your light will gather momentum, and more transformation is awaiting. YOU ARE LIGHT!!! Embrace the experience, value the experience, and applaud your growth!!!! YOU ARE YOU – YOU ARE LIGHT!!!! YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT!!! YOU ARE ILLUMINATING THE PATH THAT YOU ARE ON!!!