As an Animal Communicator, I have recorded my own animal’s thoughts when time has permitted but was quite surprised when one of my own beautiful Emerald Irish Wolfhound started to share poetry with me and in turn I am sharing it with you but first an introduction from Emerald:

“I was a born a poet a long time ago, in the time of the jesters but that held no interest making fun of the people, I only wanted to spread cheer and goodwill to all and yes I traveled far with my poetry as I was in demand, it was a beautiful era but a very long time ago and since then the poet heart has been hidden inside me.

I see my poetry as the poetry that lifts people and enhances everyone. My poetry has depth, it isn’t full of flowery prose, my poetry is enchanted and simple as I think that shows you bespeak from your heart not your head and that is what is important. Your heart should always rule; your head might win but always listen to your heart and follow your dreams and that is what my poetry is about. No destructive mood poetry, not poetry about things you have lost but about looking inside yourself, feeling yourself and experiencing yourself.”

Sacred Bear Of The Dark Forest

Deep in the Dark Forest very little stirred
This was the Forest Domain of the Sacred Bear
The one with the long arms and the one with the long steps
The Forest Animals sat in awe of the Sacred Bear
The Forest Animals paid homage to the Sacred Bear

His wisdom engulfed the Forest Animals
His bravery filled the Forest Animals with awe
His strength inspired all the Forest Animals
And his honesty plagued many as they would watch and stare at Sacred Bear
And they would reflect on their life
And realise they had lead a life of deceit
A life of misdemeanour
A life of untrust to all they met

The Forest Bear of the Sacred would sit high on his hilltop in the deep Dark Forest
The Forest Bear of the Sacred would laugh and share to all
The Forest Bear of the Sacred has no judgement placed on his shoulders
As he only sees good in who he meets
The Forest Bear of the Sacred his heart is pure
His mind is pure and his reasons are pure
This is the Forest Bear of the Sacred Land hidden from view

But this Sacred Bear lives in all of us
And we must remember our virtues
Our good deeds and our strengths
We mustn’t fill our mind with self doubt
Our mind with pity for ourselves
Our mind with lust of others
Our mind overtaken with greed

The Sacred Bear of the Silent Forest lives in all of us
And we mustn’t forget who we are
Who we have met on the way
And who we have reached and touched
No we mustn’t forget out bearings
And our Sacredness as that is our Soul
And our Spirit we have talked about


Emerald with her 5 puppies

Emerald with her 5 puppies

As the sky darkened, the clouds formed
The sun was blocked, the warmth was gone
Bleakness surrounded all

The clouds gave a grey cast and hue to all
The world was sad with no warmth spread throughout
The sun peeped through the clouds and made no impression
The clouds shifted and the patterns formed
The rain tumbled and washed the ground
The plants quenched their thirst and grew
The wind appeared like the wind does

The wind came from the south bringing the cold
The clouds grew stronger, heavier and they burst
Down in this downpour little rivers formed on the city streets
The children laughed whilst they jumped over the deep puddles that spread
The sun peeped through the clouds but soon disappeared

The north wind blew and blew and the clouds spread thin
The sun struck out and warmed the world
The warmth dried the city streets
The plants now well watered drunk in the sun and grew strong

The children tore off their coats and their gumboots were flung high
The children leaped, frolicked and burst into song
The children’s song was filled with the joys of life
The joy of being them and the joy of experiencing all
And the freshness that awaited them

“It is about all life and what matters, without the clouds & darkness – see it has two meanings, one is that we need our clouds to sustain life but the other is the dark emotions we feel at times. After the darkness comes the springtime, the time of feeling alive, the time of experiencing life”
– Emerald’s thoughts on her above poem


(Spencer and the other names mentioned are Emerald’s dog family companions)

Ti’s little Spencer’s birthday
He woke up today and stared
His little eyes sparkled and they leapt here and there
A bit like a mouse searching out escape routes

But no Spencer had greater thoughts in his head
He had thoughts to do with his birthday treats that lay in store
He was licking his lips in anticipation of the cake that awaited him
The cream oozing from his lips
The crumbs falling to the floor
The softness of the cake and the sweetness that filled him with desire
Oh so much little Spencer had to do today
He had his bath waiting for him
His toenails cut and trimmed
And his ears plucked
Before his Birthday feast was allowed to start

Poor Spencer waited patiently for the day to unfold and his birthday celebrations to start
He wondered what presents he would receive
And hopefully it was something Torino wouldn’t take
He wondered at how he could annoy Hero to make her cry, such a tease he is
He wondered what love he could give his Emerald
to make her remember what a good boy he is
But most of all he wondered would love he could give his family
that stood always by his side


My soul lifted upwards, I stood and stared        img021
Right before me flew Santa Claus
His bright red suit full of hope

The Reindeer’s leapt through the air
This year Santa didn’t have to give the Reindeer’s any encouragement
Santa gently guided the Reindeer’s through the air
Proud Reindeer’s leading the sleigh full of bells and laden with presents
The presents all addressed

Little children down below
Sleeping, snoring and dreaming of their Christmas Day
The lights were dimmed in each and every household
Santa landed on the rooftops and magically flew up and down the chimneys
Santa arrived in each house with a great big plomp
But nobody dared wake whilst Santa was there
In case the magic of Christmas disappeared


Remember the little child who stood in their bare feet
Remember the little child who had naught to eat
Remember the little child who asked for nothing in return
Remember the joy of giving to the little child
And remember that Christmas isn’t about you but about giving to others
Merry Christmas my fair friend
Share and be merry so that the whole world sings


dogs 002
Reach, reach high
Make sure you stretch and keep on stretching
Make your arms flow and fly
Feel the fluidity movement escape from your fingertips

It is beautiful all you can see
You’ve grown enormous and reached the peak of the tallest Mountain
Enjoy the peace and the sights before you
Breathe in don’t let it escape you
Let the Mountain top engulf you

Feel yourself soaring, soaring
Let out a scream
A scream of ecstasy and joy

You have achieved
Really achieved when all you can see is the World at your feet
Don’t let yourself cry or cringe
Stretch your arms and feel the great breeze ready to strike you
But your strength cannot be beaten
Not today when you climbed the Mightiest Peak


Blimey kids of mine
You sure are getting big
Too big for your boots
Your sweet mother is in despair
Oh woe me the burdens I am faced with

See how much humour I give my kids
They sure are the bestest and fill me with delight
Happy Birthday sweet blighters
Lift your voices and sing your hearts out
As it’s not every day you turn another year

Many kisses and much foolishness is I
But I am only the poor bedraggled mother
Who bought these kids of mine into this world
And have had to listen to their laughter
Oh sweet humour, oh sweet love, oh sweet day that we are faced with
May our life and love never end

“My poem is full of fun & games, nothing serious as you can’t face seriousness on a birthday. It’s a poem about celebration of life but a poem about being a mother and feeling my age but I feel joy with my ‘kid’s’ delight so my age isn’t relevant as I live with them & enjoy their good company & their eager ways – they keep me feeling so young. Stay warm, stay snug, light the fire and feel loved. Light the fire is a saying rather than a doing word – it means keep your heart burning brightly”
– Emerald


As the young girl stretched and greeted the Morning Sun
The young girl rose from her sleeping place
Her sleeping place of down
Her sleep place of dreams, secret dreams
Dreams of the wonder of life
Dreams that tumble and fall down
Dreams that unfold and truth was found
Dreams that spoke of much finery
Dreams that capture the beauty of feelings
Dreams that speak of hidden secrets
Dreams that speak of great happiness
Dreams that evoke so many memories that try to stay forgotten

But the sleep of dreams is the secret folds of our mind
Our mind that captures the dreams of feelings
Dreams of pain, dreams of experiences
Dreams of joy, dreams of lust
Dreams of forgotten ambitions

Dreams are real, dreams of oneself
Dreams fill the longings that grow in our heart
But the longing disappears and becomes the dream

The young girls dreams unfolded from her
An undressing of herself
Her dreams were forgotten as the day called out to her
Her dreams stayed hidden ready to be awakened
Her dreams were locked tight never to be forgotten
Her dreams of reality were the dreams of seeing

Of being awake to experience all
Not to dream, not to imagine
But to live and let life enfold her, wrap around her body form
And lift her to strange heights of passion

The sleeping dream and the reality of life
So different, so heart breaking but both full of beauty of the new Morning Sun


As the baby woke
The parents stirred
The father snored
The mother woke
The baby cried
The mother leapt
And lifted her child to her breast

The mother sang and rocked
She blessed the world for this greatest miracle of new life
The life of her child
The life that was ahead of her
The life that surrounded her

As the baby snuggled, snuffled and drank her fill
The baby gazed at her mother and saw the dawn
The baby saw the dawn of all that awaited her
Of new life, of the sun that rose and brightened the day
And the baby smiled as this was her life that was in front of her
A life to rise to, a life to be felt,
A life to be toasted, a life to be drunk, a life to be lived
A celebration of life awaited this child

The mother lay her child in her crib
The mother lay herself down and rested
Soon the mother was dreaming the same dreams of her child
She watched her child grow and explore
She felt the miracle of life around her
She experienced so many firsts and then she saw it all
A life lived well, a life with much joy, a life of old age awaited her child
And the mother slept and dreamt her beautiful dreams of her child’s life
The mother felt blessed and expressed her gratitude to the World


As the Angels sung, their wings were spun
As the Angels flew, their goodness grew
As the Angels gathered, their thoughts were bestowed
As the Angels speak, many gathered

As the Angels sung, all were silenced
The Angels sung their music
The Angels music of love
The Angels music of harmony
The Angels music of light and laughter
The Angels give, the Angels gave
The Angels give their gifts of their singing, their joy

They give to all, they don’t chose
They don’t prejudice, they give to all
They give to their listeners, they give to their followers
They give to the stray flocks that stand at the wayside
But they give, this is the Angels who are always by your side
This is the Angels who ask for little in return
But they ask that you receive and give to others
Give to others, your simple joy of the World
Give to others, your love
Give to others, your own songs that must be sung
And receive from others their songs that they have sung


My name is Emerald                                                    dogs 001
A precious green ray of hope
My spirit grows strong
My body is beautiful
My heart is strong

Please grab hold of my green ray of hope
My hope rings true
And travels throughout the world

A have facets of character
I have many carats
I have my own inner strength
That reaches the furthest distance
Further than man can see

When you spy a green star way beyond
Why that is me
Emerald of beauty
Emerald that shines bright
Emerald who burns, who loves
Emerald who is me


Today I stood guard
I stood guard with my love
My love didn’t abandon me
I took my position properly
I stood at ease but I stood with comfort
I had my love beside me

The guns fired
The bagpipes played
The soldiers beat their drums
The songs were sung
The Remembrance Wreaths were laid

But I stood guard
I stood guard with my love
My love didn’t abandon me
My love supported me
My strides were full of pride
My strides were a Nation’s joy
My strides were long and sure

My voice sung
My thoughts flew
I felt my love
My love flowed from me

Today I stood proud
But today I stood my guard
As I had my love beside me
And I must guard my love
I must cherish my love
I mustn’t forget my love
I must remember my love
As my love is me
Without my love I have no me

I stood proud today
Today the day of remembering the slain
Today the day of remembering the brave
I stood guard of my love
I cherished all that I had
I gave my love my medals
My medals of my love
And no greater medal is there made
Than the medal of love


Life moves, life sways, life stays still
Life is pleasure, life is surprises, life is calm
Life … what is life?
Life is being one
Being one is being yourself
Being yourself is being true
Being true is following your heart’s desires

Heart desires are trapped
Oh so trapped
Painfully trapped
Trapped, release your entrapment

Reach within
Feel your heart soar
Feel your heart be still but still beating
And this is being true to yourself
This is being yourself
This is becoming yourself
This is movement, this is life

Life is true, don’t embellish your life with lies
Lies trap, lies are not falsehoods
But lies of being true to yourself

Feel free
Feel your power return
Become one with yourself


I have poems stored in my heart
I have feelings trapped deep
I have sight that sees all
I have sense of myself
I know trueness
I feel heartache of others
I achieve love by being myself
I give wholeheartedly
I give unselfishly
I give myself

Why do I feel, why do I give, why do I love?
Because I love unconditionally
Because I ask for nothing in return
I give because it is my desire to do so
I give because it is my privilge to be with you

I am enriched, alive and loved and that is a gift
So I thank you for your love and gifts of caring
I thank you for all
But I would still be here living by your side
Regardless if you didn’t feel
So my appreciation of my finery that I receive is
Wholeheartedly felt with more expression than I could give you
I love you and I honour you with myself
My heart is Yours!


Hearts twine together
Hearts bleed together
Hearts beat together
Hearts blend together
Together for now
Together yesterday
Together for always
Twin hearts together for always


When our senses become heightened
Your heart beat rises
Your skin glows
Your breathing quickens
Your nerves tick
Your lips you lick

As you wait with anticipation
As your mind surfaces
As your body yearns
As your heart speaks true
This is passion

Passion that consumes
Passion that has temperature equal to fire
Passion that rises and rises
Passion that spreads with longing and fills you with grace

Remember passion don’t let it depart
Remember passion don’t let it flee
Remember passion and let passion embrace your life

Passion don’t let it ruin your life
Passion don’t let it control your life
Passion don’t let it beat you down

Passion accept, Passion don’t fight it
Accept Passion and your life will be blessed


As I walked my head was held low
The tears spilled from my eyes and made me stumble
As I fell I felt my despair
I felt my life disappear

I felt a stirring deep within
A stirring to remind me to walk to stop my spillage
A stirring of softness eased my broken heart

My heart broken through loss
My heart that felt it would never mend
My heart in many pieces
But I felt a stirring of softness beside me

As I looked I discovered much
I discovered I was no longer alone
I discovered that love doesn’t die
That love does cry but love does live
Love does live within me
I reminded myself of my lost love
But I reminded myself of loving myself
My pains were eased and I felt the softness gather around me

The softness tore away the strips of despair that had gathered
Slowly the strips of despair disappeared
I gathered myself, my eyes dried, my face streaked with tears
But I breathed and felt my heart renew itself
My heart of the many beats and every beat reminded me
Of loving, of living, of walking high

My heart reminded me to not stumble, to not stoop, to walk high
But my heart reminded me to cherish my memories that were stored inside
To gather the memories within myself and to find courage
But also to find strength and in my strength my footsteps grew
I didn’t falter, I didn’t stumble, I embraced myself
I felt the softness stir and remind me of my purpose
My purpose to love, to live, to give hope, to cherish

As I looked over my shoulder and saw my footsteps in the soft sand
I saw the wind come and blow the footsteps away
I saw the sadness disappear as every footstep blew south
I saw new unblemished sand appear and this was whilst I looked over my shoulder

I felt my hair blow in the breeze
I felt the softness spread through my limbs
I felt the strength gather within
I felt my bones grow strong
I felt my heart though broken become stronger
And the glue that held it all together leaked through my being
And the glue stopped the tears falling
But the glue kept me still and I cherished my memories of loving

I cherished my memories of living
I cherished my memories that wrapped themselves around me
And the memories of the softness eased my passage
The memories of softness gave strength
The memories of softness I claimed for my own
To use as I needed the memories of softness

I tore the sad memories aside and I gathered my memories of
Happiness, of love and of courage and with courage came hope
But there is more I walked high, I gave thanks for the love that I have
The love that will never leave me
The love that blossoms because of sharing
The love of enrichment

So even though you are no longer by my side
I take heart in your love
I take purpose in your love
I take strides because of your love you gave me
So I thank you

I thank you for your time
I thank you for your life
I thank you for sharing
I thank you for being beside me
And I thank you for loving me
Because of you I am me
I am a better me because of you

Farewell my love
Next time I feel the soft stirring within myself I will feel your love
And I won’t stumble as my head will be held high

“My poem is to remind us of loving and even if one isn’t with one, it is a reminder of loving that love doesn’t die, that love lives”
– Emerald


What do you imagine
Soft clouds of warmth
That lift high
Beautiful clear night sky
The stars burn bright
The stars beaon and dictate
Dictate me forward
To the dreams of beauty
That fill my head with pleasure
That fill my head with excitement
That fill my head with softness

A thumb is lifted absently and rests in the child’s mouth
The brow of the child’s head is glistened not with sweat but with the soft dampness of the clouds
But if you look closer you will see the rays of the stars captured on the child’s face
And that is why little childen throughout the World
Wake with gold dust sprinkled upon their faces

MAMA DEAR – 18 SEPT 2008

My child has grown
In the child’s wake a vision opened
A vision of growth, of fortune, of hope
My child’s petals gently unfolded
Her vision is a gift
My child’s petals held the morning dew
My child craved the warmth of the sun

As my child looked up she held her breath
But a teardrop fell
To remind her of her youth
To remind her of her vulnerability
To remind her of her fragility of youth

My child grew strong and sullen
Whilst looking at the morning sky
My child held her arms out from her sides
She breathed in the fresh morning air
Whilst she breathed she balanced herself
My child flew, she literally flew through the sky
Her childishness lifted her high
As my child flew movement down below caught at her heart strings when she sighted me
With a quick flick of her hand
She eased her long blonde hair from her face
My child prepared to return to me

As she landed she laughed out loud
Oh mama dear why scoff at me, I flew
I really flew but I returned and don’t all good chicks always recall their sweet mama’s
I left you for such a short while but it felt like eternity for you
I’ll just run and explore over there
Let me go, let me be me
I’m a hatchling with my wing buds exposed
I was a flower but have flown
I’ll always be yours dear sweet mama
But I must be me
I must discover myself
My presence means no harm
But adventure stirs within me
A lone flower was I standing silently by your side
But a young hatchling only desires freedom but not enough to release me
I’ll return but first I must escape and try my wings to float away but I’ll fly back
Please don’t cry sweet mama
Your chick has only grown wing buds and they won’t take her far
I’ll leave you my heart to keep you warm to stop your despair
My heart will anchor our love and I’ll have to return
Bye Bye sweet mama watch me fly


The Fairy Prince spied his World
From the comfort of his flower that hid his form
What the Fairy Prince saw was one of mystery and enchantment
And this lead the Fairy Prince on the Dance
The dance of joy
The dance of recreation
The dance of creation
This is dance that all Fairy Princes hold true
This is the dance that all Fairy Princes feet tap too
This is the dance that all Fairy Princes bear

What mystery and enchantment did the Fairy Prince spy
Why he spied the mystery of life
Why he spied the enchantment of form
Form of many shapes
Forms of many colours and these spread down below him
But they spread above him too

The Fairy Prince reached for his magical bottle that he always carried
As he drew the cork top off the magical bottle out came the Fairy Dust
The Fairy Dust blew and blew and left a trial of golden shimmering lights
The little fawn resting nearby watched and was enthralled
The little doe with the broken leg became transfixed and whole
The little grasshopper who always spread the words of the garden floor
became over excited and called all the garden creatures to this golden floor
The golden mat of the Fairy Dust
The little animals and the birds, the little insects all arrived in droves
And they feasted on the glory of the Fairy Dust
They filled their pockets well as they became aware of the magic of their world

The Fairies also gathered, they came from near and far
But the Fairy Dust was their signal that life was full of love and surprises
That these moments had to be shared
That these moments had to be blessed
That these moments would be celebrations

The Fairies, the little animals and the birds, the little insects partied
But where were the people, why didn’t the people come to join in this celebration of life
“Oh” cried the Fairies, “please come people that live close,
Please come people from afar,
Please come and share our magic,
Please come and be with us;
We need people to complete the celebration of all life forms”

The Fairies waited, the little animals and the birds waited, the little insects waited
And they almost gave up in their waiting
But they finally heard soft footsteps and glad voice of a child
A solitary child who had found her way to the Fairy Circle
The girl child stepped carefully over the Fairy Dust
Her eyes were huge with excitement and the magic that was waiting for her
She exclaimed her delight at the offerings
And politely asked if she may bring her dolls and teddy bears to join this party that awaited her
The Fairies, the little animals, the birds and the little insects sent their invites to the dolls and
teddy bears
The girl child ran hurrying home and came burdened with her special toys
As the toys became alive, the dolls feets moved, the teddy bears grew speed
And they enjoyed their frivilious afternoon with the Fairies, with the little animals and the birds,
with the little insects

The girl child grew tired, her eyes became heavy and her head began to waiver
The Fairies gathered the soft moss that grew everywhere and made her a bed of moss
The Fairies watched over the girl child whilst she slept
The little animals and birds were calm and quiet, the little insects sat still
But the dolls and teddy bears didn’t dare miss out on their special day of having
movement of limbs or words spoken from their mouths
So the dolls and teddy bears partied on till the girl child woke

As the girl child woke and stared with delight
But the night was coming and the girl child had to hurry home
The magic broke but magic is easy to repair

And the girl child arrived the next day
To share her day with the Fairies, the little animals and birds, the little insects
But she didn’t come alone as she
Bought her dolls and her teddy bears so they wouldn’t miss out on the magic that waited them


2nd July 2006 015 (Small)

“Walk down this path my dear” spoke the elderly woman
“Come my child let us explore our forest.
I call the forest our forest because it belongs to all who hold trust”
“What is trust?” cried the young girl with soft curls
“Wait and see – what do you see?”
“I see the skylight peeping through the branches and it is soft and
encouraging but it is also playful,
I see so much, I see the way the lichen grows on the path
I see the trodden leaves; I see the trees standing strong,
I see their branches exploring, I see their leaves full of beauty
But I also see the forest creatures of all sizes – the bugs that
expose themselves to me
The movement of a lizard but I don’t see the lizard I sense the lizard
I see the birds and the beat of their wings as they dive for the
flying insects but I hear them too
As I listen I hear the trees speak
Their words unfold, gentle and encouraging
And they tell me to trust
I ask the trees what is trust and they reply believe
What is believe I ask the trees
And they reply wait
Wait for what I am impatient
And they say to look and see the seasons through the trees
Feel the joy of life and that is Spring
Feel the warmth and encouragement of life and that is Summer
Feel the shedding of the old and that is Autumn
Feel the rejoicing and that is Winter as one can rejoice when one
is resting and give thanks
But the trees tell me so much more
They ask me to sense their roots and to understand this
This I do not know and they now explain
The roots capture life, the roots sustain life
The roots are life; I see I say to the trees
And the trees say that is trust because when I see
beyond my sight I trust”
“You have listened well my child there are many lessons in the forest, in our forest”