Some of the testimonials Faye has received…..

Thank you to everyone who has shared their experiences.

I was absolutely knocked over about this whole session. It was very emotional for me, but after the ‘dust settled down’ I realised how precious the conversation with my dog through Faye was for me. An experience I would not miss for nothing in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart dear Faye.

S Zund, Switzerland

You are an amazing mentor. Love all of us

Kathleen, New Zealand

Faye has an amazing talent in really connecting with the animals. I was so impressed with my first experience that I had other communications done with other pets. In each reading she did for me their respective voices came through loud and clear.

She provided necessary insight into behavioural issues with one of my horses and successfully provided long distance healing to correct his physical problems. Since she has been working with him, he has changed for the better. She was able to answer some questions I had for my dog. I have had my older gelding for almost 20 years and she has really enchanced our relationship and my understanding of him. I feel so blessed to have met her at this time in our lives, and cannot wait for my next communication with Weapon.

J Sutton, USA

Faye has been communicating with my animals for some time now and when I first heard about this I was very sceptical but still open minded enough about the concept to give it a go. Afterall, what did I have to loose. I have an agility dog and wanted to see if I somehow could improve his performance in the ring. Now this dog is up there mixing it with the best of them. Of course training has alot to do with that but also Faye’s insights are what has given this dog that extra edge. When I got Faye’s readings back, I was amazed at the accuracy of information given back to me; information that she really could only get if speaking with the animal directly. If you have any issues with your dog I would recommend giving animal communication a go. I find it another great training tool.

N Ford, Australia

My dearest friend Nicole told me about Faye as she was receiving help with her puppy. As I was raised by a psychic mother, I have been exposed to fantastic intuitives and big fakers too! I went into the reading fully trusting that with would be very accurate or just generalizations that anyone can put together. Let me tell you – FAYE IS THE REAL DEAL!

I have an older horse that had a life of abuse and neglect. I had questions about his diet and arthritis pain. When Faye does your reading, you will receive it written out as the communication goes back in forth, it reads like a dialogue. I was able to clearly see Buddy’s personality in the reading of the dailogue. He is quite the aristocratic Southern gentleman, a bit snooty and carries himself as if he is royalty. His tone was clear throughout the entire conversation. The information was incredibly helpful. Faye has never met me in person, I live in the US and she in New Zealand. Buddy mentioned my children – no way Faye would have even known I had them if she wasn’t so attuned. Faye starts her reading by looking at the animal’s picture and just writing down the first words that come to her. The third word listed was the word shadows. After addressing all my questions, Faye asked Buddy if she may ask a question for herself. That was fine with Buddy and Faye proceeded to ask him what the word shadows meant in regards to him. Buddy’s response was a chuckle and he answered “Tammie will know”. Well, the sly fellow put in an affirmation of just how intuned Faye was by giving an answer that would so strongly validate to she and I both how accurate the reading was. Well, I do know exactly what the word means in reference to my Buddy – his registered name is Shadow’s El Torro! If you have doubts, concerns or fears for/about your animal, trust Faye fully. She is one of the warmest, purist and loving souls I have ever known.

Tammie B, USA

Our 7 year old Doberman ‘Hoover’ has Wobblers Syndrome, a debilitating painful & destructive condition of the spine. We have treated Hoover with Veterinary prescribed anti-inflammatories which though helpful cannot provide enough relief to keep her comfortable. Since becoming a patient of Faye’s Hoover’s change in mobility and demeanour has been marked. In the 36 or so hours after each healing, it has been dramatic – her eyes are clear, bright and alert and her face relaxed. Her control over her body, particularly her back legs improves and she soon wants to play and run (to our consternation as she can easily dislodge her vertebrae). All the changes are clear and real and impossible to dismiss, despite patient and healer having not physically met……..indeed they live 100’s of km’s from each other. other, even more astonishing things have emerged. Our dog was very sorrowful when Faye first began communicating with her. A recent marital seperation and life between 2 households – with all the inherent experiences entailed for her human family, had taken its toll on her. Hearing our dog’s perspectives and insights reported back to us through Faye (with respect and sensitivity) had our family in awe – and at times moved to tears. NO ONE not even close family or friends could have known of what Faye spoke, both of Hoover’s life and the lives of us, her owners. We are amazed by our pets’ insights and wisdom, and by the sheer depth and force of her love and loyalty.

I also used one of the consultations to seek answers to a behavioural problem of Hoovers. This was ‘coprophagia’ or ‘stool eating’ and it used to drive me crazy. Hearing an explanation from my dog’s perspective made it so much easier to treat – I just wished I’d handled it differently sooner. The problem has ceased to exist now, though there’s the odd glint in her eye sometimes when passing some dog droppings!! Handling this problem ‘within’ the perspective of what drives our pet’s behaviour has been really effective but it’s only one part of what we learned from Faye. Thank you Faye.

Karen Ireland, New Zealand

Faye has such a beautiful and incredible gift. She put so much time and care into my dog and to me. I can’t recommened her enough. She is so gentle and kind. Very sensitive and has amazing abilities with animals. Faye has a very big heart and is like no one else I have ever met with her wonderful conversations with our furry friends. Words don’t seem adequate to describe her and what she does because she works on such a different and loving level. Thank you so much Faye!! With much love and gratitude.

Daniel S, New Zealand

Faye has communicated with all four of our cats. We have 3 Maine Coons and a beautiful moggie. Faye has worked with our cats when they have been unwell and has done some amazing healing specially with Mishka who was very unwell – Faye just worked with her & did some big healing on her & Mishka has been a different cat. We also show two of our Maine Coons and Faye gave them gifts to use when they are unsettled when being handled at shows and also to help them with the different noises at shows. It was amazing what came back to us when Faye did healings on our four beautiful babies. Faye is a very gifted lady & works wonders on animals.

K Clarke, New Zealand

Faye has contacted all of my animals at one stage or another.  I love the way she is so friendly and puts them at ease immediately, I can ‘hear’ this through their responses.  Faye is able to illicit information that no body could know, from who they are, any medical support they need or what we can do to ease issues we might be experiencing.

I truly believe that my old horse, Noddy, would not be here if it was not for Faye’s help and support, he was able to tell us exactly what herbal assistance he needed to manage his age, arthritis and pain.  Now he runs happily with the herd.

Recently I was very blessed for Faye to contact Noddy, where he helped to write a beautiful passage about love which was included as a reading at our wedding.  Words cannot show how talented and dedicated you are, thank you.

Lara, New Zealand

My first experience with Faye was when contemplating adding another dog to our family of 1 dog and 3 cats, purely for the sake of our 6 year old dog so he would have company, the dog in question was an 8 year old female needing to be re-homed and had had no experience with cats. We were only going to take the dog on if it worked out with our current animals. Faye spoke to them all, and so we took her on, we had problems with one cat that just would not come in while Jane (the new dog) was inside; this behaviour went on for three days, in the midst of a cold wet winter, so it was a concern. Faye spoke to this cat, it turns out she and Jane had had a previous life together and she had been run over by a vehicle, of which she blamed Jane and was still carrying this burden with her. Faye helped her with visual exercises etc, within half an hour Faye working with her, my precious wee cat came into the house and settled herself on the couch, just as she had always done before Jane came to live with us! The results were astounding and if I hadn’t already known of Faye’s talent, I wouldn’t have believed it. This is only one example of Faye’s successes with my famly, I have to admit my family is not perfect and so we consult Faye often.

M Hartley, New Zealand

Wow, where do I start! After spending the weekend with Faye and a simply wonderful group of like souls my life has changed dramatically. My spiritual life has evolved and I am truly happy & at peace. I feel I have found my way and truly aligned with my purpose and for the first time in my life have felt like I belong. It was the biggest blessing I could’ve received and I will be ever grateful to my special friend Faye for enabling this transition in my journey.

I have also received a reading from Faye from my magnificent horse which still brings tears to my eyes, not of sadness but of thanksgiving for the deep messages I received and cherish every day.

And my most recent gift from Faye was a Soul Exploration Journey which was such a gift of utter love and blessing. The messages and love I received from my Guides & Angels and to be in Mother Mary’s presence during the Soul Exploration Journey is such an honour for me. My questions were answered and many past pains were cleared.  I felt like I was floating on a pink cloud of heavenly love afterwards and I experienced this same feeling after the workshop.

I highly recommend everyone take a soul journey and if you can spend a weekend at a workshop do it. I feel so connected now and I have a very special lady to thank for that. xo

Love and Pure Light to everyone


Victoria, New Zealand

Faye Rogers worked with me with regard to my horse Folly, Folly arrived at my home, very stressed, angry out of control physically and emotionally.

Emotionally she seemed very lost and distant, if given the chance I honestly feel Folly would rather not be here on this earth plain at all I feel she would rather be dead.

I felt I was too close to Folly to help in anyway, but I needed someone to help with what was happening with her emotionally, physically. A close friend recommended Faye to me, Faye was able to go deep within Folly’s soul and help to explain what was happening to her – she gave Folly a voice for me to hear and understand.

Folly had brought many past lives into this lifetime, some not so nice, for Folly she was acting out the trauma of what she had experienced in her past lives.

I felt Folly was a real danger to herself and those around her, when she first arrived at my home, I honestly feel without Faye’s help and guidance the outcome would have been at lot different.

Folly is a gentle soul she has spoken through Faye of her past, she is healing now, and I owe this to Faye.

I am grateful for the lessons I have learnt from Folly and Faye.

Thank you,
Kind regards,
Wanda Proctor.

Wanda, New Zealand

Oh love you are so much more than a friend.. I have been touched so deep by you and your animals it is hard to explain.. From Lucan to now it has been so enlightening.. We are so lucky to have you and your insight with everything…Your animals are so knowing and they lead to a light greater than we can see.. I have opened up to a bigger greater world because of you.. Thank you for sharing your life and light with us..I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul (animals also) We would be lost if we hadn’t met by chance…
love and tenderness and stay well…

Nicole, USA

Dear Faye – since meeting you I have been overwhelmed by your kindness, generosity and amazing ability.  I know of no other animal communicator that can communicate at such a deep soul level, and the insights that you have given not only me, but many of my friends, into their animals is incredible.  You are a true advocate for animals, and their messages are in good hands and are always shared honestly.  Your own amazing spirituality also makes you a treasured friend.  Thank you for all your help…from me and all of my grateful and loving animals.  xx

Michelle, Christchurch, New Zealand

I was truly blessed finding Faye and enabling her to communicate with my horse Honey. It was emotional for me but in a great way. I didn’t realise what a character my new addtition is. He is truly and old soul with a loving heart. Thank you Faye I understand a bit more now and feel more connected to Honey. You truly have a amazing ability. I never realised how beautifully an animal can communicate with kind loving words and wisdom.
Thank you for the healing also 🙂

C Tucker, New Zealand

Faye is very knowledgeable, very interesting, very caring.  A good teacher – it would be a privilege to have another session with you.

Allan, Waikato, New Zealand

You helped me touch the soul of my spirit animals; for the first time in a long time I found peace and a way forward for re-connection with my spirit animals. You gave me confidence to believe I can keep building on the skills you taught; you also taught me a lot about myself – my journey is only starting – you are truly one of the most ‘beautiful souls’ I have ever had the privilege to spend time with.

Sue, New Zealand

Faye was able to help at a critical time in my fur family’s life. My beloved Fred (Cat) was spraying inside and seemed unable to help himself or clue me in to what was happening to him. Before any harsh and final decision was made, we consulted Faye. Fred opened up as to how he was feeling and why. He’s since had vet treatment and extra love with great results. I’ve even started finding Fred and Ginger curled up asleep together again. Both cats trust and love Faye, and that’s good enough for me. Thanks Faye!

Pam Means, Auckland

I have had a few readings with Faye with my horses I have had, and am always amazed at her accuracy. The most emotional one being with my first horse Spencer. I had a gut instinct that things weren’t right with him as his behaviour was slowly changing. From a usually calm, happy, but strong minded horse, who was always aware of my space, to someone I couldn’t work with at times, as he was too dangerous. The vet confirmed this by telling me he had to sedate him to pick up his feet. Very out of character in the past. I asked Faye to communicate with Spencer and ask what he needed. He didn’t want to be here as he had a lot of pain – I suspect a brain tumour. This was obviously very emotional but gave me huge peice of mind that I would be doing the best for my dearest friend. This was also confirmed by his Vet. Spencer was afraid he would end up hurting me and couldn’t cope with that thought. Faye confirmed the worst but she and Spencer gave me the strength to cope at a very hard and emotional time. I reccommend Faye whole heartedly. As a teacher Faye is absolutely wonderful in her Animal Communication Courses. Pushing those of us who don’t believe in ourselves. Thank you doesn’t seem to cut it when she gives so much. Namaste Faye

Janiene Cook, New Zealand

It has now been over a year since the death of my beloved cat Pablo…I asked if Faye would speak with Pablo both before and after his transition into Spirit…Faye has given me so much comfort in my grief in the depth of communication she has shared with Pablo and at such a deep soul level. Pablo, via Faye was a to give me such precious guidance before his death in how to care for him and how i could be there for him when his time came to depart his world. I had a lot of my own deep intuitive feeling about this but it was so very reassuring to have Faye give further guidance to this and to feel that i was caring for Pablo and being there for him in the way he needed…

Beyond Pablo’s transition into Spirit there has been much that Pablo has shared through Faye that only Pablo and I knew and it gives so much comfort and joy to know that there is someone like Faye with such a special way with animals and able to share with them so deeply.

From the bottom of my heart Faye…Thank you

Miriam, Dunedin NZ

Dear Faye,
I can’t thank you enough. You provided us with a very special gift during a very sad and difficult time. Even tho the passing of our lovely Bessy has broken our heart’s having you communicate for us has been invaluable.

It gives us peace to know what Bessy thought and felt and that she would be ok. I read your communication often and it helps me feel much better knowing that my special girl is now finally in a beautiful state of comfort.

I will forever treasure and appreciate your chat to Bessy
You have an amazing gift and it’s so wonderful you use it to help so many people and animals
Thanks again for everything

Nicki, Auckland

I had a sick puppy and Faye and I started to chat with him….Faye was able to talk to him and get him to tell us what was wrong. She has helped us tremendously without her insights into him and all of my other animals I would feel lost….She has taught us so much and continues to each and every week, as you see we chat regularly….She is so in tune with all of my animals.

“Since I first chatted to Nicole’s sick puppy a special friendship has grown, thank you Nicole & her special animals for enriching my own life. But would also like to thank all the animals & their owners that I have communicated with for their own specialness and feel honoured to have been touched by you all” Faye

N Mills, USA

Faye is truly a blessing and I am so glad I found her. I have had readings from her for 4 of my precious pets at different times over the
past 3 years. My whole world changed once I received messages from my babies. Life takes on new meaning for me now and I know that my babies are
always with me – in body or spirit. I have also been fortunate enough to attend one of Faye’s workshops. I had so many amazing experiences during the
2 day course. I recently lost 2 of my babies, one of which I had to help cross over. I worried about how I was going to cope when the time came, but
always reassured myself that I could always contact Faye. In the end my intuition and knowing that it isn’t the end – meant I was able to cope with
this sad time. If you are feeling the push to have a reading from Faye – please do it! Your babies are desperate to get messages to you that will
uplift you and help you both on your journey. Thank you so much Faye for all you do!

Andrea, New Zealand

Faye Rogers was a name that I had seen a few times and had been given her business card by a close friend. I put the card with others and for a long time did not give it a second thought.  It was not until The same person ironically offered me a coffee and nibbles with a motive.
My very sweet and beautiful wee dog had passed to the spirit world. I was happy for her to go that was not a issue. My issue was could I give my heart to another animal with a similar commitment ?
I was at this point pondering on the thought  canine or feline. The result of which was that I came away from the coffee meeting with my new family member  Miss Luna Belle Stardust.
It was not long before I was into a panic mode  and was really needing help.
That was when I remembered  that card in my collection.
Faye Rogers to the rescue … Faye is a wonderful loving soul and she truly calmed me down  with understanding facts and guidance. She spoke to Luna who at this stage was refusing almost all of the food I was putting in front of her.
Luna told  Faye that she knew what she could and could not tolerate and it was simply a case or educating  me  and not the other way round.
To anyone who has a pet  and is puzzled by the behavior , needs confirmation of your feelings make the right choice …. Contact Faye

Paul, New Zealand

Our fellow animals have needed someone like you for a long time.

Cheryl, New Zealand

You are the most beautiful free spirit there is.

Nichole, New Zealand

I came to meet Faye through a friend of mine a couple of years ago and immediately felt like I had known her for years. I asked her to do a reading for my Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Albert, who was having stomach troubles. The reading was exceptional and in so much depth that I learnt so much about Him, my relationship with him and what he thought about his life with me and the rest of our family. I was able to get the help he needed and is a lot healthier now because of the amazing ability Faye has to be able to communicate with animals. She truly is a very special lady.

I decided to attend an animal communication weekend workshop with Faye earlier in the year. I had done a number of spiritual and personal development workshops but nothing prepared me for what I was in for. Faye has a very unique way of giving confidence to all those that attend her workshops and I found that I was capable of so much more than I thought. My respect and LOVE of animals has grown too. She has a beautiful and natural way of sharing her gifts and makes the weekend interesting and so much fun. I made some lovely friends that weekend and we still keep in touch and continue the fun.

I had the good fortune to have a ‘Soul Exploration’ with Faye a couple of months ago. WOW what an experience. I am a Past Life Regression Therapist and have done a fair bit of work with spirit, connecting with guides and soul groups etc but this was something else again. Faye took me so much further than I thought was possible and touched on areas that I had never been able to clear before. Her insights and intuition are second to none not to mention her gentle, loving  approach. I definitely recommend this process to anyone who wants to get in touch with a much higher part of themselves to release old stuck thought patterns and to take that next step forward in their life’s journey. Thank you Faye

Bernie Demler, Christchurch, New Zealand

When our beloved cat, Musafa, was chased off our property on Waiheke Island by a dog in January 2009, a friend in Canada suggested we ask a Pet Angel/Animal Communicator to help find him. produced Faye’s name and she has indeed been our Pet Angel ever since. Unlike many Animal Communicators who are reluctant to work with lost animals owing to their stress and disorientation, Faye was able to tell us that Mufasa has chosen to stay on Waiheke and that he is now being looked after by another family, who love him dearly, especially the daughter. This is a huge relief to us.

Since then Faye has passed on information about health issues, dietary needs, emotional states, wise counsel, philosophical thoughts and often humour about numerous cats, both mine and those of family and friends. These insights bring great comfort, joy, laughter, relief, understanding and profound awe at the wisdom and intuitive knowing from our lovely and loving pets. Each communication is profoundly different and we ‘know’ that Faye is indeed communicating with each cat, because all responses are completely different and so characteristic of the animal concerned. It is so reassuring to have this support when one is unsure how to help and support an animal who is not well and/or is suffering.

Now, I simply could not imagine life without Faye, not only for her amazing ability to communicate with animals, but also for me personally. Recently Faye gave me some wonderful personal advice that has helped me to move forward emotionally from a place I had become stuck. I am deeply indebted to Faye for this and continue to ask for guidance on emotional, career and health issues – and always I get constructive and helpful advice.

I cannot recommend Faye’s skills highly enough. Thank you, Faye, from the bottom of my heart.

Carol Andrews, New Zealand

For no reason in particular I want to say that Faye, you are an angel sent to help the animals, and people, of this world, your inner beauty and compassion is a bright shining light in an often dull world and all those you touch, including me, are blessed to have known you. Bless your heart.

Dawn, Auckland Region

Faye has such a wonderful gift, she has helped my family more times than I can count (not to mention finding my injured lost cat when all hope was lost and helping save my horse) and she is always so lovely to deal with even when a request may seem silly to someone else. Thank-you Faye for giving me a much needed insight into my animals lives and helping me to understand their behavioral quirks.

Sacha, New Zealand

Faye is absolutely amazing! She has spoken to my special horse Lizzie numerous times and my cat Rose and has brought forth their amazing words of wisdom which I am forever grateful for. I have also gotten unicorn and totem animal readings which have been inspiring and have provided some much needed clarity especially in times of late. I feel what Faye does is beautiful and I admire her so much xx

Alice, New Zealand
I just wanted to say a huge thanks for helping me with Cory this year.  I feel like the bond I have with him is even stronger now since you passed on his special messages to me.  We have been having a lot of fun recently and we went to our first competition in 18 months on the weekend and came home with two 2nd placings which I was over the moon with.
He is my one in a million horse and I feel very grateful to have him as my partner and friend.
Jenny, New Zealand
I had just relocated myself and my elderly dog from Auckland to Christchurch.
My dog is very sensitive and I wanted to make the transition as easy as possible for her.
My sister recommended I contact Faye and I am so glad I did!
It became clear that she did have some issues with the move, but she was mostly uncomfortable physically.
Faye opened up communication and she is now on a diet that has changed her life and turned her into a happy and healthy 14-year-old.
I still thank Faye for making these golden years so much easier and more enjoyable for both of us.
I highly recommend making the investment and contacting Faye if you are looking for more understanding between you and your beloved pet.

Warm regards,

Ellen van Ballegooij

It is a huge change in how Quirit and I can communicate since you talked to him! Our relationship is so much deeper and he is much cooler than before!
I am sure, because I know now his unsecurity is not because of me but of his past experiences I can be even more patient and loving with him.
I feel his heart is more open for everyone and specially for me.
His Aura is much bigger and I love him even more because I feel more connected with him. It was a big gift for him, to talk to you and to tell you his story!

Thank you so much!

Birgit, Germany

Hi Faye,

An update on Mowgli’s leg injury.
After the healing you gave him he was completely back to normal.
I am glad I trusted my intuition not to go with surgery.
Mowgli is very happy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Anna, Auckland, New Zealand

Some of the Testimonials Left On TradeMe 

left me almost speechless, Faye was able to pinpoint many very personal details about my life that there was no way she could’ve known, the experience was both very overwhelming and very enlightening, I’m so glad I reached out to Faye as I believe it has given me a much deeper understanding of my fur child, I recommend Faye 100000%

lil_tarnz (104 )   Wed 11 Nov

One of New Zealand’s top animal communicators. Top results from Faye’s services.

hellings (3 )  Fri 29 Mar

Faye has been amazing! She connected with my cat beautifully and I was able to give my cat the help she needed. Unfortunately Kyla was taken from me on tuesday by the road, so in a while I am going to ask Faye to connect with Kyla in spirit to let my girl know how much I loved her <3 karnee (209 )  Fri 08 Mar

Faye is a wonderful person to deal with & if it wasn’t for her skills I don’t think I would have made it as far as I have with my rescue horse. He has a long way to go yet, but at least I know we’re on the right track & Faye has been able to help him heal from his past. It is truly wonderful to find out what is going on in their heads, & has even helped me with my own journey. Thank you Faye. Anna.

ravenyarn (302 )   Sat 15 Dec

Faye is a wonderful and caring animal communicator, I have found alot of comfort with the beautiful healing messages I received. Faye went over her time and sent me special communications from my dear little pussy cat boy. I was amazed with the very detailed and long messages. I would not hesitate to recommend Fayes very special gift to anyone who has lost there dear friend, I now know my little boy Fuji is fine and I cant thank Faye enough. all my best and thankyou so much,Margaret.

mags_may (767 )  Thu 13 Dec

Faye is incredible, all I can say is if you are able and need her services please use them she is amazing and very accurate. Highly recommended she helped us so much with our dogs, we owe her a lot

nicole160 (795 )   Mon 06 Aug

Faye is wonderful! Her reading on my horse was so accurate and so “him” that i was literally in tears reading it! Thank you SO much Faye, will be in touch again for my other horses! 🙂

worthyequines (211 )  Mon 31 Jan