karen faye 1Animals have been a big part of my life. As a child I grew up with cats & birds; in my late teens I became interested in showing & breeding dogs, also other beautiful animals became part of my family – rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, a little donkey, goats, sheep, llamas, fish, birds, pony and a retired Clydesdale.

I have always communicated with Animals as a small child I would blurb out something that one of our family animals had shared or what the birds flying overhead were advising off.

1996 was the first time I heard the phrase “Animal Communicator” I was  at a dog club event with an UK judge officiating  – the judge asked me if I was an Animal Communicator due to the interaction between myself and my dogs that I was competing with – I asked her what ‘Animal Communicator’ meant and she explained someone that communicates telepathically with Animals and due to what she was witnessing between my dogs and myself she had wondered (yip that sounded exactly me, oh okay is that how you label what I’ve always done I fit into a genre).

I started attending Animal Communication Workshops under an USA communicator (Basic 2 day & Intermediate 4 day Workshops) to receive validation & guidance that ‘yes’ I am intune with Animals. I am eternally grateful to my Teachers, my fellow Class Attendees and of course the greatest Teachers of them all the Animals. I will forever be learning from the Animals.

Since 2006 I have communicated with Animals Worldwide – New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands, USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Nordic, South Africa & Asia.  I have been very lucky that I have had great encouragement & support that has lead to word of mouth referrals.

fayeAnimal Communication isn’t a quick fix education but a calling that gently unfolds and pushes you forward to discover more and more.

I have also been asked for interviews, articles for various publication, guest appearances & talks to promote Animal Communication throughout New Zealand  & Overseas – promoting Animals as sentient beings of great joy, love and beauty also that Animals do suffer on all levels – bringing more awareness & harmony through the written word & guest appearances – being the Animal’s voice for them.

With my quest for wanting to discover more to assist the Animals, I have attended various Healing Workshops (Bioenergetic Healing, Aurora Therapies, EFT, Colour Therapy, Sound Therapy, Magnets, Crystal Therapy, Canine Foot Reflexology, Angels & Ascended Masters (I am a Qualified Teacher Diana Cooper School UK), Arcturian Light Healing, Shamanic & other healing modalities) once again thank you to my Teachers for their encouragement and support. I do in person or long-distance energy healing for the Animals to assist them. I do not prescribe, diagnose and can only make suggestions on what I feel intuitively – energy healing isn’t a replacement for veterinary attention.

2010 saw me returning to full-time studies and I completed the Certificate of Environmental Management and Certificate in Basic Animal Care Science.

2011 I received my Teachers Certification for Ascension from Diana Cooper School.

2012 I received my Teachers Certification for Angels from Diana Cooper School.

2013 I was gifted the Sacred Christed Healing energies to work with, and in time to teach to others.

2014 I started working with lovely people clients for Soul Exploration Journey work, clearing of old patterns, bringing in the new energy.  Soul Exploration Journey works on all levels, and goes past the Higher Self to the I AM presence.  My first e-book  ‘The Wonder of Animals – Being Owned by Animals – Insights into Animal Communication” became available.  Also, I started to offer Power Animal readings.

2019 I became a Soul Realignment Therapist (Akashic Records)

I have one adult gorgeous daughter.

But that is enough about me …