Greetings Everyone,

I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. My thoughts are with all in Christchurch. The generosity and love that has been given to Christchurch people & animal’s living in the aftermath of the recent quake has given us people that are living in Christchurch great encouragement and strength.

The animals of Christchurch have been sharing so many profound messages that are full of love and courage for their families.

My heart goes out to the people and animals of Japan at the devastation they are suffering.

I’ve included in this newsletter a couple of messages from animals – Sam dog to send out a mass healing but also Neesha cat’s message on generosity but not forgetting sympathy and support that has been given by others.

I give regularly 10% of income received from communications/healing to an animal charity if anyone has any thoughts of where this money would best be given to assist the animals of Christchurch please drop me a quick email – thanks.

Mass Healing for Christchurch/Canterbury/Mother Earth

I received a beautiful message from a little dog Sam who suggested to do a mass healing for the people of Christchurch/Canterbury, New Zealand – for people that are interested could we sit quietly for a few minutes daily at 7.30 pm from the 13th to the 23rd March 2011 and send out positive and healing thoughts to the people of Canterbury, to the animals, the flora, to the volunteers who have come worldwide, to the administrators, to the people who have given generously to Christchurch – visualise positive love flowing to the Canterbury region, to the sea surrounding Canterbury and the great mountains that look over Canterbury, to the rest of New Zealand and then extend this further to Japan, the people of Japan, the animals of Japan and the landscape and then send out positive to Mother Earth.

Courage Under Fire - Fred's Rose

Sunset from my home

New Zealand Horse of the Year 2011 – 15th to 20th March 2011, Hastings

I won’t be attending HOY but will be advertising at a Tent/Stand – there will be prizes for Animal Communication Sessions – if attending HOY please make sure you enter the draw

The tent/stand includes:-
• Shirley Calder Equine Bowen Therapist Practitioner& Instructor
• Hannelore Kemme Small Animal Bowen Therapist and Animal Homeopath
• Cath Garden Equine Bowen Therapist & Classical Dressage Coach
• Karla Shaw Equine Bowen Therapist
• Paula Doherty Equine Bowen Therapist
• Michelle Verrall with Tui Equine Horse Breaking & Training & Agistment
• Katie Sloane Hoof Trimmer & Equine Reiki
• Faye Rogers Animal Communicator

The Bowen Therapists will be offering Bowen treatments for people at a show special rate as well as for horses. This will be a very holistic tent.

H3 Holistic, Happy, Horse Information Day – Sunday 27th March 2011, 10 AM TO 5 PM – 281 Heywards Rd, Clarkville, Christchurch


I have been asked to be an Exhibitor at H3. I will be giving a presentation talk at 4.15 pm but will be at H3 all day. I will also be having a prize draw for Animal Communication sessions – so please do come along, enjoy the day & enter the draw.
Exhibitors attending:-
• WOW Saddles
• Hoof Boots
• Equine Dentist
• Animal Communicator
• Equine Bowen Therapy
• Effective Use Of Clicker Training
• Natural & Effective Horse Handling
• Learn Effective Use Of Your Energy
• Become Your Horses Personal Trainer
• Bowen Therapy & Yoga For The Rider
• The Feed Shack Will Be In Attendance
• Priscilla Queen of Desserts BBQ & Refreshments

Please check out for more information and exhibitors details – special thanks to Janine who has organised this.

Website is Being Upgraded

Mark Weston is upgrading website – it will be the same domain & hopefully will be public soon.

New website will have a Holistic Page for Animals. Holistic Page will include – healers, Healthy Hound book, training, artwork etc. – anyone that wishes to be included on the Holistic Page please contact me to do a reciprocal link.

The new website will be developing further after it has gone public.

Neesha’s Message

Neesha cat lives in Auckland & shared her message on the 5th March 2011, little snippets from Neesha’s message …

Neesha: … there is unity between all people that live here and for people not to forget the sympathy and support given to them from others … if the good news (media – television, newspaper etc.) focused on showing the generosity given and this would give balanced viewpoint rather than just sharing that people are fundraising why can’t they share people’s empathy … to lead by example but also to say that this is the effort such and such is doing but there is much more to do – it is opening up the heart chakras of all people to become united as one … show the human interest stories and this would give people that live in your fine city great courage and support from the greater communities of New Zealand … they need to show the little stories that show the big stories on a human emotional level to give people courage and strength but also determination

My Facebook Page – Faye Rogers – Animal Comminucator

Poppy daughter has started a Facebook page where I will be posting news and events

Looking for Accommodation in Christchurch

Chris Warnes (lady) is looking for a one bedroom flat / self-contained unit or small farm cottage to rent in Christchurch – please contact Chris if anyone knows of anything