Unveil the secrets of your animal companions with my specialised communication services. I cater to all animals, domestic or wild, entire herds, beloved animals in spirit, and wildlife trusts, ensuring a profound understanding of their innermost thoughts and emotions.

**Services at a Glance**

– **Zoom Consultations**: Start with a virtual session, depending on how the animal shares, if your animal prefers to communicate over a few sessions, then after the initial Zoom session, your animal’s thoughts/feelings/suggestions will be recorded as written transcript notes that will then be emailed through to you [some animals prefer to communicate in a few sessions, this could be due to the animal has asked for healing and needs time out to process the healing, or they want to look deeper, though there can be many other reasons – I always work with the direction the animals knows is best for them either a one-off session or multiple sessions].

– **Email Written Transcripts**: If, during the Zoom session, your animal prefers to communicate over a few sessions, the consultation will continue as a written transceipt, and then detailed dialogues sent to your inbox.  Or for people that live in different time-zones that make it impractical to have a zoom, then the session would be a written transcript diaglogue that is emailed through to you inbox.

– **In-Person Availability Sessions**: For those in Christchurch, NZ, I can visit your home, but there will be travel time & travel expenses incurred on top of hourly rate.

-**Healing Sessions [remote]**: Supporting your precious animal with remote healing [more info below].

– **Group Clinics**: Share a day of discovery with friends and their animals, dividing the travel costs.

**Why Me?**

– **Versatile Expertise**: My experience spans all species, enabling me to facilitate meaningful interspecies dialogues.

– **Adaptable Methods**: Tailored to each animal’s needs, from one-off sessions to continuous exchanges.

**BOOKING ESSENTIALS: Fees, Wait Time & Details**

Animal Communication Sessions [Standard Requests working through requests in the order received] are scheduled within 15-20 working days, with Urgent Requests being accommodated whenever possible. 

[Please note the wait time can vary depending on the number of requests, public holidays, and teaching workshops].

– If you need urgent help, to check in with me regards availability.

– Standard Animal Communication Session: up to 30 minutes $90.00, 1 hour – $120, 1.5 hours – $160, 2 hours – $190, 3 hours – $245 [for one animal] (unsure of time to book, info further below on suggested time to book)

– Multiple Animals from the same household same hourly rate but an additional $10.00 per animal

– Urgent Animal Communication Session: Available 1-2 times weekly, with a 25% premium on standard fees. $112.50 for up to 30 minutes, $150 for 1 hour, $200.00 for 1.5 hours, $237.50 for 2 hours, $306.25 for 3 hours (fees are for one animal) [info further below on suggested time to book]

– Healing Sessions [no communication]: $85.00 – the healing session will either be 1-off healing or healing over three days, depending on the direction the animal knows is best for them. For healings that extend past three days, there will be additional fees. There isn’t usually a wait time involved with ‘only healing’ requests. [more info further below].

– **Payment**: Once a booking appointment time has been confirmed, you will be invoiced.  Payment is to be received prior to communication or healing sessions.

-**Hours**: Weekdays appointments availablity start timeof your appointment would be between 9.30 am to 2.30 pm.  Occasionally, I can accommodate an early evening or weekend request.

Animal Communication/Healing is not a replacement for veterinary care or a diagnose, or a replacement for training.

**Deepen Your Connection**: **Enhanced Bonds**: Families often report a newfound depth of love and understanding with their pets after sessions.

Book now for an enriching experience that brings you closer to your animal family.


**Behaviour, Health, Emotional Well-Being Consultations**

– **Focus**: Behaviour, Health, Emotional Well-Being, Past Lives, Soul’s Journey.

– **Duration**: 1.5+ hours, subject to the session’s intricacies. Note that the more serious the issues are, the longer the session time will take. The more questions the longer the session will take.

– **Owner Guidance**: Prioritize issues for a focused and effective session.

**Fees & Bookings:**

– Standard Animal Communication Session: up to 30 minutes $90.00, 1 hour – $120, 1.5 hours – $160, 2 hours – $190, 3 hours – $245 – Multiple Animals from the same family booked in at the same time: hourly rate + $10.00 for each additional animal

– Urgent Animal Communication Session: Available 1-2 times weekly, with a 25% premium on standard fees. $112.50 for up to 30 minutes, $150 for 1 hour, $200.00 for 1.5 hours, $237.50 for 2 hours, $306.25 for 3 hours (fees are for one animal)

**General Communication Session**

– **For questions that have to do with day-to-day stuff, sessions start at $90 [the more questions you have, the longer the session will take].

 **Animal in Spirit Session**

– **Animals in Spirit have the most beautiful insights into their lives, messages of love & guidance, & their messages are profoundly healing. If practical, book at least 1 hour for one animal. You can book in as either standard or urgent options. 

**Healing Sessions**

Without communication, $85 for remote healing.

Please note: If during a communication session, an animal requests healing this is included in the animal communication session time and not a separate fee

– **Scheduling**: Usually no wait time for healing-only sessions.

**Lost Missing Animals** I am taking a break from lost/missing animals

In the past, I had been highly successful with reuniting because I would cancel all other work & personal commitments to work with a lost/missing animal.

Lost/missing animals are either very fast or time-consuming, but from my own experience, the majority of lost/missing animals are time-consuming (because the animal can be fraught/confused/hiding/on the move, and the animal will request healing, and then communicating which means if on the move or traumatised I might have to support the animal over 3 or 4 days. Animals do not share ‘an actual street address & come and get me’.

Every time I connect with a lost animal, the animal shares energetically with me how they are emotionally, mentally & physically doing, but they will also share energetically with me what their beloved family or other people that are concerned about them are experiencing, which could be the family not sleeping, or anxious.

I always had the policy that after working with a lost/missing animal, I have at least two days off to re-energise.

Because of my other commitments, I can no longer accept lost/missing animals.