Hello to everyone,

As I am writing this the bird’s dawn is in the background. I am so pleased that my dogs woke me up early so that I am hearing the birds burst into full song, there was total silence and then one bird started singing and then the air vibrated with beautiful bird song – incredible.

That’s Life Magazine

The lovely Jan turned me into a story, it is currently on newsstands nationwide until Sunday evening – thank you Jan!!!

Spirit Talk Live Shows

Ace & Cosmo


Antonia’s beautiful Creamy foal, Virgina’s special animal’s Cosmo and Ace, Sam’s extraordinary horses have appeared on Spirit Talk Live with me communicating with them. This week we visited Orana Wildlife Park and filmed the exotic animals. I am looking forward to sharing messages from the Giraffes, Rhinos, Lemurs, Lions, Gibbons, Zebra and other animals who graced us with their insights. The Orana Park shows will start ustreaming live in October. You can view previous shows that have been streamed any time that suits you. We will also at a later date be filming the whales and sharing their messages.

Waikato Workshop 22nd & 23rd October 2011

Planned for Labour Weekend, I will be watching the final of the World Cup in the North Island!!!! Anyone interested in attending the Workshop please drop me a note, it will be held at a Horse Lodge. Places will be limited – workshop is almost filled.

Sacred Path Workshop

Some of you know through other newsletters that I sent out last year that I took Phyllis’s Sacred Path Workshop last year – it was amazing journey workshop, based on Native American Philosophy, connecting with animal totems, medicine wheel and so much more. Phyllis will be teaching the Sacred Path workshop online through the Cosmic Classroom Online TV Channel – starting in a couple of weeks time. The Cosmic Classroom fees are $25.00 per month 6 month or 12 month membership. Every week Phyllis will have classroom hand-outs available relating to the class, the class (each class is approx. 1 hour), a meditation during the week (at the moment meditations with dolphins) & an inspirational message. Also once a month Phyllis will do a draw for a class member to receive a free psychic message, my dear friend Nicole in USA won this month’s draw I am so thrilled for Nicole!!! The Cosmic Classroom is global and you can log on anytime that suits you in the comfort of your home to take part in the classrooms, the classes are very interactive – I am starting to get to know the other class mates due to sharing of insights & stories. Phyllis is offering class attendees if they introduce anyone to the class that she will extend their membership i.e. introduce a friend and you will receive 1 extra month subscription if on 6 month subscription or if you have paid a 12 month subscription you will receive an extra 2 months subscription – you can only do this once but it’s a great way of Phyllis giving thanks to class attendees for what they have contributed to class, if you are interested in joining the Cosmic Classroom visit http://www.phyllisbrown.co.nz/ for more details or if you have a friend that will join after you have joined you will take advantage of this offer. The Cosmic Classrooms are amazing and inspirational also you can do them when it suits you, can repeat any classes or repeat any meditations. The classes stay online once they have been ustreamed live so you don’t have to worry if you are away on holiday and can continue once you are able too.


Emerald with her 5 puppies

My beautiful Emerald passed away on the 11th September, she has left a huge gap in our lives. I have felt a lot of deep sadness. So many wise beings are leaving the planet at this time. I am sharing Emerald’s first poem that she shared with me to celebrate her life that she had and will sometimes in the future start posting on website under Emerald’s Poems page more poems that I haven’t as yet downloaded.

Sacred Bear of the Dark Forest by Emerald Wolfhound

Deep in the Dark Forest very little stirred
This was the Forest Domain of the Sacred Bear
The one with the long arms and the one with the long steps
The Forest Animals sat in awe of the Sacred Bear
The Forest Animals paid homage to the Sacred Bear
His wisdom engulfed the Forest Animals
His bravery filled the Forest Animals with awe
His strength inspired all the Forest Animals
And his honesty plagued many as they would watch and stare at Sacred Bear
And they would reflect on their life
And realise they had lead a life of deceit
A life of misdemeanor
A life of mistrust to all they met
The Forest Bear of the Sacred would sit high on his hilltop in the deep Dark Forest
The Forest Bear of the Sacred would laugh and share to all
The Forest Bear of the Sacred has no judgment placed on his shoulders
As he only sees good in who he meets
The Forest Bear of the Sacred his heart is pure
His mind is pure and his reasons are pure
This is the Forest Bear of the Sacred Land hidden from view
But this Sacred Bear lives in all of us
And we must remember our virtues
Our good deeds and our strengths
We mustn’t fill our mind with self-doubt
Our mind with pity for ourselves
Our mind with lust of others
Our mind overtaken with greed
The Sacred Bear of the Silent Forest lives in all of us
And we mustn’t forget who we are
Who we have met on the way
And who we have reached and touched
No we mustn’t forget our bearings
And our Sacredness as that is our Soul
And our Spirit we have talked about

Gail Taylor is returning to Christchurch

Gail channels in beautiful Light Language. For me to sum up Light Language is Ancient Soul Language – it is beautiful, uplifting and healing to receive. Friday September 30TH ,Time – 7 -10pm, Venue – Landsdown Community Centre, 4 Landsdown Terrace off Centaurus Road, Koha $40.00 – no one is turned away – people that are interested in attending please contact Gail through her website www.gailtaylorenergyworks.com

11-11-11 Pilgrimage In New Zealand with Patricia Cota-Robles

Patti is bringing people from all around the World on the 11-11-11. Patti organised the first Harmonic Convergence in Hawaii in August 1987 and then a similar ceremony every August since called the World Congress on Illumination http://awayoflife.net/ there will be a Ceremony of Light at Chateau Hotel Tongariro, if you are interested in attending please contact Shirley at PattiCR11.11@gmail.com to reserve your space, there will be afternoon tea provided $20.00 fee – reservations are closing soon.