“Being in love….
What a powerful emotion to feel – being in love.

Being in love it turns your world upside down, it makes you feel things so much deeper, it allows you freedom to be who you truly are.
Please place your hand on your heart, and pledge to yourself that you are in love, and you are in love with yourself; that you are in love with your specialness, that you are truly deserving of being in love.
This is actually an important message, and one that I would love for you to listen to. As a dog, I loved myself so greatly: I loved my physical body, as a soul a spiritual being when I was in my dog form I also loved my soul so greatly, as a soul residing in the spiritual heavens I love my soul so greatly and all I can feel is love, love buzzing through me, love circulating around me. And I wish for others to experience being in love with themselves whilst they live in their physical body.
Being truly in love with yourself, is the most important thing that you can ever do, it holds more elite, more quality, more specialness, more sacredness than anything else you have ever done.
Be in love with yourself, feel your own specialness, feel your sacredness and raise a glass to toast who you are, and be full of pride for who you are.
Humans find it so easy to surround themselves with shame, to surround themselves with regrets, to surround themselves with ‘oh if only I had known’ or ‘if only I had done it all differently’ but you must focus on your own needs and relate to that you do love yourself.
Do not turn away from loving yourself.
Loving yourself is the most powerful energy you can surrender too.
You might not realise or recognise the power of what I have shared, but if you do recognise the power of what I have shared then you are truly in love with yourself.
Let’s pause for a moment and feel your own vibe – what do you sense, what do you feel. Are you not magnificent just as you are, are you not truly splendid, are you not created from Creation Energy – are you not a divine being, and yes, do play along with me but it isn’t play I just need you to command yourself, to project yourself into the energy of truly loving yourself or recognising how much you truly love being you.
What a special sacred lesson it is to step into energy of truly loving who you actually are!!! Be kind on yourself, do not be your own harshest critic, instead learn to be kind to yourself and if you are kind to yourself then you are also listening to your own needs and not holding yourself as a victim, or holding moral judgement against yourself, or holding energy that you are inferior – you are not inferior – you are perfect as you are…and if you have learnt to be kinder to yourself then you are truly stepping more and more into the energy of loving who you are and this will in turn allow you to love others with more compassion, with more tenderness and with unconditional love. You are love, I am love, and you are greatly loved!!!
I am not asking you not to be aware of what is not good for you, instead I am asking you to be totally aware of what is great for you.”

Lynx sharing “There have been prophecies that have been given to this planet from the Star Nations relating to the Rainbow Prophecy….
We are not copycats, and we won’t be sharing word for word what another has shared relating to the Rainbow Prophecy instead we will use our own words but the words are also held in the Universal Wisdom so there will be some similarity.

The Rainbow Prophecy is relating to that one day when the world needs healing, many beings of brightness the Rainbow Warriors will return and be united in their efforts, these beings of brightness will be leaders of greatness, not necessarily political leaders, but ones who stand with the same song etched on themselves. And this song speaks to humanity. This song that speaks of goodwill, that speaks of great changes for humanity, and the great changes will be taught to others so that there is a legacy for the future.

The Rainbow Warrior leader’s their energy is becoming known, they do not seek recognition but they are given recognition for who they are, and many will join them in their efforts so that there is a mass consciousness energy associated with this.

Their (Rainbow Warrior leaders) energy are rising and they are becoming known due to the world is very troublesome at the moment, incredible movement in the landscape relating to the earth plates, the poles are shifting, global warming, incredible shifts of energy on many different levels – land, the sea & atmosphere – also physical bodies and attached to the physical bodies are mental thoughts, emotional feelings, consciousness.

And humanity needs the Rainbow Warriors to hold the energy, to bring forth new changes, to stand strong, and unite the People so that the People become the Rainbows of All There Is.

There is also energy at the present time of so much hostility being bandied around to cause more fear in others, to stop the advancing of consciousness. Some create worldwide fear to control the masses, and this stops the world buzzing ahead into greater avenues of consciousness…….

Due to all we have shared the Rainbow Warriors of the Prophecy have much work to do.
Do not set fear into our messages because this will not help anyone least of all you. Instead set heart into our messages and work towards what is good, what can be achieved, and step into energy of great awareness but also step into the energy of your own sacredness and beauty, and hold the light, hold the light, and hold onto your unquestionable faith in who you are, and what you are here to do.”

Beautiful Cats shared their special message about the Healing Power of their Purr for the May 2015 newsletter. 

From Cats: “Our purr is a gift to this planet, a special sublime gift and  each cat’s purr will capture different magic, different music and music is healing – magic and music combined together is powerful.

When a cat purrs they do so for various reasons, to share their own delight of themselves with themselves and this is deeply healing for a cat to be surrounded by their own delight. Imagine if you could smile and feel the depth of the smile in every cell within you and this is similar to what a cat feels when they purr – that every cell within themselves is surrounded by their own smile.

Could it be possible that the cat is turning their smile on themselves and yes it is possible and this is why the vibration of cat’s purr is magical and musical but capturing the essence of the smile.

What happens when you smile and this is a true smile when your eyes shine bright, when you smile sends out a beam of happiness… what do you feel? Don’t your spirits lift a little a bit higher but what about the one that you smile at don’t you bring the one that you smile at laughter, warmth, caring, light and joy due to sharing your own smile with them –  you are turning your charms of gratification onto another who in turn is lifted in  your energy.

Simply beautiful to receive a genuine smile from another, and  if you encounter a cat who is purring this is what cat’s purrs shares with you the beauty of their smile – their inner smile of beauty that captures a smiling vibration that fills your  human cells with smile energy and the humans cells are beautified due to the sharing exchange of the magical musical note of cat’s purr has dived deep into their cells and in turn the cells of the body are not necessarily healed but are full of joy, and if enough joy could flood your cells then this lifts your energy, lifts your presence, lifts your purpose, lifts your heart higher and allows you to be freer in yourself, freer in your energy and not so stifled.

So no wonder cats purrs are gifts to this planet. No wonder cats have amazing healing ability just by our sheer presence and if a cat is happy and not stifled in thought or energy and satisfied with life’s pleasures and still [calm] in energy then a  cat will step into their smiling energy and share this with you – by gently wrapping their body around your lower legs and purring away, or straddling your chest and purring away, or curled up beside you and purring away, or warming your toes in bed and purring away.

Listen to cat’s purr, feel cat’s purr vibrate through you and feel the cells of yourself smile with pleasure, smile with delight, smile with gratification.  And after reading our simple message you will now be aware of the Radiance of Cats Purr.”

Last week on Facebook people put up their hands wanting to read Swan’s Message, below is the chapter dedicated to Swans from my manuscript FOOTSTEPS by Torino Wolfhound & the Animal Kingdom – (author) Faye Rogers.

[From Torino Wolfhound] The Bird Kingdom I have already shared about beautiful Birds and discovery.  I have shared messages relating to Eagle & Dove, also Owl and Penguin messages, I am going to share further on Birds.

As Footsteps is a journey book the various Bird species I have shared about has been steps forward, all messages tie in together, all messages add more heightened awareness. I would love to share about all species of beautiful Birds, but this isn’t practical as it would take many many decades of sharing of words and messages to capture all that is of the Bird Kingdom.

I hope my messages keep you spellbound so that you wish to discover more about the little Birds that might gather in your garden or Birds that you might sight at different places that you visit. 

Today I am ready to share about Swans – let us look at the energy of Swans – beautiful majestic regal Swans. Swans are the King and Queen of the Bird Kingdom – their energy is associated with water energy so that there is fluidity and movement always. Even the way Swan drapes their neck signifies something so beautiful. Even the way Swan flies without much effort for a Bird their size but also the shape that they outline in the sky signifies something so beautiful and breath taking. When Swans are flying they are seeking – they are open to visions – visions of youth, visions of joy, visions of calmness. Watch out for those ‘nasty’ Swan beaks as they do have the habit of biting; Swans are greatly protective – their essence is of protection.

From the mystery of the wonderful children’s tale ‘Ugly Duckling’ and how a Cygnet can transform into a beautiful Swan but on the journey Ugly Duckling had much to discover about the brutality of life but then transformed into the beauty of life – powerful messages captured in a simple tale – incredibly powerful message. 

Also interesting that Cygnus Constellation is called after Swan due to the shape of the constellation has captured Swan – powerful stuff! And you might be shaking your head wondering where I am going with this message but shouldn’t the King and Queen of the Bird Kingdom be seen as powerful and shouldn’t they take on the form of a Constellation. Also understand that there are little chances in life that these sightings in the night sky are also evident on earth; that one species is here for special reasons but also they have captured the essence of a special constellation.

Swans will generally mate for life and this carries the essence of fidelity.  I call on Swan to share their own message………

“Dear people, we are great gifts to this world. We share our essence with the world and what is the world – do ask yourself this – is your world narrow and confined or is your world broad and expansive?

We are Birds that are associated with royalty and much has been written about us, and there is great truth in many of the writings shared about us because behind the writings there are important messages – do seek messages in all that you read, all that you sight, and allow the messages to relate to your own energy.  

Call on Swan Medicine when you desire grace, fidelity and transformation.

Swans are beautiful Birds, we are the King and Queen of Birds whereas Eagles are Power Birds and they are different due to their association with Sun Energy whereas Swans are associated with Water Energy. And yes of course Eagles are prey birds, but let’s not get too pedantic with the messages that are shared, be in your heart, and be receptive to receiving, be open and read on……… 

When Swan comes to support you in your journey know that you are blessed with grace, with fidelity and transformation.

Do you feel heavy and afraid? Call on Swan who with their grace can help you wade through the obstacles of life.

Fidelity is truth and this is truth to yourself – fidelity is much more than this as it can also be fidelity in all relationships so therefore when you need alliance with another call on Swan to assist.  

Transformation, there is much written about the Ugly Duckling who turned into a beautiful Swan. Young Swans do not exhibit the grace in form as an adult Swan so therefore this is Swan’s essence – transformation by finding grace and beauty within yourself.

To find your own true beauty to discover your true self Swan is able to bridge the gap between the reality of your physical body and reality of your spiritual body so therefore Swan is a powerful Power Animal to help you discover your true self of beauty.”

Oh, there are many legends involving beautiful Swans and I will casually outline a few……

In Greek Mythology Leda and the Swan and the conception of Helen of Troy are well known legends. Ireland there is the legend of Children of the Lir. In Hinduism the Goddess Saraswati who is the Goddess of Knowledge is portrayed sometimes riding a Swan or a Swan resting by her feet. In the Vedic literature people who have attained great wisdom are sometimes called Paramahamsa [‘Great Swan’] due to their ability to travel between various spiritual worlds. Swan’s essence is even captured in one of the most beautiful ballet created ‘Swan Lake’; you will maybe be familiar with this ballet of the beautiful Princess Odette turned into a Swan by an evil sorcerer’s curse who is Swan by day and human by night, this beautiful ballet depicts loves struggles due to others but also undying love, of choices made due to loving another so brightly, of breaking the spell and ascending to heaven of eternity.

When one thinks of Swans one thinks of the beautiful White Mute Swan but also we must not forget the Black Swan. These magical Birds that are found throughout Australia are also native to New Zealand and nowadays the Black Swan also resides in many other countries as they have been exported due to their beauty, their majestic presence, their colour of density so dark and what does this advice one of? The Black Swan still carries the same symbolism of the White Swan but also, they carry mystery, they carry great power, they are also connected greatly with the great Swan constellation. The White Swan also has extra energy of youth, and the Black Swan has extra energy of knowing – think about what I have just shared – youth isn’t ignorance but youth is fresh pure and beautiful and extra knowing is mysticism the allure of the unknown – and that is the difference between the White and Black Swans that honour our planet with their graceful forms and energy of specialness.

Three days ago [12th December] I shared on Facebook the postings about the little kitten in Southland [New Zealand] who was cruelly stoned to death by a small group of teenagers. I shared the video in the hope that it would lead to the offenders to stop them harming others, and they in turn need counseling or their own home situations looked at in case their home situation has caused them to carry out such a horrific act. And then on the [13th December] I shared the update that the offenders had been found and were aged between 11 years & 16 years of age.

Since viewing the video, I have held the little precious kitten in love, light & healing. Also I have had people messaging me asking if I could share a blessing for the kitten and for the situation, and because of this I asked beautiful Hero Wolfhound (who is female) if she would share divine words of love that would assist with the suffering of others and Hero has given us an exercise to create more light, more caring that we can then share with others. Thank you sweetheart Hero.

From Hero “If the entire world of humans could plug into their heart energy, into their compassionate caring emotional heart and the heart energy because of the numbers involved would be amplified and uplifting, and the brilliance of light shining would be similar to what would be viewed from a polished faceted diamond that is capturing every Ray of Light, and this Ray of Light would allow deep healing and restoration for ALL that is of this planet.

Because the entire world of humans at this stage of their own evolution are not quite ready to plug into their own brilliance of light, then you as ONE can actually do this, and your own energy will magnify, and you can create a Bridge of Light that you then can forward to situations: of discord, of cruelty, of misjustice and the more that are involved in creating the Bridge of Light for another or for a situation then the more the energy will be amplified and magnified.

You will have your own special sacred way of creating your Bridge of Light, but if you need a little bit of guidance then I will guide you with gentle words. …….

Position yourself wherever you wish to be, but I assume you will be sitting in front of your computer on a chair whilst you are reading my words, but you can do this exercise wherever you wish too, you can be sitting or lying down and some of the words that will follow you can use your imagination and sense energetically regardless of your pose.

My words for you to create more light, to create a Bridge of Light. ………

Feel your feet solidly on the floor, feel your backbone, and sense a beam of light travelling in your backbone and this beam of light is like the DNA shape which is actually many infinity symbols that are locked together, and the Ray of Light is twirling dancing splendidly through your backbone, and this beautiful liberating Ray of Light is allowing you to feel within, to associate with your own heart essence. This Ray of Light is uplifting you, and you are finding incredible deep peace within yourself. Whilst you are feeling experiencing the Ray of Light travelling twirling dancing through your spine and then sense your energy of compassion, and allow your own heart energy to be held in Wings of Love, and the Wings of Love are allowing your heart energy to travel to where it must go.

Send this energy of love caring compassion to whoever needs this and this could be an animal that has been mistreated, this could be to a human who needs your support, this could be to someone who is ill,  this could be to a community that needs your support, this could be to a species that needs your support, this could be to the landscape, this could be to the waterways, this could be to the trees, this could be to the sky that surrounds you, this could be to a project that will bring good to many, this could be to a cause that you are involved in, this could be to corruption that is affecting one or affecting many, this could be to governing politics that are making choices that are not for the well-being of the masses… Just allow this divine exercise to be, do not try and stifle or overthink just let it happen.


My lovely friend Accalia introduced me to one of the cats that she helps attends to at her local SPCA.  This beautiful cat is a mama cat and has a very young kitten.  The beautiful cat introduced herself to me as Angel, and Angel then shared her beautiful message.  


from Angel Cat”I am a Beacon of Light and of course I am aware that there are many that are Beacons of Light, and each individual Beacon of Light will be a trifle different as my light emits a different vibrancy different reason than others which should be understandable.

We come here carrying all this light and it is truly splendid, my heart is love, my wings are stretched out, I am floating in my vibrancy of love & light and my wings are supporting me….but my wings are also nurturing me.

I am of Angelic energy, I am of Goddess energy enough though I am a mere cat, I am an Avatar of Light but I am more than this because I am exploring in my beautiful feline form and I am also cast in memories of other times I have walked on earth but also captured in energy of who I am as I am performing as this cat now.

This cat is relating to who I AM NOW and not relating to ALL that I AM because I still have to enjoy the journey ahead of me and explore through: my paws, through my whiskers, through my intelligence, through my heart, and I mustn’t be clouded in remembering ALL but allowed to be clothed in light to remember some of what will serve me well or clothed in the ability to be connected to my bigger self of wisdom when I need this, able to journey home with ease, and that is the beauty of being an animal being so in touch with what is happening around you but also so in touch with what is happening further afield but also in touch with higher energies that some might call the Greater Universe.” 

Stunning Keas have been crowned  NZ Bird of the Year…Revisiting their messages that they shared April 2016.

Keas shares that they are King or Queen of all they survey, but we must also feel like King or Queen of what we survey so that we treasure and caretake what is important!!!




“We are scrumptiously hysterically fantastically spectacular clowns.With us Keas it is always about laughter, laughter ready to bubble over, laughter presented and that is the vibe that we live with. We have no wish to be without laughter. We can also be serious, if there is a need for seriousness.
We feast on the delights of life.

We might have made it all sound like we are senseless and do not have intelligence, but we are ranked by some research that has been carried out as number one parrot for intelligence in the world – pretty impressive!!!

And for people that do not know of us, we are parrots, but we are also the only Alpine parrot in the entire big world – now that alone is spectacular, is it not.

For us attitude is the badge that we wear with honour, and the attitude that we wear with honour is relating to ‘can do’ ‘why not’ ‘what is caution – duh forget caution – and live with just doing’.

We are great problem solvers, and due to our intelligence we love a quest, a challenge and sussing out what is what and making it work.

Our intelligence also leads us to big trouble at times, as we can be so intensely insanely insatiable curious about what is ‘that’, and before you know it we can be dismantling ‘that’ which could be something attached to a vehicle, or ‘that’ could be we have spied someone’s bag and loving the zips or the clasps and start playing pestering away at the bag.
Our curiosity is tinged with childlike laughter, and this is our sheer beauty. But some might see our behaviour as malicious or unnecessary, but we as yet haven’t learnt to control ourselves, or fit exactly into the human world of behaviour. We have our own rules, and our rules suit us just fine, and our rules we feel are more in harmony with how it should be. But also in harmony with our natural environment.

We actually have great caring, and even though we can be rowdy in energy, rowdy in behaviour at times, we exhibit great caring, and we love hanging out with our family. Keas have great bonds with other Keas and we do work together so that we can achieve.

We know that you humans want a deep personal profound message, and yip you will get one – just settle down, and then we will be polite and share away.

Even though we have played with words to make us sound fools at times, the words are also jolly. And why not be jolly, why do you have to be so earnest that you forget to be jolly.

We do work hard, it’s hard work to survive in our environment. Winters can be utterly ruthlessly cold; but we do find a way to keep ourselves warm, and we might create nest burrows, or we might just flap our wings a bit more than we would if the weather was warmer. Flapping our wings a bit more keeps the blood circulating through our body, and also helps our lungs cope with the cold, remember we live in high altitudes and the higher up in the altitude then oxygen needs can be different depending on species.

Oddly enough, we love walking around and yes this can be a parrot thing to walk around rather than just navigating by wing, but the walking is sheer joy for us to do this. We just love the expressions that our bodies feel, we just love the power of walking but also the power of flight.

When we do fly, we expose the beautiful undercarriage of our wings, and our natural colouring is olive green with slight iridescent hues captured only on some feathers…But when our wings are stretched out we are displaying orange flashes of brilliance, and it is like we have got jewels hidden from view, and when we take to flight the jewels are exposed. This alone is an important message for humans, and one that we want you to think about for yourself….

What do you expose about yourself? Are there moments when you bring forward your hidden jewels of delight, and the moments are of spectacular-ness. When you take flight and soaring high, you are exposing your own jewels of delight.

We blend into our natural environment with ease, and we can camouflage ourselves and be less exposed…or we can be exposed and chatting, walking around, feeling like the King or Queen of what we survey… and we feel like this due to the eager thrust of living.

Now take a pause, and go and take yourself for a walk, and alter your energy slightly or alter your energy greatly. Walk around like you own the show with eager thrust of living, and this doesn’t mean you have to knock others out the way or be disrespectful to the environment, but walk around like you own the show and you will feel magnificent because you will relate to the environment and you will hopefully see your environment as something really special and that you are part of the environment.
Your environment could be a rural dwelling, it could be a forest scene, it could be a country town,  it could be a scenery of water, it could be a high rise busy city scene but it doesn’t matter what your environment is whether it is of green fields or concrete footpaths you have to be aware of the environment that is surrounding you, and that you are energy of the natural and the forces of the natural are spectacular to experience. In one of your huge cities you have air, you have wind, you have insects, and you have much more then this so don’t dismiss walking around and have energy of that you own the show, it is just a heightened feeling that you experience doesn’t mean that others are beneath you, and  If you feel like King or Queen of what you survey then you will want the view to be spectacular, and you will find a way to care, you will see that the view is a treasure and you must treasure and what you are treasuring you have to have pride for.

Our song that we call out – the simple call of  ‘keee aaaa’ and that alone holds its own clues as our voice can vibrate through the forest at a swift speed. And our calling voice of simplicity is also etched on our personalities. As we are also simple, in the respect that we can handle changes, and we don’t over complicate changes. But the simplicity is actually intelligence because we are not struggling too greatly, then we can step into energy of the change with more ease, and use our intelligence to help us cope. Or we become stimulated by the changes, and do not find the changes too demanding, as we stride swiftly forward into changes with more ease than some do.

We are rarely shy, and humans invade our environment but we will go to check you out – not with fear stamped on us but of curiosity of what are you up too – and why are you doing that – what is all that about – and other questioning thoughts that we experience. This has also meant that we have learnt to accept humans into our environment, and we have found humans fascinating. Now that is a pretty generous thought of ours isn’t it, that we Keas find you humans fascinating, and you come and stomp into our world, you stamp our world with your desires, but surely we all have the same desires – desires for enough, desires for feeling satisfied with life offerings, desires for good excitement that stimulates, desires for jolly laughter, desires to have connections with others, desires that life is darn well worth living.

Desires are pretty strong in our world, and they are pretty strong in your world also, but do learn to treasure, do learn to see your own magnificence, and do allow your own jewels to shine bright for the entire world to see.”

THREE-TOED SLOTHS ‘loyalty, charm & living with ease of purpose’

It has been ages since I last blogged, but I thought over the next few months I would start sharing again some of the  beautiful insightful messages from the Animal Kingdom that have been shared in the newsletters.

Three-Toed Sloths are so sedentary that algae actually grows on their furry coat, their algae greenish tinted coat provides Three-Toed Sloths with a natural camouflage in their forested environment.

From the Consciousness of Three-Toed Sloths

“Our World is the same as your World, we have perils & pitfalls to overcome, we have to be selective in what we do & this is no different for you is it!

We move in our bodies, we see things through our eyes, we taste through our mouths, and we hear through our ears just like the majority of humans do. But our sensing of the World is different than yours, we move at the pace that we do and some might suggest the pace is leisurely but our pace is perfect for us, it allows us to experience every nuance and even though the speed that we travel at this can endanger us as we cannot get away from fast moving machinery or from predators who have the ability to move at the speed of light compared to our speed.

On occasions we do sometimes move at a reasonable pace, or what we see as a reasonable pace but even when we move at a reasonable pace things are ‘slower more sure more steady more calm’ except if we were frightened or terrified then our energy would still be moving at a reasonable pace but with energy of worry tagging along with us.

If you could slow life down for a day what would you feel, would you get bored due to life is too slow for you? If you actually slowed life down for a day then your sensing is also slowed down so it isn’t like you would be waiting for time instead you would be in sync with time, just as you are now, just as we are in sync with time.

We absorb so much due to the speed that we travel, due to the speed that we associate with, due to the speed of our own time, and this is a special experience for us. The opportunity to be in our bodies is terrific, we glorify being who we are, and we are the ancient old men or old women of some of the rain-forests of this World.

We are privileged to live where we live but the privilege is being stripped away from us due to man’s interference in the natural cycle of earth – destroy the forests and you also destroy the cycles of earth.

As a species we are humanitarians & create and this is due to many live on us. Our fur captures algae, our fur contains cracks that collects rainwater & acts as it’s own eco-system which allows algae & other life forms to live on us. The other life forms that live on us many are unique, we also have a need for some of the insects that we host, a need for the algae to assist us with camouflage – all that live on us are normally in harmony with us and we in turn are normally are in harmony with them – no wonder we are humanitarians. Our actual species energy also creates a nurturing energy to our forested areas – this is our actual energy that sings out to the forest – a nurturing energy of beauty.

Cities that are fast can be on our doorsteps and we might venture out into your cities and what we see through our eyes & what we sense through our energy when we view the city life is incredible. What we see if we journey into your cities is that when you humans are walking through your cities we see and feel every footstep, we feel the vibration deep within the earth of the moving traffic, we hear noises that are varied, we see litter lying on the ground, we also see poverty,and we see humans who are shamed by their actions that they do unto others but we also see humans who are energy of gladness. The only way to explain what we see to you so that you understand further what we see… if you looked at an old movie that was on set on a slow speed and this speed will allow the movie to capture every tiny bit of movement and depending on the speed of the movie it might even capture the hair moving on arms or even veins of plants full of vitality due to the brilliance of movement is captured. We are ‘still’ but ‘we are not still’ because we experience so much.

What special messages do we have to share with humans who are receptive to hearing from us, and that is the message of ‘loyalty, charm & living with ease of purpose.’

Being loyal to what you love and if you love this planet then you will act loyal in your actions.

Being charming in the footsteps that you take – watch our movement then you will know what it is meant by ‘being charming in the footsteps that you take’ as every footstep that we take is charming and even though we are mainly use our arms for navigation through the forested areas that are our homes we are moving – this is footsteps of great charm as we are loving the experience the joy of movement and we are not sedentary in what we do as we are moving with charm, pleasure, with hope and with forward.

Of course we do not expect you to move at our pace & we are not asking you to walk slow everywhere you go INSTEAD we are suggesting that you walk with charmed footsteps so that in your journey you find fulfillment, carry hope for others, and bring forward positivity.

Charmed is a word that is sometimes associated with magic but do look for the magic in yourself, be aware of that you are magical, that you capture your own intensity of life and the intensity of life is of great specialness.

We see ourselves as magical due to our experiences are not stifled in what we feel.

Ease of purpose, what quaint speech we capture but this is being purposeful in what you do but also being at ease in what you do, you could play with these words further and if you think of ‘ease & purpose’ then maybe you also have to be easier on yourself, easier on others, easier on your environment and have purpose when you are in this energy of being easier with purpose then you will actually achieve more. Do not replace ‘easier’ with words of ‘lazy’ or ‘sedentary’ because then you will not achieve with lazy purpose because you will snuff out your feelings or your ability to do.

You might think we are resentful towards humans due to what we have shared but we are not resentful we are concerned Citizens of the World and this is ‘Our World’ – Our World is Your World”

I received this message from a lovely sensitive friendoh Faye… how do I overcome such sadness when I see posts of animals suffering? And I know it’s just one post. But know also there are sooooo many more. It’s such a heavy down-heartening feeling…sometimes I just want to go off fb and know nothing….sooo much heartbreak”

I can really relate to the question asked of me. Daily I am a getting bombarded with pictures & stories on social media, television and other media of cruelty & plights dished out to people, to animals, and destruction to the environment. Also silently in my consciousness I am aware that the barbaric practices of Taiji are happening again.  I read a couple of weeks ago that so called beggars in China cut off a camel’s hooves, and they transport the camel around asking for money for the care of the camel, cruelty & exploitation of another animal. Camels are dignified special animals, and to be treated so disgustingly is beyond actual words.

At times I feel so crushed, so heartbroken at what I have viewed, so suffocating under the weight of it all and I have asked myself many a time when will it all stop. At times my fragility is so incredibly high, and I wonder if I can bear it any more So many times I want to shut myself away, not view all the dreadfulness, I have this great need to be in the energy of totally harmony but then I also know that this also doesn’t help others, doesn’t raise awareness.

And yes, I do share some of the awfulness on my own Facebook social media as I feel such a need to speak out for others, and my Facebook business page will be controversial due to this. If you regularly visit my Facebook business page, you will have noticed sometimes I am incredibly pro-active speaking out for others, and then I might go for a phase that I am not pro-active & I am only sharing the nice beautiful stories that also touch us so greatly. When I am in energy of wondering if I can bear it any more I tend to only share softer postings.

But then I rally around again and being so passionate for the well-being of others I also know that through sharing my voice, and of many voices sharing of inhumane actions we are speaking out as a mass consciousness energy that will bring in massive changes and this will light the way forward for more awareness, and through more awareness more will be achieved. And knowing this helps me I can either allow myself to feel powerless and not able to do anything or I can hopefully make a difference by speaking out and when I step into energy of truly knowing that I am making a difference I can step into energy of feeling like I am doing something, and that even though I am one person that through my voice and my actions I am also encouraging others to be more aware, more pro-active, and also raising the consciousness, and by raising the consciousness this will bring in more changes over time. Mass consciousness awareness is so important, as we shift into higher consciousness awareness and as more become more & more aware and speak out against what is no longer acceptable then that this energy is held and anchored.

I thought I would ask my beautiful dog Hero (female) if she has any advice to share that can help us  from becoming saturated with the suffering of others that then leaves us feeling powerless.

 “Dearest sentient friends,

Honour your feelings, treasure yourself and to help you free yourself from taking on the suffering of others – feel in your 3rd chakra which rests between your naval and your heart – feel this power centre as this is the power centre of personal power and governs self-esteem and this power centre captures your warrior energy, and the power of transformation.

You have to really feel this power centre, so don’t rush doing this, but settle your energy, and tune your energy into yourself.

And as you feel this power centre and then feel this power energy displayed directly out from you, as a radiant beam of bright yellow light. Feel the warmth, the power that this power centre holds but also feel this power centre cleansing your aura and start to feel yourself being cleansed and then being totally cleansed and this will hopefully help you deal with viewing through media the atrocities that are being played out against another or against many.  

This is also a good exercise to do before logging onto social media sites, or watching news, or reading newspapers or other media that are portraying dreadful ordeals. 

Also being aware that when you log into social media sites you might also be leaving your own energy open for others to tune into your energy. To explain this further if you sharing your insights or something that you are feeling then others will be tuning into you and this can also energetically drain you, and you might have experienced at times after visiting social media sites felt incredibly drained but by doing this simple exercise you are working with your own power, you are holding your own power, and setting up a wall a barrier of defence to protect your own energy.  

Love to you all, Hero”


I heard the news on Harambe just after he was taken from the world, and it took me over a day to post on facebook due to I was feeling so much heart-break. Also after hearing the news, I did connect with Harambe and shared healing, he mentioned he would share a message of humanity & awareness to hopefully help his ‘own kind’. Harambe hasn’t focused his energy on helping animals in captivity but on his species demise.


“If you are sad for me then you have to be sad for the entire fleet of all Lowland Gorillas.

I was born in captivity, and my name is Harambe and the essence of my name is: unity, helping, sharing & caring.

I will share about my species demise, and this is due to mining of coltan that is then used in cell phones; also demise due to poaching and deforestation.

Every day my kind that live in their natural habitat are facing great extinction due to mankind’s evasion. As a species we are not coping with only one human onslaught but we are having to cope with many humans onslaught towards our environment.

Without an environment that we can survive in then we have naught, and we will become naught, except for a distant memory, or captured in some nature book that the generations ahead will look at and reflect on and wonder what happened to the giant apes. And could these giant apes possibly be a tale of fantasy like the Loch Ness Monster who is occasionally seen by one or some but is rarely seen by the masses. And maybe we Gorillas will become fantasy beasts due to there will be stories circulating that ‘one’ could possibly be here when all are gone.  Your counter-argument might be ‘zoos & wildlife parks’ will ensure that Lowland Gorillas survive as a species but this is not true. Zoos & Wildlife Parks depending on their mind-set and philosophy will try and encourage breeding but will also encourage the masses to understand that what is gone can never be replaced.

Zoos & Wildlife Parks cannot breed enough Lowland Gorillas to replace what is gone. There is not enough genetic diversity. And remember we are genetically programmed to be a certain way, to act a certain way, to co-habitate with others that are also of the natural of the same environment. And even if Zoos & Wildlife Parks replicate our natural environment our genetics will alter over a great time due to we will not need the genes that we have now, we will not need the life skills that all Lowland Gorillas are born with, or the energy of awareness that we have now.

I also realise what I have shared this isn’t what people want to hear, as people would like to hear my views on the incident that took my life.

Have you ever done something and then thought ‘if only’ or ‘bugger’ and yes I have been around humans long enough to learn unsavoury speech…but then maybe this is the expression that the human parents are feeling relating to me though maybe they are not –  if only. If only doesn’t lead anywhere it only takes one in circles….It’s not about pointing the blame of negligence ‘if only the child had responsible parents’ ‘or why didn’t the parents listen to their child or watch their child’; or questioning the security ‘if only the security’; or questioning what else could have been done ‘if only this could have been done’; or questioning the policies involved ‘if only the policies were different’….

What it is about is bringing my demise to the world stage and saying ‘here is a giant ape that could have crushed a very small child in one blow but this giant ape was trying to defend the child’. On lifting the child out of the water I could have snapped the small child’s leg if I had applied enough force, and yes I was excited in my actions and who can blame me, as there was hysteria happening above me, and my energy was of defense – wanting to protect but also not knowing what to do.  Did I maim the small child in question? No I feel I bruised him which isn’t maiming but he was already severely bruised from the fall he experienced.

There is also heart pain associated with me from my keepers as many of the ones that care for the well-being of the animals in the zoo that was my home or my previous home as I once did live in another zoo do have a heart connection to an individual animal or to many animals.

There is also heart pain from my small troop that I lived with, they are sadly learning about great loss due to my demise. And my energy towards my troop was of unity, sharing & caring, protection and leadership which relates to trust.

My message to humans, to all humans, is relating to my name and it is about unity, and humanity. So gather your own energy and use your energy wisely. Become aware of the needs of others and if you are reading my messages then you are already aware of the needs of others. Be aware of choices that you make and the choices can impact greatly on others. Become educated not in what you are lead to believe by corrupt advertising but become educated in what you hold of value and this means get back to your roots and demand justice not just for me but for all Lowland Gorillas.

Your scientists are able to replicate coltan or a similar mineral in laboratories. Don’t you have all these synthetic chemicals, synthetic minerals that are mass produced? Your scientists can even replicate diamond so why not coltan?  But then maybe it is easier for corporations to manhandle the environment and this is due to control, controlling the world markets, controlling the environment. Manhandling of stripping the environment bare of trees. Manhandling due to poaching and the markets that are associated with poaching. This is not a lecture but a simple fact.

Again look at the energy of my demise and there is manhandling involved and this manhandling lead to my demise. Then apply this simple fact to the energy of the masses of Lowland Gorillas who live natural who under threat of enormity due to manhandling. Then associate your thinking patterns towards  all that live naturally in Lowland Gorillas natural environment what their future is.

I now need you to also do this, to feel my essence, I will take you on a guided journey, and I am not asking you to feel heartbreak but to feel my magnificence.

I am sitting next to you, I gently reach out and touch you with my index finger, and you feel my touch, and I offer you my hand, you take my hand and the hand is soft warm and caressing in energy – my hand is waxy feeling compared to your hand but you also feel this incredible power in my hand.

Sense through your heart your body size next to my size, how much smaller you are then I am. Sense the size of my biceps, and feel the power of the biceps but also the ability of my arms to do more than your arms can do. Sense how I use my arms. Sense how I stand on my two feet, and my feet stand flatter than your feet but the power in my toes alone is astonishing and also the energy in the feet to feel is so much more than you can feel.  Feel how my toes work, the ability to curl as they do, the ability to be flat as they do, the ability to feel so intensely of all vibrations on the floor.  Feel me stand two strong, and the energy in my hips and lower torso is incredible that something this massive could move as it does, then feel the upper torso strength.  What does it feel like if a Gorilla pounds (beats) their chest, and the chest is pounded for various reasons – sometimes pounded in agitation, sometimes pounded in joy, sometimes pounded in warning, sometimes pounded to exclaim strength.

I am now standing four square, what does it feel like and there is only complete balance, there is no awkwardness. There is only balance, and ability, and strength, the spinal column is incredibly strong but also flexible, the muscular and fascia are impressive.

What does my hair feel like, feel the texture and energy of my hair, it is different than yours, almost like the hair has incredible strength but also ability to ward-off the forces of nature.

Feel the strength in my neck.

Feel my incisors, and how large they are compared to yours, but then feel the jaw power.  Feel the breadth of my nostrils and how I breath, and the lung power that allows my body to receive oxygen, but also the circulation system that I need to be one with the natural environment that my species live in.

Feel the size of my head, and relate to how my frame supports my head.

Feel my teenager youth energy, and this is who I was, I was stepping into the energy of my own power, of being the Silverback. And the Silverback’s energy is so ultra-amazing, so intense, so deliberate, so kind but also aware, and of strength, and ability to live with this much power is a true gift. Also feel my energy relating to my troop, the ones that I lived with, and allow your energy to feel connected to what they are feeling, what they foresee their purpose to be.

Feel the energy in my eyes, and what do you see, what do you sense about me, what do you feel, let me hold your hand whilst you are dreaming with me.  Let me expose my soul to you and you will become captive of me, captive of the beauty of a species of magnificence, but also captive to love.

Remember I am love, and that due to I am love, I do not carry grievance or what ifs that don’t go anywhere.  I carry energy for being in the moment, of being who I am, of being realistic and aware of what is ahead of my species but then also for you to be aware of my name and hopefully there is unity, helping, sharing and caring for all Lowland Gorillas of the future. Come explore with me, be aware of me, and yes you are aware of my tragic demise but be aware of the tragedy demise of my species. This is where I want to place my energy, energy of awareness relating to the future of what is natural, and what needs to be held in energy of unity, caring, sharing & helping.”