Hello to everyone,

I’ve had people dropping me notes saying they have been missing receiving newsletters and I have promised that there will be a chit chat newsletter in December and also I want to send good wishes to you all over the coming holiday period. My wonderful old computer decided that enough was enough (ran out of memory) unfortunately I haven’t got everyone’s emails due to this.

Well my news to bring you up-to-date – I’ve had newspaper and magazine interviews, Close Up TV interview and Radio Show interviews and recently been asked to share Torino’s messages through Phyllis Brown’s Spirit Talk website www.spirittalk.co.nz

We also welcomed the addition of two lady llamas – Delhi and Rosalie have joined us – Lisa is there official owner but the llama girls are with us as part of the family – thank you Lisa – hopefully we find someone to shear them. Like all animals the llama girls have quite different personalities.

This year I’ve concentrated on studies – Environmental Management and Basic Veterinary Science – still have to finish the Basic Veterinary Science but only a few weeks left so it has been a very intense year for me.

Also had a couple of weekend workshops one in Christchurch with Michelle hosting and the other in Waikato with Shirley hosting (www.shirleycalderequine.com) – thank you ladies!!!! There will be 2011 weekend workshops happening in North Island & South Island– dates haven’t been set yet. Phyllis also suggested a weekly workshop at her Spirit Talk Centre – anyone interested in the workshops please drop me a note & the new Spirit Talk Centre at 163 Madras Street, Christchurch has crystals and wonderful gifts for purchase – also various healers and holistic people are working out of the centre and rooms can be rented or large conference area can be rented for workshops.

Waikato workshop attendees - Pumpkin Donkey & Magic Fox Terrier!!!

The animals I have communicated with this year have shared so many profound messages, so many insights into life – I feel so grateful to them, for their teachings, for their encouragement and also for their wisdom that they have generously shared with their families. Also wonderful healings have happened which has made the animals feel more comfortable or given direction in care for them.

I was wondering what to share in this newsletter maybe another message that I recorded a few years ago from my own animals but I think with the changing energy that is happening that I would ask my animals to share new messages and will let them dictate the newsletter and have recorded messages from Emerald and Thistle – so please scroll down and enjoy …

Much love to you and your animals & wishing you all the best, Faye

A beautiful dove that visits every Christmas

Gift Certificates

Also this year I’ve been asked to do gift readings for birthdays and other special dates or as a gift to say thank you – the people that have received these gifts have said it is one of the best presents they have received due to what their animals have shared with them. With Xmas ahead of us this could be a possible Xmas present for someone – any gift readings I will also donate 10% to Kakapo Recovery www.kakaporecovery.org.nz An email gift certificate would be forwarded to the giver along with a consultation form and these can either be emailed or given in person to the receiver or even the giver filling out the consultation form – Gift Certificates will be $40.00 upwards or can be open amount and then charged to the giver once completed – as you all know I keep my fees very reasonable.


Affirmation Group

This year I started an affirmation email group and anyone that is interested in joining please drop me a quick note – once a week we do affirmations for various things but we have been having some amazing results, the group is enjoying sharing each other’s news also and is very supportive to each other.

Emerald Wolfhound

“I am considered a relic because of my age and I say this with great humour, I see every day as a new beginning, a beginning of beauty and that is what I wish to endorse to people, please don’t feel the sadness, please don’t feel the negative but endorse the freshness of life, endorse the quality that you have within yourself, within your soul, endorse your essence, the purity of your spirit – I could advice people to be careful, to tread carefully, to be cautious but why would I do this because for me living is heightened due to one’s experiences and does it matter if one falls, if one makes a few errors on the way, have you harmed another, have you caused great mishaps, have you purposely set out to hurt others and if you listen to yourself you will find that you can rest easy because you know, you truly know that the sun does shine, the sun does rise, the sun rests inside you and due to your own glory, your own ability, your own feelings you must experience every day as a new beginning and treasure every living minute, every laughter, every heart beat and go capture life, go enjoy life, live with abundance don’t limit oneself, abundance comes to all that create it – I am not talking of monetary abundance but abundance of living, of doing, of great enjoyment and if you lived abundantly within oneself one achieves so much and fortunes do follow – that is my advice that I of the aged share. For many people this year has had great difficulties but see also that through your own ability that you have gotten through this and you must see this as achievement. As it is a time of celebration that is ahead of many families and one doesn’t have to be religious or share in the spirit of Christmas to not celebrate – there is the closure of the schools so that the future of this planet can rest, the little children, the adolescents are the future just as you yourself are the future but the children, the youth need time to recharge themselves, to enjoy the seasons whether it be bright sunshine that we have here or days of little sunlight that is in the Northern Hemisphere both play out differently – the sun recharges, vitalises and the lack of sun makes one look inside and both can be celebrated – so every day that you are here, every waking moment and these are not times of rising out of bed but every waking moment of living learn to celebrate and then your cares will be eased, your hearts will be healed and you will be filled with abundance of life and celebrations of living.”

Emerald & Spencer

Thistle Donkey

“Many people symbolise donkeys with Christmas, with the birth of Christ and we as a species are honoured to be held in this esteem. As a species donkeys are careful, they are giving and great workers – we have come here to serve mankind, to serve this planet and have worked very hard – many donkey’s lives are full of great hardship and conditions are very harsh and this many Western people find sad and intolerable – it is good that you question the unfairness of life, it is good that you stand and make a stance and that is my message to people – that people over the last 100 years or so have questioned how animals are treated and have felt the unfairness of it all – have held rallies to speak out on behalf of the animal’s, have formed organisations to protect the animals of this world but is enough done – can more be done – of course it can and you must look at yourself know that you have a voice and share it – feel the need to share it and I am not saying go form protest groups, go form organisations as the world has plenty of those and even organisations that rescue the bears from bear baiting how they have spread due to people’s horror at the cruelty of life what I am asking is speak from your heart always, speak and don’t hinder your thoughts and it isn’t just about protesting of animals or harming of the children or cruelty that happens in the home but always speak from the heart and then more will do so. People go around and bluff their thoughts, they are wary to share but it is a period we are entering that there will be much sharing, much encouraging and people are starting to lose their envious of others and this is good – it is called entering a period of higher consciousness – if you can look within your heart and feel pride for another this is good – you don’t have to actually feel you have to compete with another but to feel pride for another’s deeds regardless if you know them or not this is speaking from your heart so my simple message isn’t one of sharing animal’s misfortunates but speaking from the heart and feeling pride for others and their achievements and this will spread, it will spread, so always see the positive and yes it is okay to want what others want as this will help you achieve, will encourage you to achieve, will make you an achiever but if we wanted to steal another’s special essence because there is jealousy, there is feelings of not being good enough and you need what they have – what is the purpose of this – and that is why when one speaks from the heart they are truly giving to others but giving to themselves – think on this simple message I have given to you at this season of sharing – because I share my life with others, I have demands and expectations and this is good but I am able to given appreciation and recognition to others and this alone will encourage one to reach a higher consciousness that is ahead. I find people’s fears of entering a higher consciousness period rather foolish because if you filled a hall with individuals and then if each individual was encouraged to stand in front of the gathered crowd and you cheered madly for them and cheered from the heart wouldn’t this encourage them to be who they are but also encourage yourself to be yourself – think on this – we are all unique individuals and because we are so we are beautiful – yes we have troubled souls here but they have their own lessons to live and I am not addressing my speech to them but addressing them to who will read this because already the process is happening for them, the changes are heralded for them just through reading my words they will sit and embrace themselves and reach further into their own higher consciousness.”