This is the email I received from lovely caring Susan:
“Hi Faye, Sometime maybe might you put something in the newsletter for what we can do for the cats, birds, hedgies etc we find hurt/dead on the roads or which we hit while driving ourselves – like a small blessing we could give them. There are so many on the road and I want to support them a bit more (I tell the hedgies to come home to my place in new golden clothes, spirits are free etc and have been known to bring birds home to bury that I find). Is it ok with cats etc to talk to their spirit so they know love, but not to take them away in case their family are looking for them? I come across them on the way to work and feel I have to do something rather than just walk past like a stranger; hopefully even in spirit they know a kind word…..”

Blessing Prayer for an Injured Wild Animal

“Dear Beautiful Animal:
I invoke an Angel of Love to place their wings around you and enfold you in love.
I invoke Arch Angel Ariel, Arch Angel Raphael, St Francis of Assisi, and our beloved Jesus to watch over you and to encase you in healing energy.
You are truly beautiful, and I recognise a special soul of greatness. I send you love & light.”

Blessing Prayer for an injured domesticated animal that you find on the road

“Dear Beautiful Animal,
I invoke an Angel of Love to place their wings around you and enfold you in love.
I invoke Arch Angel Ariel, Arch Angel Raphael, St Francis of Assist, and our beloved Jesus to watch over you, and to encase you in healing energy.
I send loving energy to your family so that they find you.
You are truly beautiful, and I recognise a special soul of greatness. I send you love & light”

If you are not able to personally help the injured animal, also ask with your mental thoughts that the right person immediately turns up to offer assistance who is experienced or has the means [transportation] to take the animal to receive care or who has a mobile phone so that the right people (animal authority, vet, SPCA etc.) can come and assist.

Blessing PrayerBlessing Prayer for a domesticated animal that has been hit, and passed away on the road.

Blessing Prayer if you sense the animal hasn’t gone into the light: Sometimes animals that have died suddenly due to an accident can be in shock, or worried about how this will impact on their family. 

“Beautiful Animal,
You have died, you have had an accident and been hit by a vehicle, and I ask that you become aware of this. I invoke your Guardian Angels, and any other Angels to step forward to guide you. and I ask that your soul steps into the light.
I honour your body that has served you well, and allowed you your amazing experiences whilst you were physically alive. I love you.
I ask that your family becomes aware of your circumstances as soon as possible, I also send your family and all that love you my love. You are truly beautiful, and you are of the light”

If you sense the domesticated animal has passed over into the light:

“Beautiful Animal,
I send you my love, and I recognise your specialness and beauty. I know you are being cared for by the Angels and other beautiful spiritual beings.
I honour your body that has served you well, and allowed you your amazing experiences whilst you were physically alive. I love you.
I know your thoughts turn to your family, I pray that they find your body. I send your family and all that love you my love.”

If you are unsure if the animal has passed over into the light:

“Beautiful Animal,
I recognise you as a special being, I see your beauty. I am sorry you have had a dreadful accident, I hope you have gone into the light, if you haven’t gone into the light please go. I know the Angels will be looking after you, and I pray that your family finds your body. I send you my love, and I send your family and all who love you my love.”

The blessing for an animal that has died can be adapted slightly for a wild animal, and many wild animals are living as unity of family. If you are aware that the wild animal has young that need caring for please contact animal control or SPCA or appropriate wildlife trusts or the local vet who will be able to inform you who to get in touch with.

Animal Whispering (Small)Animal Whisperer Faye Rogers shares a message from beautiful elderly blind cat Magic. Magic shares her beauty, and her perceptions of aging.

“……the elderly are difficult because they do not fit into what is considered the norm as the elderly have different needs and are not always that beautiful to look at as the human spirit sees the exterior and forgets to see the interior. But the elderly if cat or animal or human or plant has a noble majestic beauty that the young do not have.

The elderly if they are in the energy of acceptance which so few elderly humans are but if they are then they are in the noble majestic beauty of acceptance.

Acceptance isn’t relating to one being treated cruelly or unfair but acceptance of treasuring the moment that you are in – of saying to yourself it is alright to be this way and that you are not a nuisance and that you are a living being with different needs than you had before and that accidents can happen or confusion can happen at times because one isn’t as perky or as bright as they used to be but then due to one isn’t as perky or as bright as one used to be then this can also be spending time relating to energy of self and dreaming.

Dreaming isn’t necessarily just relating to what humans see as dreaming as it can also relate to soul dreaming so the soul is spending time in the spiritual heavens whilst the earthly body is snoozing away and the majority of living beings do this. In dream state one goes back to soul energy regularly but for the elderly that are in energy of acceptance when they wake from their dreams their soul energy is so strong so beautiful they are acceptance energy of being old and not struggling with this and are instead viewing their world as spectacular of colours regardless of what colours can be seen.

So senses go higher on some things and also go lower on other things. When one has sight taken away which means eyes fade, then other senses will become stronger but also with aging the hearing can become less and even the taste buds become less due to glands and organs are a bit sour but there are other senses of awareness and it could be feeling like the heart energy of your own self is so strong so vibrant and that this means that your awareness is heightened.

So living in my colourless world I actually have a lot of colour as I feel and sense more than I could possibly have imagined as the senses have turned inward but also turned outward to the Greater Universe.”

Initially, I was resistant to being on Facebook when Poppy daughter first created a Facebook page for me, and the page lay dormant for a few years, with little input from me. And then over time I felt comfortable with using Facebook, and loved sharing from the heart, and loved others also sharing from their heart on this page, and also listening to others viewpoints and learning from people who have shared or spoken out or corrected (thank you).

When Facebook numbers grew to the first 100 likes WOW, and then to 200 Likes WHOOPEE and at 200 likes I gratitude for facebook likes Faye Rogers Animal Communication decided how I wanted this Facebook page to be and wanted this page to have a community feel where people could feel comfortable for hanging around but could also exchange ideas freely and be respectful to others. And when I reached the big milestone of 1000 likes AMAZING, and numbers kept growing, when reaching 1200+ likes Facebook did a re-scramble and many business pages that had numbers over 500 were grumbling they were losing numbers real fast, my numbers slid down to below 1000 but have steadily risen since then, numbers of likes are now approaching 1,800 AND SOME WEEKS I have 23,000+ visits to the page (the number of times the page has been visited in one week) and the page has held the community activity due to exchanges of ideas & sharing …

So so thankful for all the likes, for all the inputs,for the outrage we have felt at times due to some posting, for the inspiration, for the passion, and also for the laughter, and LOVE. And big thanks for when I ask your opinion the response that follows is wonderful. Sending you all love and big thanks to everyone who has liked, and contributed through comments, who has shared views openly & shared through constructive feedback, and also shared the postings & posters on their own page, or tagged their friends.

A couple of years ago, I actually added this info to Impressum on Facebook page as I had came up with Vision, Mission, Motto & Objective on what I wanted the Facebook page to represent, and this still holds true for today:

To have a page where people can express how they feel but are also respectful to others, a place to share their love for animals & for the environment

“My dedication is to a vision – a vision of beauty, love, joy, trust, humanity and BALANCE FOR ALL” – Faye Rogers

Faye’s Mission:
To share with others (humans) how to reconnect with their own power of self – encouragement without limitation.
To deepen the bonds between humans & animals by sharing & encouraging others (humans) how to be in touch with the Animal Kingdom – to bring balance, awareness, harmony between humans & animals.
To raise awareness & consciousness relating to animals, people, humanity and the environment.
To work towards deeper peace for all – humans, animals & environment.
To share awareness that we humans have been entrusted to care for others but also entrusted with being who we truly are – not being influenced by how others think we should be but of stepping into our true SELF with PURPOSE as SHINING LIGHTS; our purpose is to be true to ourselves so that we can be true to others.
To be the vessel for the animal’s thoughts, feelings, wisdom & humour and to encourage others to listen to the Animals, listen to Nature that surrounds them with respect & caring.


To bring together a Community of like-minded People who stand strong, who SING THE SAME SONG OF HUMANITY to raise awareness & consciousness
relating to animals, people & environment.


No separateness. To hold energy of sacredness. To be custodians of the present. To be in energy of encouragement, love, passion & inspiration. To be energy of a Community that truly cares for others. To be love.


blog 1 (Small)I am wondering who else is feeling the same???

I know I am in the middle of a transitioning phase, and “I am ready to burst out of a chrysalis, with wings gently drying, and relating to fresh new designs for me”.

We are continuously getting bumped up in energy, and the old energy is stale; and new energy is waiting for us, waiting in all its glory – new exciting adventures unfold and as we are downloading the new energy we are becoming more aware and we are hopefully walking with the energy of trust and love…..

But then we might try to hold onto the ‘old’ as it is familiar and we might not feel quite ready for more…And we become stuck and unsure of what direction is right for us – stay with the present or embrace the new.

Also when we are in a transition period – things feel slower, some things will keep repeating so that we can step in full glory of the new, or we might even start being reminded of the past as the past is important but the past can also allow us to be in the present, as through the past we recognise what has served us so well and we DO become aware that we are ready for new. And new can be challenging and challenging can be beautiful. Challenging doesn’t have to be difficult as it can be full of excitement of discovery.

Also many of you will relate to this. When we are in a transition phase, we might have great stalling moments – not able to do much – as we are on one level preparing ourselves for the next phase that is waiting, for the new energy that is waiting. And when we walk out of the waiting transition phase we are then energetically  ready to step into new frequency.

Also the ones around ‘you’ might be relating to the changes that are happening to you, and this can cause them some disturbances because you are energetically altering and they are not quite ready for this, doesn’t mean your energy has shifted away from their energy just that they are more comfortable with the ‘old’ version of your energy.

And as my wings are drying I do become aware that I am ready for more….

facebook comment 2 (Small)Jakki : Gosh animals were my haven when I was young – we only had a cat but I used to sneak into the neighbours dog kennels, and then I got old enough to get myself to the horse paddocks. Animals have no agendas and totally accept you as you are in the moment …See More
Andrea : In a world where emotions have been rated as weakness and something that needs to be kept under control, animals have kept the heart connection alive for me. They kept my sanity in younger years and I believe in a changing world we will be working much more closely and consciously with the Natural World and the Animals again. smile emoticon
Karen :I grew up on a farm. Saw what my parents went through in times of drought, flood etc. However, my father’s way with the farm animals left an impression on me. In adult times, pets have changed my lifestyle and invited me in to various animal loving com…See More
Linley : Hi Faye my world consists of a very special seal point Siamese called Ramu who continually reminds me of the infinite connection to source and he showers me with unconditional love always . When I have forgotten who I really am and my heart is closed animals always remind me that love and my connection is all that matters and I am eternally grateful to,she
Barbara :Their undying love and loyalty, acceptance, no expectations, just pure love, you don’t really get that from humans
Louise : They way they trust and love without fail xx
Mhairi  : I love my cats and their own personalities. They show me unconditional love.
Susann : Without my cat and without my horse my life would be boring, human friends who I know through them which are a big part of my life now as well, would be missing. My animals are fun to be with and make my life sparkle. Under no circumstances I would be the person I am without them; through them I learn so much more… would have some more sleep often but hell nothing is perfect tongue emoticon
Kathleen : My animals love and support me give peace and help me to ground myself. I am so lucky & blessed to have them and give thanks every day for this heart emoticon
Cheryl : Their unconditional love and boundless energy . . . Absolutely endearing and terrific sense of humour it’s no wonder they vibrate at a higher frequency
Vicki : My animals are my world. Our human children are grown and gone, and my husband and I needed all the furbabies that have come into our lives. They are a constant source of laughter, happiness, and love. My world would be a much sadder place without them. smile emoticon
Mary : They keep me focused on what is important in life, i.e living in the moment and enjoying it cause that is what my Spirit Louie did and is what Jorgie does and to love cause dogs are all love:)
Shelley : they love unconditionally,non judgmental,have always been drawn to animals from very early age,more comfortable with them than most people,they make my life complete xx
Shelley : My pets are what keeps me going since my husband passed away. They are always there waiting when I come home from work and they are just so loyal and loving I think I would have given up if they weren’t here.
Christine : My dog ( and past dogs) makes me feel such love every day, great company, and they make me laugh , every day smile emoticon
Joan : just feels wrong if there is not an animal . (trying to sum up a lot of words and feelings!! smile emoticon )
Kim : I may be alone… but with my dogs, never lonely! heart emoticon heart emoticon
Shane : My companion spirits. Dog & cat freak thru & thru. Huge respect & love for Mother Nature. ?
Kim : Well it’s only when they are gone that you really understand what they meant to you. That trust and loyalty love and devotion that’s there every moment and us trying to be worthy of such a gift………..
Carolyn : I love all animals my life isn’t complete without their trust and unconditional love. I connect with their spirits and although I connect well with people it’s that unspoken connection soul to soul with creatures different from myself but not so different that I love
Phina : My animals are my best companions and teachers. They help me to find myself again, especially at times if I feel manipulated or taken advantage of by other people.
Tricia : They make me complete.

giant petrelVisiting Hagley Park this week for a catch-up girly lunch, bought back a wonderful memory involving a Southern Giant Petrel.

Now this all happened 10 years ago, I had taken Poppy into the city during the weekend. And we had parked at Hagley Park, walked through the grounds to the museum, and then visited the Art Gallery. We came back via the Arts Centre hoping to get something yummy to drink and eat as we were feeling pretty hungry by this time, everything was shut. And at Hagley Park the cafes were also shut.

We stopped at the pond and there was a large bird hanging around the pond with an unusual looking beak, and I asked the bird

‘What’s up with your beak?’

and the bird replied back ‘I am a Petrel, and my beak is supposed to look like this’

‘Oh, okay, never seen a bird like you before. Where are you from?’

‘Antarctic, I have flown a long way, and resting. I need some food. Go get me some food’

‘We tried to get some food for ourselves and everything close by that sells food  is shut. We will have to go for a drive to get you some food and we might be awhile. Don’t leave we will be back’

‘You don’t have to go far if you walk down that path, it will lead you to a large tree by the glasshouses, and there is food waiting in the tree for me, go fetch it.’

‘Why don’t you go get the food yourself?’

‘Don’t want to, too many people to encounter and I am quite comfortable resting by the pond.’

‘There are a lot of trees in the park.’

‘You will know what tree it is, it is quite distinctive looking, and children like climbing the tree, it has quite a distinctive fork in the branches, and the food has been left in the fork’.

Mmm maybe we would be going on a wild goose chase to try and find the tree, We meandered off down the path and lol and behold yip there was the tree, and yip someone had left their lunch in the fork in the tree. We went back to the pond…

‘Are you allowed to eat this sort of food?’

‘Can do on occasions, the food won’t harm me,  the food will fuel me and that’s what I need at the moment and then I can get on my way, I’ve got lots to do, and it has been nice to meet you, I just stopped by to say hello to you, and thought you could do me a favour also’.

sacred christed graphic (Small)

22nd January saw me heading towards Tauranga, catching an early morning flight to Auckland – I was born and raised in Auckland and always great to fly into ‘my old hometown’, and then another flight onto Tauranga. Window seats on both flights, and capturing the spectacular aerial scenery all the way.

Christine & Di were hosting the Tauranga Workshops.

Workshops were held at Christine’s amazing country home, and I stayed with Di and family. Christine & Di are amazing hostesses – Christine provided the workshop attendees with yummy homebaking throughout the workshops, and Di opened up her home to me in a very special way.

Feet now on Tauranga soil. Di picked me up from the airport and we had couple of quick stops for morning tea &  supermarket shopping for goodies for the workshops. The quick stop at Countdown seemed to take twice as long to navigate around a ‘different supermarket’. Evening time Di taxied me off to Tai Chi, and it was brilliant, somehow I managed to tangle up my arms/hands & legs/feet in all the incorrect positions. We arrived back from Tai Chi to greet Andrea, Fergus & Phoebe who had came to spend the next 4 days with us also – bliss!!!

Saturday Animal Communication & Energy Healing Workshop. With all attendee’s eyes on me, I introduced some of the attendees to their first sessions of communicating with animals, some of the attendees had attended previous workshops with me, and some attendees were implementing animal communication in their professional life in working with animals…. the morning went really fast.

After lunch, we spent some quiet down time time being creative and creating Crystal Essences Vibrational Blends. And then more animal communication sessions, with people either communicating with animals OR some attendees I gave direction to on how to assess the animal’s Akashic Records or even looking at their own Akashic Records and their beloved animal companion’s Akashic Records to see why their journey together.  Then a bit of wind down time after the communication sessions, and creating of energy pendulums that would be used during Sunday. Also plenty of sharing happening, insights shared, and questions asked. After closing Saturday’s workshop Jilly & Amy gave us a demonstration on Kangan Water. Christine had invited all of us  (& families) to come for a BBQ dinner at her home, so it was a great way to finish a special day.

Sunday morning, dogs and humans gathered outside on Christine’s covered balcony & Lawn, and we discussed energy fields, chakras, energy blockages & communicating in person with an animal – Saturday’s workshop we had communicated we had mainly communicated remotely except with some of the dogs that had come along for the day, and a herd of cows. For the dogs that were keeping us company on Sunday there was hands on healing sessions and communication sessions, whatever was appropriate for the animals and the communicator/healer, sometimes both healing and communicating at the same time.

To finish off the morning session as a group we went to hang out with Wizard horse, and plenty of magic happened. I haven’t quite got words to explain it all. Wizard is HUGE in size, in heart, and in giving. The first time I met Wizard in person was Nov 2014, and he shared back then that he was a healing horse, since my first encounter with Wizard people have been turning up for healings with Wizard and many miracles have taken place, also animals have come to meet Wizard for healings, and even a child who is highly allergic to horses didn’t have a physical reaction to him.

Wizard gently walked amongst us humans, and he would stop at an individual person, pause touch the person’s body and nuzzle away or lick away, Wizard was constantly sharing healing energy where it was needed to go. At times  he would energetically direct the energy deeper and other times the energy would be circulating around the human energy field’s (aura) in a very special way. Places he would rest at were where the attendees mentioned they had been having trouble with their own body – incredibly special moments were shared, very surreal, very peaceful and incredibly magical. When Wizard came to Di there was no touching and they both lowered their heads, and were caught in the NOW of just being in each other’s company and healing exchanged between both of them. After our time with Wizard, some people refused to join us for lunch at Nourish Café as they just wanted to be sitting quietly with Wizard chatting to him, and enjoying his fine company, they had no need to be anywhere other than were they were, caught in the moment of NOW,

After lunch we did some journey work for the attendees (journey work is relating to messages for ourselves, or being aware of who we are or meeting spiritual guidance team; we also had sessions for this during Saturday’s workshop). Then it was time for more  animal communication sessions, and at the end of the day we bottled up the Crystal Vibrational Essences. Workshops are a gathering of souls to spend quality time together, to be part of each other’s journey, and  I am so thankful for the animals that were our teachers & the attendees for coming together, and for all being in their heart.  I spent a bit of time after we were packed up with one of the attendee’s cats for a communication session relating to the animal’s health & well-being but also reason for being.

Monday was rest day. Di, Andrea & myself went for a lovely walk around the lake. Then Hannelore came for morning tea with us. The rest of day was hanging out with Baxter dog, Fergus & Phoebe. Also Di gave me a Bodytalk session, and it was amazing the informaiton that came up, and the clearings that happened. We (Di, Andrea, Faye) had good intention to work on our Shining Year Life & Business 2016 journals, and yes we did some work. After dinner I had a walk around Di’s neighbourhood.

Tuesday Sacred Christed Energies Workshop. I took the group through  their own personal soul attunement with the Sacred Christed Energies, and then we spend time going through the notes on what each symbol was representative of and how to use. Before we knew it, it was lunchtime, and a quick walk down to a Cafe Paradiso, and Greg came to have lunch with us, as he had driven Victoria up from Wellington region for this workshop.  After lunch we went over a few more notes, and then everyone paired up for healings. The exchanges that were happening during the healings was mind-boggling – info coming forward – healings given but also we hadn’t touched on some of the symbols or  looked at what they represented them but they were coming forward for the attendees, which was huge validation for them, due to the attunement that happened in the morning.  After the first healing session, we looked at the rest of the workshop notes, and these were then implemented in the next pairing up for healings.  A stunningly beautiful day. And to wind up the day I supped at Christine & Graham’s home along with Andrea and Di.

Wednesday, bags all packed up – suitcase so much lighter. Mid afternoon we went via breathtaking Mount Maunganui then onto airport, where Christine caught up with us, and Christine gave me a surprise, so unexpected and there was plenty of room in my bags for handmade chocolates.  Flight back to Christchurch took longer then usual due to a very considerate pilot who went a different route to avoid turbulence. Feet were now back on Christchurch soil, and the sky is dark & raining.  XXXX

My first blog post on website. I have been blogging for a few years on facebook & sharing snippets of info, pouring my heart out, also protesting & rejecting what doesn’t hold true for me. 

When I started to think about having a regular blog page on website, it felt kind of mammoth ‘BIG’ of where to start, & then the word INSPIRATION popped in.

Inspiration is a pretty big word! Without inspiration we find it difficult to do, when we are inspired we do with more ease.

Take a minute and mind-map what Inspiration means to you – what inspires you, what makes your heart sing.  

Maybe you are not aware that you are inspiring others and this can be from something you have said or done.  

How has your presence or what you have said inspired another? Sit with that thought form for a minute and think about HOW YOU HAVE INSPIRED OTHERS JUST FROM BEING YOUR OWN UNIQUE INSPIRING SELF – I think you will be quite surprised at what you will discover!!!