Lynx sharing “There have been prophecies that have been given to this planet from the Star Nations relating to the Rainbow Prophecy….
We are not copycats, and we won’t be sharing word for word what another has shared relating to the Rainbow Prophecy instead we will use our own words but the words are also held in the Universal Wisdom so there will be some similarity.

The Rainbow Prophecy is relating to that one day when the world needs healing, many beings of brightness the Rainbow Warriors will return and be united in their efforts, these beings of brightness will be leaders of greatness, not necessarily political leaders, but ones who stand with the same song etched on themselves. And this song speaks to humanity. This song that speaks of goodwill, that speaks of great changes for humanity, and the great changes will be taught to others so that there is a legacy for the future.

The Rainbow Warrior leader’s their energy is becoming known, they do not seek recognition but they are given recognition for who they are, and many will join them in their efforts so that there is a mass consciousness energy associated with this.

Their (Rainbow Warrior leaders) energy are rising and they are becoming known due to the world is very troublesome at the moment, incredible movement in the landscape relating to the earth plates, the poles are shifting, global warming, incredible shifts of energy on many different levels – land, the sea & atmosphere – also physical bodies and attached to the physical bodies are mental thoughts, emotional feelings, consciousness.

And humanity needs the Rainbow Warriors to hold the energy, to bring forth new changes, to stand strong, and unite the People so that the People become the Rainbows of All There Is.

There is also energy at the present time of so much hostility being bandied around to cause more fear in others, to stop the advancing of consciousness. Some create worldwide fear to control the masses, and this stops the world buzzing ahead into greater avenues of consciousness…….

Due to all we have shared the Rainbow Warriors of the Prophecy have much work to do.
Do not set fear into our messages because this will not help anyone least of all you. Instead set heart into our messages and work towards what is good, what can be achieved, and step into energy of great awareness but also step into the energy of your own sacredness and beauty, and hold the light, hold the light, and hold onto your unquestionable faith in who you are, and what you are here to do.”

Beautiful Cats shared their special message about the Healing Power of their Purr for the May 2015 newsletter. 

From Cats: “Our purr is a gift to this planet, a special sublime gift and  each cat’s purr will capture different magic, different music and music is healing – magic and music combined together is powerful.

When a cat purrs they do so for various reasons, to share their own delight of themselves with themselves and this is deeply healing for a cat to be surrounded by their own delight. Imagine if you could smile and feel the depth of the smile in every cell within you and this is similar to what a cat feels when they purr – that every cell within themselves is surrounded by their own smile.

Could it be possible that the cat is turning their smile on themselves and yes it is possible and this is why the vibration of cat’s purr is magical and musical but capturing the essence of the smile.

What happens when you smile and this is a true smile when your eyes shine bright, when you smile sends out a beam of happiness… what do you feel? Don’t your spirits lift a little a bit higher but what about the one that you smile at don’t you bring the one that you smile at laughter, warmth, caring, light and joy due to sharing your own smile with them –  you are turning your charms of gratification onto another who in turn is lifted in  your energy.

Simply beautiful to receive a genuine smile from another, and  if you encounter a cat who is purring this is what cat’s purrs shares with you the beauty of their smile – their inner smile of beauty that captures a smiling vibration that fills your  human cells with smile energy and the humans cells are beautified due to the sharing exchange of the magical musical note of cat’s purr has dived deep into their cells and in turn the cells of the body are not necessarily healed but are full of joy, and if enough joy could flood your cells then this lifts your energy, lifts your presence, lifts your purpose, lifts your heart higher and allows you to be freer in yourself, freer in your energy and not so stifled.

So no wonder cats purrs are gifts to this planet. No wonder cats have amazing healing ability just by our sheer presence and if a cat is happy and not stifled in thought or energy and satisfied with life’s pleasures and still [calm] in energy then a  cat will step into their smiling energy and share this with you – by gently wrapping their body around your lower legs and purring away, or straddling your chest and purring away, or curled up beside you and purring away, or warming your toes in bed and purring away.

Listen to cat’s purr, feel cat’s purr vibrate through you and feel the cells of yourself smile with pleasure, smile with delight, smile with gratification.  And after reading our simple message you will now be aware of the Radiance of Cats Purr.”