Crystal Essences Rock!

Your How To Guide For Creating Vibrational Essences For Health & Well-Being


What Are Vibrational Essences?

Vibrational Essences use the vital force of substances [e.g. plants or minerals] to assist the body’s natural healing process

When created from crystals or gems [minerals] they

  • are made up of a liquid carrier which the crystals have imprinted transmitted their ‘essence’ into it…..

  • will have different healing properties according to what qualities your chosen crystals or gems hold

  • Vibrational Essences are sometimes known as Gem Essence, Gem Elixir, Crystal Water, Crystal Essence, Crystal Vibrational Essence

 I have loved crystals & gems since I was a little wee thing.

I have a deep connection to the Crystal Kingdom.

I love creating & I love assisting others through healing!

I have been teaching workshops on how to create Crystal Vibrational Essences, and now there is an e-course…..

I am so so excited to be sharing this e-course with you.

I have created a practical easy to follow e-course that gives you a step by step guide on how to create beautiful Vibrational Essences for yourself, for your family, for animals & friends.

You can even create gifts, or  your might wish to turn your creations into a part of your own business.

Also this is exciting, the Crystals wanted to be involved further, and they have shared THEIR VERY OWN  personal messages relating to their own specialness and the gifts they bring to you.

There are  33 creating recipes of wonder i.e.: Fear Release, Focus, Muscular, Meditation Sprays+++.

And also 3 Bonus Meditations: Crystal, Atlantis, Crystal Skulls. OH WOW!!!

Vibrational Essences can create change, transformation & integration

Vibrational Essences can be used in any situation where there is a lack of well-being: be that physical, emotional, mental or spiritual

You can also create beautiful Meditation & Protection Sprays 

This e-course is jammed packed with wonder – take a look at the modules below


Module 1

  • What Are Vibrational Essences

  • Atlantis

  • Crystal Skulls

  • Crystals in Early Civilisations

Module 2

  • Caring For Your Crystals

  • Activating / Switching On Your Crystals

  • Creating Vibrational Essences

    Step by step guide in how to do!!!

  • Different Methods of Creating

  • Only Use These Crystals in the In-Direct Method Due To Mineral Content

Module 3

  • Crystal Healing Properties

    You will be treated to a tantalising glimpse of the therapeutic properties of various Crystals & Gems

  • Messages from The Crystal Kingdom

    The Crystals & Gems have shared uplifting messages of beauty, sensitivity and awareness

Module 4

  • 33 Amazing Recipes

    Yes, 33 Creative Recipes, that you can create for yourself, for your family [people & animals], for friends, and for gifts. Here is a small selection of the Creative Recipes: 




    ♥Chakra Balancing




  • Crystal Essences can work deeply into patterns & issues

  • Crystal Vibrational Essences carry an energetic resonance that will remind your subtle energy bodies how to be in balance & healthy

  • Every Vibrational Essence holds a particular vibrational frequency which helps to release & re-balance old patterns, energies, thoughts & emotions

  • You Will Be Able to Manufacture Crystal Vibrational Essences for yourself, for your family, for animals, for friends, for gifts OR even adding another element to your business

  • Beautiful Crystal Messages channelled in from Faye

  • 33 Recipes Included: Aura Spray, De-Stressing, Digestion, Forgiveness, Intuition, Rescue


  • Crystal Meditation

    9 minute meditation journey Crystal Awareness 

  • Atlantis Meditation

    16 minute meditation journey Journeying Through Atlantis

  • Crystal Skull Meditation

    9 minute meditation journey Crystal Skull Wisdom

NZD 65.00

About the Author


Animal Communicator, Energy Healer, Teacher, Writer & Visionary

Faye has appeared on National News Shows & has been interviewed for New Zealand & Overseas magazines. Faye was asked to be involved in the Loading Docs documentaries for 2015. Faye is a published writer.  Qualified Teacher in Angels & Ascension from the Diana Cooper School (UK).

Faye loves working with animals & people.

“My dream is to bring together a community of like-minded people, who are all singing the same song of humanity to bring forward greater awareness. To bring personal empowerment to many.”


  • How Will My E-Course & Bonuses Be Delivered?

    Once paid for, you will see a download link. Also you will receive a confirmation email with your download link or advising that you have downloaded. 

  • How Do I Pay?

    On hitting the ‘Enrol Now’ Button, you will be directed to Check-Out, and then payment is processed through Paypal. You will need a Paypal account where you can link up either your bank account, or your credit card, or your debit card. Setting up a Paypal account is easy to do, and is totally secure.

  • How Long Will it Take me to complete the e-course?

    This will depend on you. I have created the e-course as user friendly, so you will be able to start manufacturing Vibrational Essences from Module 2 onwards. And you can keep returning to the various modules for references whenever you need them.

  • Do I have To have a lot of crystals to create?

    No, you can purchase the Crystals that you need when you need them. Or if you already have a small collection of Crystals, you can create from these.

  • I only have little tumbled crystals, are these big enough?

    Yes, you can create from tumbled crystals, and you can use them over and over again to manufacture personal Vibrational Essences. It is being aware of the correct method of manufacturing for the type of crystal or gem that is in your care, this is outlined in the e-course.  You can also create from larger crystals, again it is being aware of the correct creating method of manufacturing for the type of crystal or gem.

  • Will I have to have a lot of equipment to manufacture?

    You can use your usual everyday household items. You will have to purchase  the ‘correct’ dripulator treatment bottles or spray bottles, I have included a list of suppliers from various countries, hopefully this is enough to get you started. 

  • What can i use the vibrational essences for?

    Vibrational Essences can be used for assisting physical, emotional & mental well-being. You can manufacture personal essences for yourself, for your family, for friends, for animals, for cleansing negative energy, for gifts for others, or even manufacturing as an add on for your business.

  • If I create Vibrational Essences does this mean I will never ever have to visit a doctor or take my pet to the vet?

    You must always seek proper medical care.  Vibrational Essences can help with further healing, but you have to be responsible that medical care is sought when this is needed,

NZD 65.00


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