Donkeys – Easter – Devotion Humanity & Severance – Messages shared from Torino Wolfhound & Donkeys – Footsteps Manuscript (recorded by Faye Rogers copyright) 


My message today relates to Donkeys, little strong Donkeys to large, strong Donkeys. Donkeys are purposeful and able to carry great loads. The Donkey has been overworked in many societies, and they are recognised by some as a work-beast that carries stubbornness.

Donkeys are great gifts to the world! Wasn’t a Donkey honoured with carrying Mary before she gave birth to Jesus! And the Donkey was also part of the energy to welcome Jesus into the world. Plainly this alone advises you of something important – of historical importance. Some people dispute that Jesus ever existed, but there is enough evidence that Jesus did exist. Jesus’ life was spent serving others, and hasn’t the Donkey’s role been of service to others.

When a Donkey is loved, and well-cared for the Donkey will be a wonderful addition to many families. And yes, we have our own special Donkey Thistle who is family, and she is exceptional, Thistle is also devoted to her family.

The energy of devotion is Donkeys. This is their own special energy that they, as a species carry – devotion, also humanity, also of ministration.


I will now share a little ditty story relating to the Donkey that carried Mary before she gave birth to Jesus in a stable.  And sure, you can make up your own mind if this story is a fable or if the story is factual. Remember, you are the judge of all that you read, and what is truthful for you, another might see as false. But I do hope my words give you encouragement to discover a bit more about animals and their essence, their energy, and their specialness that they share with this planet.

My little ditty story starts with a black stormy night, the scene is set……


There was a little elderly Donkey of little consequences whose age was great, whose knees were knobbly with age, whose back had carried many loads. Who had worked long hours – toiling and carrying weights, helping with harvesting, helping with gathering food, wood, and water so that his humans would survive.


This little elderly Donkey was asleep under a carob tree which later was known as St John’s Bread Tree, resting his weary bones after toiling hard, and he was trying to receive a little bit of shelter due to the stormy night. And a beautiful Angel spoke to this dear elderly Donkey. The Archangel’s name was Raphael due to Raphael does help oversee the Animal Kingdom along with other higher beings.


The precious little elderly Donkey was startled and listened very carefully; Raphael advised the Donkey he had a special pilgrimage to go forth on. His age was irrelevant because he would find the strength to cross the hostile countryside. And on the journey ahead of him, because of his strong will, he would be successful, and this is why he had been chosen to transport Mary due to the baby that Mary was carrying was of the new light. And he was then advised ‘that because of his service of giving to one of such light that all Donkeys would be rewarded along with all of humanity.’


The great Archangel Raphael advised the little Donkey that he had to present himself to the household of Joseph. The dear Donkey scrambled to his feet and set out on that stormy night to Joseph’s home, which wasn’t that far away. And yes, the Donkey did have an inkling of who Joseph was because Joseph had borrowed him on a few occasions.


Originally Joseph and Mary were going to set out on foot to Bethlehem carrying what possessions of clothing, utensils, food, and water that they were able to, but with the Donkey presenting himself on such a stormy night, Joseph knew that the Donkey had been sent to aid them. And Joseph asked Yoel the legal owner of the Donkey, if they could borrow or purchase the Donkey. Yoel advised Joseph that the Donkey held little value because of his age, and that he would be a burden to them. And that Joseph would be best to invest in a desert horse or a camel who would be stronger or to consider a much younger Donkey. But Joseph had received that the Donkey’s arrival at his home was a sign that the Donkey was to aid them. He already knew from personal experiences that this Donkey was purposeful and that this Donkey would not let them down. He also felt the Donkey’s essence and realised it was the energy of striving, that failure wasn’t part of this animal, and that this animal would serve them well. 


Joseph was a man of some family financial wealth – not wealthy rich, but his family weren’t poor. But in this situation that Joseph was in, his family wasn’t giving him financial support because his family felt he would bring them shame, and they had temporarily turned their backs on him. Though Joseph had a kindly uncle who had complete trust in all that Joseph had ever done and would do, and this uncle would always stand by Joseph’s side, but his uncle was away on merchant business. So, this left Joseph having to make decisions relating to financial matters and purchasing a horse or a camel or a younger Donkey wasn’t within Joseph’s financial means.


Joseph had been working on a small table that is used for holy matters of prayer, and Joseph gave the neighbour the table in exchange for the Donkey. The neighbour felt he had been well paid for a Donkey that no longer had value. And the neighbour also was generous, and he gave Joseph and Mary food to take on their journey to Bethlehem and wished them well.


On the journey to Bethlehem, the little Donkey was steadfast in his endeavours; he walked very steadily. Every footstep was chosen carefully. The terrain was at times rough and steep, also loose rocky gravel but not once did the little Donkey cry out that he wasn’t able. Not once did the little Donkey cry out that he needed to graze on the way except when it was resting time, and sometimes grazing was very bleak, but he never fed far his companions and would return every morning fresh and ready for the journey that was ahead of him. He steadily walked and walked, carrying Mary with a glad heart. The little Donkey felt the baby stir within Mary, and this made him even more purposeful in his endeavours.


After travelling for many days, they finally arrived at Bethlehem exhausted and relieved to be where they had to be. But on finding that there was no suitable accommodation, they were offered a place to unburden themselves and to wait for the arrival of Jesus.


The humble little Donkey witnessed the birth of Jesus, along with the other animals that were resting in the stables. But also, the little Donkey due to he had carried Mary with purpose and had felt Jesus’ energy stirring within Mary, another great Angel visited the little Donkey, and this great Archangel Gabriel advised the little Donkey that he had done well, that his species would in time carry the mark of Jesus. The little Donkey didn’t know what this meant at the time, but his heart was full of hope that one-day, Donkeys would be recognised as special beings of brightness due to their humanity, due to their strength, due to their devotion and ministrations.


Jesus’ fate awaited him, and another little Donkey was ridden by Jesus into Jerusalem; and Jesus had chosen this humble species to support him when he needed great support, strength, and devotion from others. This actual little Donkey was a descendant of the Donkey that had carried Mary that had witnessed the birth of Jesus. A Donkey welcomed Jesus into the world, and a Donkey farewelled Jesus.


The little Donkey had an awareness of what awaited Jesus, and the Donkey’s heart was heavy with pain. The Donkey walked steadily, carrying the great Messiah of the Eternal Flame into Jerusalem.


Jesus, as you are aware, was arrested after the Last Supper and then trialled. After the trial, the Donkey was still waiting for Jesus because the precious little Donkey wanted to take the weight of the crucifixion cross so that Jesus could walk with dignity. The little Donkey was turned away from the soldiers and the crowds. But the little Donkey returned to Jesus to aid him, and the Donkey strived to break down the barriers of resistance. And due to the nobility of this humble species, the crucifixion cross mark has been placed on the Donkey’s back in reverence to the nobility of his species.

The next time you are in the presence of a Donkey, remember you are in the presence of an extraordinary being that has been honoured to wear the mark of the cross to remind people of devotion; also, a reminder of service and humanity, but also to remind people that the Eternal Flame burns brightly within one.  Donkeys have their own message to share on humanity………


“The world is tumultuous at times, the world is full of beauty, the eyes savour and feast on the beauty that the eyes have sighted – there is unspoken beauty that the eyes do not always recognise.


If you feel alone, feel not treasured, feel unloved just pause for a moment and realise that you are not alone, you are treasured, and you are loved, but sometimes you must seek love from ‘self’ and support from ‘self’.


Take a pause and sense your own love essence, and the words that are being shared will hopefully brighten your energy. If you are struggling with seeking your own love essence, why is this? Do you feel unworthy? Seek from within, this is the first step to finding peace in ‘self’.


Take another deep pause and sense your own essence and let this essence of ‘self’ present itself as beauty – unexplored beauty – not trapped with the fragility of living or trapped with feelings of undeserving or trapped with feelings of guilt or trapped with feelings of shame.


Go straight to the core of ‘self’ and feel within and feel the love that pours out of your own special essence. This isn’t difficult to do. But sometimes, one might put trappings around their deep ‘self’. And these trappings can carry the plights of your daily life, of experiences that have caused you pain or unhappiness or despair. But if you can sit quietly and pause long enough to feel your ‘true self’ and sense the love essence of ‘self’ as this is who you truly are.


We Donkeys are sharing this message at Easter. Easter relates to renewal.


Maybe you don’t sight Easter as renewal because you might associate Easter with a holiday or Jesus’s gift of eternal life and forgiveness of sins. But isn’t eternal life and forgiveness of sins renewal so that your own eternal flame grows stronger so that the flame of ‘self’ grows stronger. And one way for this to happen is to continuously remind yourself that you carry the essence of love.


When you feel unhappy or burdened or even frustrated, remind yourself that your own essence relates to love, and this can help you through times that are difficult, times when you are struggling, and times when you cannot find answers because it will also make you aware that all answers lie within ‘self’. And by sensing your own love essence, this means that the struggles or unhappiness that you are presently facing that you will be supported and gain great strength through loving ‘thyself’. 


What is humanity? This is a huge question that could take many many books to record what humanity truly is. Humanity means different things to each being. Humanity for a little insect that lives in the forest could mean that their environment is kept natural and not destroyed so that there is a continuation of their species so that they can prosper.


Humanity for a little insect-feasting bird that lives in the forest could mean that the insects that they feast on for the continuation of their species are readily available for their needs so they as a species can prosper.


Humanity for a human could relate to giving generously to others, and this is a great virtue, but also, there must be a balance in all that happens.


Do have a play with the words of ‘a little insect the lives in the forest’ and relate this to all of creation: ‘that the environment is kept natural and not destroyed so that there is a continuation of species so that this world can prosper’.


Without the support and balance given to this planet, then humanity will cease to be. Humanity must happen on a grander global scale and what is here has to be significantly treasured, encouraged to be here, supported to be here – ‘education, education, education’. And these simple words we have shared on education, you might not see them as education because they are not in a classroom or as a lesson, but the lesson relates to humanity and prosperity; respect as you expect to be respected, treasure as you expect to be treasured.


If you genuinely could sense your own essence of love, then this alone will allow this planet to rise in vibration due to the love would flood the planet. And people would make more informed choices, and they would have more awareness that love also has to be given to others.


Life isn’t always about your own needs because there must be a balance. But by sensing the energy of ‘self’ and sensing the core of love, that this is the flame that will lead the way for the future to be not in blackness but held in the light.


Our words of ‘life isn’t always about your own needs’ do not sight these words as advising that you are selfish instead, take off your glasses and sight all that is. Sight the beauty that surrounds you. Sight the plights that are affecting the beauty that surrounds you. Sight your own beauty from within and allow this beauty to be part of your daily life so that your heart energy opens wider so that you can give to ‘self’ but also give to others. Many give to others but do not give to ‘self’. Many give to ‘self’ but never give to others.


There must be a balance – give to self and give to others – and others can be ones that you personally know or do not know. Giving to others globally and just by signing a protest that you abhor the actions that are happening of cruelty or destruction. Making a stance by merely signing a petition that you have pledged you expect this world to alter. Giving a stranger a helping hand. Speaking out for others – there are many ways of giving to others. But do not forget to give to self – it always starts with self so that you can receive and, in turn, give to others.


Donkeys are a species that has been greatly mistreated over many centuries by many. But Donkey’s heart remains pure due we Donkeys do not carry the deep pain that horses can carry due to the cross on our backs. Do understand that we do not carry the deep pains that horses do, as we are slightly different due to how the emotions of cruelty have impacted us. Because we carry the cross on our backs, this has meant that the weight of cruelty given to our species we can unburden with more ease than a horse that has experienced cruelty or another species that has encountered the same.


Are we advising that it is okay to mistreat a Donkey? NO, WE ARE NOT ADVISING OF THIS. But due to the purity of Christ’s energy on us, we are purity. And our hearts can shift the great burdens that are placed on us, and so that is why we as a species ask you to seek your own special essence from within due to this has helped Donkeys survive cruelty and lack of humanity given to another….


We are not advising you to sit with tears of shame. We are giving you the rights to release all your fears and own trappings, and to do this, you must seek from within, seek from ‘self’.


This is our message that we share during the period of Easter – renewal so that humanity and the light will increase on this beautiful, desirable special planet. And the eternal flame of all beings on this planet burns brightly, and this will help release the scarring and suffering of the past so that renewal is part of the energy of now.”