Max contacted me in 2014 to be involved in a CPIT Project.

Big thanks to all concerned!!!!

Welcome everyone….

Animals are my passion. I am so deeply honoured to be able to share animal’s thoughts & feelings on every situation they face in their lives.

Since 2006 I have communicated with animals Worldwide. Due to on-going word of mouth referrals – I have connected with animals throughout New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands, USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Nordic, South Africa & Asia. Majority of my work is working distance/remotely, logistics is unimportant due to animals are able to connect with us and in return I am connecting with them – I see myself as the vessel to capture animal’s words, thoughts and complete conveyed messages. Animals are sentient beings and have much wisdom, joy and humour that they love sharing with their families.

What is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication is Telepathically Communicating with Animals.  I receive words, complete conveyed lengthy messages of relevance, feelings (emotions), visuals, tastes & smells relating to what an Animal is experiencing. Whatever is received is conveyed to the families so that there is awareness.  (for more info on Animal Communication please check out ‘Media & Articles’ tab above, I have had articles published in various magazines, been interviewed about my experiences and this will give you more understanding on Animal Communication).

Do you sometimes wonder ‘oh if only my animal could talk to me’ …

Do you speak to all species?

Definitely. From domesticated to wildlife species, and even on occasions communicating with entire herds depending on circumstances. I also work with Wildlife Trusts in the capacity as an Animal Communicator conveying to the trustees the species viewpoints of what they feel can assist them.

Can you help my animal with …

  • behaviour issues
  • competitions
  • health & well-being
  • general communications
  • deeper understanding
  • animals in spirit
  • lost animals (sometimes)

Yes to all of the above.

Animals have special insights….

Animals have great humour, love, joy & wisdom.  Animals love sharing their insights into their life, their reasons for being Many owners quite often report that their animals are more loving and affectionate immediately after a communication session.

What happens during a communication session….

Communications can be either distance OR in-person

Distance communications, I work with animals worldwide.  If distance communication is either Zoom sessions, Phone sessions, or written transcript [dialogue that is emailed to the family].  Zooms can be recorded.

Zoom or phone session we will set up at a practical time & your animal companion’s messages will be shared verbally so that there is a running commentary that you can be involved in.

Working in person, I will convey directly to you what your animal companion is sharing.

How long does it take to communicate or heal, or both?

COMMUNICATION SESSION:  Length of the session is dependent on the number of questions and the reason for communicating.

Note: Health & Behaviour Sessions do take longer than General Communications. Why Health and behaviour takes longer is that the animal will be sharing their perspectives & and will spend time sensing their own energy and sensing what can possibly help them. Sessions that relate to your animal’s purpose or past lives will also take time.  

HEALING SESSION: A healing session varies in length depending on the species and condition of the animal – The session will be either a 1-off lengthy healing of approximately 1 hour or smaller healing sessions of approximately 20 minutes daily that will happen over three days. Usually, there is no turnaround time for healing sessions, as they happen as soon as I am able to.

Consultation Fees

COMMUNICATION :  A minimum charge of $90.00 for up to 30 minutes, 1 hr $120.00,  1.5 hrs $160.00, 2 hrs $190.00, 3 hrs $240.50

Turnaround Time – depending upon current demand, readings are carried out within 15-20 working days.   If you require an urgent reading, please see below.

Urgent Reading – I have a very limited number of slots available, if your animal requires an urgent reading, these can be done within 2-5 days for an increased fee  – add 25% to the standard booking fee. Payment must be received within 24 hours to secure urgent booking.

N.B. Please be considerate when determining if your animal requires an urgent reading, as these spaces are limited and reserved for critical situations.

HEALING  [REMOTE/DISTANCE]:  $85.00 The session will be either be 1-off lengthy healing of over an hour or smaller healing sessions of approx 20 minutes that will happen over three days.

For healings that extend past three days, there will be additional fees.

There isn’t usually a wait time for healing sessions, as these are done as soon as I am able to my end.

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Workshops – Weekend Animal Communication & 1 Day Workshops

  • Weekend Animal Communication Workshops
  • Discovering the Joy of Unicorns – Ascended Horses of Purity
  • Dolphins & Atlantis
  • Sacred Animals of Aotearoa & the Great Gifts they bring to Humanity
  • Angels & Animals
  • Discovery of Totem Animals
  • Golden Dolphins
  • Sacred Christed Energies Level I & Level II


I have had a Guest Appearance on TELEVISION NEW ZEALAND’S CLOSE UP SHOW, TVNZ SEVEN SHARP ,,, and also as a Guest Speaker on Free Range Dogs Radio (Fresh FM Net); Classic Hits & Newstalk Radio Shows; Co-Host Spirit Talk Live online shows. 2015 New Zealand Film Commission and NZ On Air’s Digital Media Funded Loading Docs “Conversations With Pets’ documentary.

Published Articles

I have had articles published on my journey as an  Animal Communicator / Animal Healer (national & international magazines) and have also been interviewed in various newspapers & magazines. Anyone wishing articles or interviews please contact me.

Straight from the ‘Animal’s’ Mouth … WORDS OF WISDOM

“Yes my mind is taken up with serious matters but I live, I enjoy, I thrust forward, I thirst for more. I don’t live in the past as such. I acknowledge the past as the past is important but I believe in the future, the future is now and that is what is important today not tomorrow but today. Today is every day, today is this minute, not the minute that has gone by, today is how I see my life.”
– Torino Wolfhound