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Animal Communication Consultations

Remotely I offer consultations by email as written transcripts, telephone or skype for all species of animals Worldwide. I also will visit in-person animals in Canterbury, sometimes people organise a clinic where their friends bring along their animals as this helps offset travel expenses [Note: travel expenses will be invoiced]

Consultation Request Form

Please fill in the Consultation Request Form. I have made the form user friendly and also personal for your own use, please provide all information that is relevant to your animal.

Animal Communication Weekend & 1 Day Workshops

Generally 2 day workshops but I have held 1 day workshops for healing practitioners.

At an Animal Communication  Workshop you will learn how to:
– Connect with animals on a soul level
– Become receptive to animal’s energy, their thoughts/messages/great joy/wisdom/humanity & insights into their own lives – you will do this in various ways from receiving words, conveyed statements, pictures, emotions, taste, feelings

1 Day Workshops
Discovering the Joy of Unicorns – Ascended Horses of Purity
Dolphins & Atlantis
Sacred Animals of Aotearoa & the Great Gifts they Bring to Humanity
Angels & Animals
Discovery of Totem Animals
Golden Dolphins

Lost Pets

Lost pets are very time consuming, I have found over the  years that the average lost animal will take 3+ hours to communicate with. Lost animals can be on the move & confused due to where they are, they also share anxiety emotions which can be very draining to receive. I am taking a break from lost pets [some weeks I have over 30 requests],   I have made some notes on what can help you find your lost pet.