Are you wondering what your animal is feeling/thinking – then you have come to the right place.

I offer consultations by email, in person, telephone or zoom for all species of animals. I communicate with domesticated to wildlife species, and even on occasions communicating with entire herds depending on circumstances. I also work with Wildlife Trusts in the capacity as an Animal Communicator conveying to the trustees the species viewpoints of what they feel can assist them.

How long does it take to communicate or heal or both?

Communication sessions : The length of the session is dependent on the number of questions and reason for communicating. (NOTE: Health & Behaviour Sessions do take longer than General Communications please refer to suggestions below).

Healing sessions : A healing session varies in length depending on species and condition of the animal – approx 20/30 minutes – some animals might request smaller healing sessions daily for 3 days, I always work with what the animal desires.

Payment to be received prior to communication : Payment to be received within 7 days for standard booking, or 24 hours for urgent reading, in order to confirm the booking and secure response timing.’  Payment via internet banking, or Paypal

Turnaround Time – depending upon current demand, readings are carried out within 15 working days.   If you require an urgent reading, please see below.

Urgent Reading – I have a very limited number of slots available, if your animal requires an urgent reading, these can be done within 2-5 days for an increased fee  – add 25% to the standard booking fee. Payment must be received within 24 hours to secure an urgent booking.

N.B. Please be considerate when determining if your animal requires an urgent reading, as these spaces are limited and reserved for critical situations.

What Happens

Communications can be either distance OR in person or phone or zoom – if distance written transcripts will be either emailed, snail posted OR by telephone or zoom. I do not charge extra fees for written transcripts.

If communicating in person (Canterbury) travel expenses will be charged, people normally arrange a day clinic with their friends bringing their animals to their home for in-person communications as this offsets any travel expenses.

When working remotely [written transcript] via email – I will email you to advise of when the session is going to start, once connected to your animal companion I will present your questions/messages, I will record in written transcript your animal’s answers/messages/emotions/visual pictures received. Once the communication session has finished I will email through the messages received. Many families report back how their relationships with their animals have become more loving after a communication session – More Awareness & Harmony for all concerned!!!!  

Phone or zoom session we will set up a practical time and share messages verbally so that there is a running commentary that you can be involved in (Note landline calls in New Zealand are at my expense, if mobile or overseas phone call we will organise a time for you to phone me).

Working in person I will convey directly to you what your animal companion is sharing.

Consultation Fees

For standard bookings (depending upon current demand, readings are carried out within 15 – 20 working days)

$85.00 for up to 30 minutes, $110.00 hour, $155.00 1.5 hours, $180.00 2 hours, $240.00 3 hours [fees are for 1 animal PLEASE NOTE MULTIPLE ANIMALS FROM THE SAME FAMILY BOOKED IN AT THE SAME TIME when more than one animal from THE same family is booked in at the same time the hourly rate is charged plus an extra $10.00 for each additional animal i.e. 3 hours for 3 animals will be $260

‘Payment must be received within 7 days to confirm booking and secure response timing.’

For Urgent readings (2-4 day turnaround)

$106.25 for up to 30 minutes, $137.50 for 1 hour, $193.75 for 1.5 hours, $212.50 for 2 hours, $300.00 for 3 hours.  [fees are for 1 animal]

‘Payment must be received within 24 hours to secure an urgent booking.’

[Please read suggestions on time to book i.e. Well Being ‘Health / Behaviour’ OR General OR Animal in Spirit OR  Healing Session] OR Gift Sessions for Animal Lovers. I do not charge extra fees for written transcript.

Healing: $70.00 for Healing Session.

Please scroll down to check out what ‘type’ of booking is the most suitable for you & your companion’s needs.