I am taking a break from lost/missing animals.

Dear valued clients and friends, I wish to share an important update regarding my services.

For some time now, I have dedicated myself to the heartfelt work of reuniting lost and missing animals with their families. And the reuniting success rate has been high. This work has been deeply fulfilling, as each successful reunion has brought immense joy and relief to both the animals and their loved ones.

However, this requires an extraordinary level of commitment and energy.

When working with a lost or missing animal, I have often set aside all other work and personal commitments to focus solely on the task at hand. The process is usually time-consuming, as it involves not only communicating with the animal but also providing them with healing and support, which can span several days, especially if they are on the move, traumatised, or confused. Each connection with a lost animal allows me to sense their emotional, mental, and physical state, as well as the profound concern and distress of their families. The weight of these energetic exchanges is significant, and I have always made it a policy to take at least two days off afterwards to recharge and restore my own well-being.

In light of my other commitments and the intensity of lost/missing animals, I have made the difficult decision to take a break from assisting with lost/missing animals. I do so with a heavy heart, knowing the importance of this service but also recognising the need to honour myself and maintain balance in my life.

Please understand that while some lost animals are eager to return home, others may have embarked on a new journey or transitioned from this world. In such cases, their reasons and choices are part of a larger tapestry we may not fully comprehend.

Please know that my commitment to the well-being of animals remains unwavering, and I will continue to serve in other capacities with the same love and dedication. With heartfelt gratitude, Faye

Some story sharing on lost animals that I have assisted with… 

I recall a beloved cat who chose to leave her original home to comfort & live with a bedridden child in need, demonstrating the mysterious ways animals fulfil their purpose.

And here’s another one involving a dog with a shy, nervous temperament who was flown to a new city to be with his new family. In the stress of what he was experiencing, he managed to escape at the airport, setting off a frantic search. The searchers scoured the area, but alas, they were looking in the wrong direction. This little, clever, highly stressed dog communicated with me, sharing a vision of a distinctive landmark. This vital clue redirected the search efforts, and though only one of the searchers recognised the landmark, it was enough to change the course of the search. This story also highlights the dog’s incredible resourcefulness. Heeding my advice to aid those searching for him (his original family had said that if he was found alive he would be returning home to them& I passed this onto him), he took a bold step, one that was out of character for his shy nature. In a twist of fate, he hopped into the vehicle of a Rural Mailman who was distributing flyers about him. This act of bravery and intelligence led to his joyful recovery. Such experiences underscore the profound connection we can have with animals and the mysterious ways they can guide us, even when they themselves are lost. It’s a reminder that sometimes, in our efforts to find what is missing, we must be open to the unexpected and trust in the silent whispers of our animal friends.

Lost pets do not behave as they would typically & sometimes, lost pets won’t even present themselves to their family because they are hiding or lying low as this makes them feel secure.

The Christchurch earthquake on September 4, 2010, was a time of great distress, not only for the people but also for the animals. In the aftermath, I had the privilege of assisting with 22 lost animals. Each one needed healing to address the energetic trauma inflicted by the earthquake. Once they received this healing, they were able to provide clues to their whereabouts, leading to heartfelt reunions with their families.

In January 2011, a litter of three puppies had been missing for three days. I set out on foot, sharing healing energy with the pups and reaching out to them telepathically to show me the route they had taken. It was a moment of pure joy when the puppies were found quite a distance down the country road, surviving under a refrigerated shipping container, and they had stayed silent, possibly due to an instinctual response to avoid attracting predators. Their silence had caused them to be overlooked, even as their owner and mother dog & family friends had passed by their hiding place multiple times calling out to them.

December 2012 brought a flurry of activity just days before Christmas, with six individuals reaching out to me in the morning, reporting their pets as lost. Through the information shared by the animals, all but one were found and returned to their families.

 August 2014 presented a curious case of a cat, a true homebody, who had uncharacteristically wandered off and found itself locked in a neighbour’s garage. The cat communicated the direction and described the property and garage. Initially, the garage was checked, but no cat was found. However, I advised the owner to return to the garage. The owner returned the next day for another look, and there was her cat, hidden in the rafters, too frightened to make a sound but safe.