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Animal Communication Consultations

Clients are worldwide, so I do not have to visit the animal. I offer compassionate consultations, providing insights and guidance via Zoom or Phone or Email [email is: written dialogue transcripts]. For those in Christchurch, I extend the warmth of my services in person. Additionally, I am open to attending clinics organised by clients where friends can bring their beloved animals together, making it a community healing experience. Please note that for in-person visits, travel expenses will be invoiced. Embrace the opportunity to deepen your connection with your animal companions, no matter where you are. To find out more

Consultation Request Form

If you’re seeking a deeper understanding of your animal companion’s needs and behaviours, I invite you to fill out the Consultation Request Form. Please provide all relevant information about your animal to ensure a comprehensive and insightful session. Your journey to connect more profoundly with your animal begins here.

Animal Communication Workshops & Other Workshops

Workshops are happening online, for animal communication, I have an Awakening Workshop, and an Advanced Workshops.  My workshops are interactive.

At an Animal Communication  Workshop you will learn how to:
– Connect with animals on a soul level
– Become receptive to animal’s energy, their thoughts/messages/great joy/wisdom/humanity & insights into their own lives – you will do this in various ways from receiving words, conveyed statements, pictures, emotions, taste, feelings

1 Day Workshops
Discovering the Joy of Unicorns – Ascended Horses of Purity
Dolphins & Atlantis
Sacred Animals of Aotearoa & the Great Gifts they Bring to Humanity
Angels & Animals
Discovery of Totem Animals
Golden Dolphins

Lost Pets

Lost pets are very time consuming, I have found over the  years that the average lost animal will take 3+ hours to communicate with. Lost animals can be on the move & confused due to where they are, they also share anxiety emotions which can be very draining to receive. I am taking a break from lost pets [some weeks I have over 30 requests],   I have made some notes on what can help you find your lost pet.