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1 DAY WORKSHOPS – if on zoom will be held over 4 weeks (one evening a week)

  • Discovering the Joy of Unicorns – Ascended Horses of Purity
  • Dolphins & Atlantis
  • Sacred Animals of Aotearoa & The Great Gifts they Bring to Humanity
  • Angels & Animals
  • Discovery of Totem Animals
  • Golden Dolphins
  • Get to Know Your Spirit Guides
  • Creating Vibrational Essences
  • Colour Therapy for Animals & People
  • Sacred Christed Energies Level I

2-3 DAY WORKSHOPS (if held over zoom, will happen over a period)

  • Beginners Animal Communication Workshop
  • Advanced Animal Communication Workshop
  • Sacred Christed Energies Level II

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Faye Rogers Animal Communication workshop November 2010 in the Waikato.

Having attended a Margrit Coates workshop a couple of years ago, I was eager to attend another workshop experience to further assist in my understanding of the communicative abilities and spiritual essences of our beloved animals that we share this planet with.

The workshop far exceeded any expectations that I had, and I contribute this to the wonderful teaching ability of our lovely Faye.

Faye is sincere, genuine and totally empathetic with her students, and takes the time to encourage, inspire and support our learning process. The nurturing energy that Faye readily shares quickly dispels any feelings of inadequacies that a student may have, and singularly manifests in each person their latent abilities that have been dormant and awaiting a teacher such as Faye.

We were all truly blessed to be able to spend 2 wonderful days with Faye – an incredibly gifted yet humble soul who gives so much of herself and ignited beauty and joy in each of us.

I would highly recommend to all, to seek the opportunity to attend any workshops that Faye is facilitating as you would only be enriched for the experience.

Katie Sloane
Trinity Equine (Mind Body & Hoof)
Equine Reiki & Barefoot Trimming
HOOFNZ Committee Member
HOOFNZ Instructor

Katie’s beautiful message that she recorded after connecting with the Consciousness of Dolphins “The humans that connect with us in this medium are doing so with sincerity and a genuine need to balance their lives, their environment, this planet. We are all connected and therefore whatever you feel, we feel……..we enjoy the contact with the seekers. Love who you are and honour your journey – we are always here to share knowledge, direction and support.”

Waikato workshop attendees - Pumpkin Donkey & Magic Fox Terrier!!!

Waikato workshop attendees – Pumpkin Donkey & Magic Fox Terrier!!!

Faye is a beautiful, compassionate and caring person. No wonder “the Animal Kingdom” chooses to communicate and share their information through Faye.

I have just returned home from an Animal Communication and Healing workshop with Faye in Tauranga (Bay of Plenty). The weekend was an incredible learning experience. Faye has a true gift of sharing information and a gentle, nurturing and deep love and respect for her students and the animals that share her workshops.

My life has been greatly blessed by the experience of sharing my weekend with Faye and the beautiful people who joined together for this inspiring and motivating workshop..

The world is a better place because of you Faye. You follow your passion and soul calling to help animals “speak” to us through your deep love and respect for them and the environment we live in. You are an inspiration.

Thanks you for your dedication to your work and your ability to share so accurately the information you receive Faye. 


I decided to attend an animal communication weekend workshop with Faye earlier in the year. I had done a number of spiritual and personal development workshops but nothing prepared me for what I was in for. Faye has a very unique way of giving confidence to all those that attend her workshops and I found that I was capable of so much more than I thought. My respect and LOVE of animals has grown too. She has a beautiful and natural way of sharing her gifts and makes the weekend interesting and so much fun. I made some lovely friends that weekend and we still keep in touch and continue the fun. Bernie Demler

My Workshops are fun, supportive, encouraging & loving – each workshop is geared for the individual attendee.

My workshops are geared for anyone who loves animals, and I do have people that come along that do not live with animals.
My dream and intention for all workshops is that we all come together to support each other, and to support the Animal Kingdom so that there is more understanding amongst all beings.

Below are snippets of feedback received from the attendees of the Auckland March 2016 Workshop (I would love to share all the snippets from the attendees as each email is very special to me, but room doesn’t allow. Since the workshop the Auckland workshop the attendees have been emailing me & sharing about the healings they are giving to their animals or friends’ animals, and also the understanding that has happened between the attendees and their animals since the workshop….

“…..thanks to Faye for an extraordinary weekend. The voyage to the Divine and looking into our Akashic records were delightful bonuses I did not expect to receive. Thanks again, everyone and most particularly Faye. With love, Wendy”

“….thank you Faye, for giving us the opportunity to work with our loved family members. Such a lovely weekend it was! Love and hugs, Carole”

“Thank you, Faye. It was a wonderful and magical weekend. You created such a comfortable, supportive and loving atmosphere. I have a feeling that it is going to be life-changing for me. All the very best to you, Angela”

Would You Like To Learn Animal Communication?

If interested in Hosting or Attending a Workshop, please contact me

I would love to share my experiences with you to be able to help you in opening up in receiving from your own animals. Through my journey as an Animal Communicator, I have been very privileged to meet the most amazing animals and people – animals that just give and give, animals that help heal their owners emotionally and physically. The animals have filled me with wonderment, appreciation and gratitude for them co-existing with us. And the beautiful people that come together during a workshop is very special, thank you for inspiring me.

My own beloved animals I share my life with have been great teachers – one of my dogs, when I started recording his thoughts, started teaching me about the energies that the various species carry that help sustain Mother Earth but also messages that the species carries. We have species working so hard, so tirelessly, and did you know the humble Bumble Bee that is fast disappearing carries healing energy – aerodynamically, Bumble Bees shouldn’t be able to fly but do so because of their special energy. A little snippet from Turtles messages “Their message is about Self Containment now isn’t that a strange thing to say as we always wish for more even myself but Self Containment isn’t necessarily about possessions and wealth but Self Containment is captured in the Turtles to remind us to be true to ourselves, to contain our envy, to remember to be free enough that we can move ourselves if we wish too, it is about discovering who you really are, feelings trapped so deep down inside you.” Torino Wolfhound
Animal Communication is the process by which impressions, thoughts, images and emotions are transmitted between beings of different species.

Many young children have the ability to communicate with animals but when children grow they tend to shut down these skills. During the Animal Communication Workshop attendees will be taken through steps to communicate freely with animals. My workshops are fun & supportive but also deeply healing – many people who have attended one of my workshops has mentioned that the workshop has been life changing for them, beautiful friendships have developed due to the essence of the workshop’s energy.

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