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Di supports all animal species, and people with Bodytalk


email: di@dogsandus.nz

Di Scurr, Tauranga, New Zealand: my clients are WORLDWIDE

Having shared most of my life with animal companions, their happiness, comfort, welfare and wellness is as important to me as caring for one’s child. These qualities together with the elimination of any suffering are my driving force as primarily a BodyTalk for Animals practitioner.

Bodytalk and particularly its foundational theories on how and why it works, fitted harmoniously with my life-long years of learning about and using holistic integrative therapies. I am so excited about this modality!  I would love to be able to help you get great results with your animal friend, or even yourself!  Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions you may have or to make an appointment. Thank you. Di

Puppy Training, Socialisation & Behaviour Workshops in Christchurch


Christchurch, New Zealand

Let Margaret van Oosten help you achieve your aim of living in harmony with a confident & well-adjusted puppy. Margaret offers exclusive one-on-one sessions followed by specialised group workshops covering socialisation, games & tricks.

  • A professional, committed and highly experienced puppy trainer
  • Individual and professional training to cater for the puppy and family needs
  • Indoor venue and backyard which is safe and secure for your puppy
  • The one-on-one course gives you and your puppy the essential basic skills
  • A fun puppy pack containing useful information
  • The flexibility of time to suit your schedule
  • Conveniently located in Avonhead, Christchurch
  • On-going support is just a phone call away!

Avatar System / Better Health Clinic


Sandra Curle
Christchurch, New Zealand

The Avatar is a non-invasive computerised health screening tool that gives an overall picture of your general wellbeing, as well as testing for thousands of different substances which are negatively affecting your health, i.e. allergens, reactions to chemicals and pesticides, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals (including mercury) dental materials, radiation, parasites and more. Remedies, including Chinese herbs, nutritional substances, homeopathic and others are then also tested, to discover the most favourable option for your individual areas of imbalance.  Your session concludes with the production of customised vibrational drops that encompass the suggested optimal remedies with a view to returning the bodies energetic system to a balanced state.

Bowen & Craniosacral Therapy for Humans -- Lomilomi Massage, Equissage & Craniosacral Therapy for Horses

Lisa Marks, Canterbury, New Zealand

Natural Therapies offered for Humans & Horses

Bowen & Craniosacral Therapy for Humans

Lomilomi Massage, Equissage & Craniosacral Therapy for Horses

Ph. (03) 3242093

Cell: 027 6407929

Equine Unwind - Integrated Equine Bodywork

Victoria Scott, Levin, New Zealand
phone: 0272880055
I am a certified Equine Bodywork practitioner. Who is focused and passionate about helping horses feel the best they can in their bodies.
We all want a happy horse who can utilise all of their body without restriction and soreness.
I use effective interactive methods, which enables the release of physical and emotional tension within the horse’s body.
Specialising in performance horses, I work with racehorses, showjumpers, dressage horses, endurance horses and welcome any horses who may not be performing at their best.
Many issues can include: horses not tracking up, bucking, rearing, turning issues, dragging legs, girthiness, or struggling with leads.
My aim is to optimise your horse’s performance.
I am certified in the Masterson Method©. I am a qualified energy healer with The Sacred Christed Energy Ray (The powerful pure Christ Consciousness vibration). Faye Rogers Academy©.
I have many useful tools in balancing horses energies, grounding them and removing emotions which hinder their performance.
I have completed all training in the Emotion Code (Removal of trapped emotions). I am currently learning other modalities and will incorporate these into my practices early next year.
I look forward to meeting you and your horses and making a difference in both of your lives.

Release Therapies for Horses, dogs, cats, lizards…and humans!


phone: 09 835 2289
mobile: 0220 668 337 (0220 MOVE FREE)

Craig Love applies a unique mix of modalities, including ConTact C.A.R.E Flinchlock Release Therapy, to help people and animals move out of pain and reach their potential. His clients experience relief or success working with:
-impact injuries, alignment, gait & balance issues, pain and stiffness, post-op rehabilitation,
-horse and rider integration
-“behavior” issues resulting from pain and misalignment

Clinics in Mt Eden & West Auckland; mobile from Keri Keri to Bombay

Release Therapies for Horses, dogs, cats, lizards…and humans!

Energy Works - Energy Healing for Animals (& People), Vibrational Essence Practitioner


Energy Works NZ Ltd
Jeanne Northwood
Auckland, New Zealand

phone: (09) 4446374
mobile 021 1254268

~ providing a unique (w)holistic healing for our animals, and their people.

Over the years of working with Energy Healing, we have noticed the way that emotional memory/trauma at cellular memory level affects our overall health; both physically and psychologically .All of our programmed healing work starts at this cellular level, working to help clear emotional imbalance & where need be, reprogramming cell structure/memory with a new positive program.We are able to work on physical issues with your animals, as well as behavioural. Energy work can assist with all forms of healing, working alongside of your Vet care, or it will stand alone.

We also offer Flower & Plant essences and blends, developing our own unique Animal Stress Blend ( a pumped up rescue remedy) plus a personalised blends catered to each individual requirement.

At Energy Works we have also created our own unique Synergens range of healing products, using all NZ natural plant infused oils & extracts plus Bach Flower essences to offer a complete healing range for both animal & people.

We work remotely Internationally as well as locally – so location is no problem

Animal Therapies Unlimited


Janice Clyma
North Canterbury, New Zealand
phone: 0274 347 090

Email: janice.clyma@xtra.co.nz

Certified Equine Therapist and tutor in Cranio Sacral, and Equine Touch.  Practitioner also of acupuncture, sports massage, trigger point, acupressure and electro-acuscope treatments.  Dogs are also welcome.



Janice Clyma
North Canterbury, New Zealand
phone: 0274 347 090

Email:  wellnesshanmer@gmail.com

Herbal, homeopathic and salves available

The Balanced Dog - Professional Dog Massage & Natural Care


Christchurch, New Zealand

The Balanced Dog new logo (Small)

Canine massage therapist Kathleen Crisley trained in the USA and is certified in canine therapeutic massage, sports massage and senior canine massage. In 2018, she became the only New Zealand canine massage and rehab practitioner to be Fear Free certified.  Specialising in in-home care in a fully mobile practice in Greater Christchurch, Kathleen works with dogs of all ages using massage, laser, acupressure, trigger point, food and rehab therapies.

Energy Healing

Bill Gardyne
phone: 03 318 2656
mobile: 027 429 5248

Due to regularly travelling to dog shows I will be at various locations throughout New Zealand.

Anna and the Whale by Susannah Kenton


Based on a life-changing true story.  A children’s book that is available in soft cover or e-book format.  Your book purchase protects whales by supporting SeaShepherd.org

Cat Mamas - Helping Sick Cats & Their People Feel Better

A holistic course to help you & your sick cat


What Your Sick Cat Needs More Than Anything

A sick cat has plenty of special needs – from good vet care, to the right treatments.

But your sick cat needs one thing more than anything else…


When you’re a Cat Mama, your furry little one depends on you for everything.And taking care of a sick cat is hard, lonely work! The truth is:

  • You feel sick with worry
  • No-one understands why you’re so upset, and
  • You’re just so tired!

Burnout is not an option. Somehow, you must carry on.

A good support network helps. But your family and friends don’t quite get what you’re going through. They wonder if maybe you need to talk to someone.

Well, you can talk to me Liz. I’m a Cat Mama too, and I get it. When my little Moofy was sick, I’d often wake up in the night to check on her. Sometimes I felt so helpless that I’d secretly cry in the shower.

If you need someone to hold your hand through this process, I’ll do everything I can to help you.
Get started with one of the packages that Cat Mamas offers