Christmas Eve 2014, Justice Cat’s messages (thank you, Donna caregiver for permission to share Justice’s messages –  I have removed Donna’s personal messages) 

FROM JUSTICE: Life plays out in scenarios – scenarios of magnificence, scenarios of magnitude and this is a strange message to be sharing today but it is also a message of specialness of beauty.

Cast your mind back in time. I am not asking you to seek the past but to cast your mind back graciously for a minute or a blink of a second and see the past scenarios play out like a vivid video of importance – then cast your mind forward in time – hey this is like being a time traveller and see the future unfold – you can actually do this with some ease, and sure you can make your own make-believes in the future but how often do the make-believes come true beliefs and turn into energy scenarios of the magnitude of importance.

Hey, a bit of a cryptic message, but bear with me, cryptic is good because it also allows you to put your thinking cap on, and truly think – not mental thinking, but being in the heart and truly thinking – heart of emotional & heart of mental tied together as firmness and beliefs.

There have been inventors whose inventions have altered the face of the world due to the gifts they have presented. Some inventions have had dreadful consequences, but hey, you humans have also got to learn about responsibility and that all actions have some consequences, but I am not going to chat about destruction today.

Instead, I am going to chat about the power of the mind, the ability to transform, the ability to be inventive, the ability to be imaginative, and so, therefore, all thoughts are held in energy somewhere.

What you think today is so powerful and life-changing – it’s not always about changing your thought patterns because there is always room for errors.

Some people advise ‘watch your tongue’ OR ‘watch what you speak’, and maybe they don’t mention ‘watch your thought patterns’ but maybe they do mention ‘watch your thought patterns because you might create’

The tongue or what is spoken is only what another or others will hear, but if you speak/mentalise powerful words of meaning or powerful words of harm then these will be taken up by another, and these will play out in the other’s consciousness of where they yes, could shrug off, or where the thoughts could start controlling them, and then the roll on effect as they, in turn, they might cast these same words to another and then the another casts the words to another and so on……

There is always room for errors, and believe me on this, because if you became swamped with all thoughts of negativity that another has presented to you, then how could there be room for more – think about this!

The divinity in all of us doesn’t make it hard or difficult as the divinity in all of us allows for errors and allows for ‘he or she doesn’t know, and this must be erased so that there is room for more’.

So, just maybe there is also an ethos for errors – hey, that is a great thought, ‘error ethos’ held somewhere as all energy is stored somewhere.

And maybe the errors are sifted away that will not serve you and this happens naturally as the divinity of self wants you to excel and doesn’t want you to be clouded with the negative but wants you to excel with the possibility of make-believe of all that is possible.

Make-believe of all that is possible – now that doesn’t make much sense, does it, but remember that inventors came to the world and are still coming to this world, and who would believe that their inventions could come of possibility and become a reality of what is seen as real.

500 years ago would people believe that there would be motorized machines that ran on fuel or solar power, that there could be ease of travel or that the world was round – 500 years ago some were still struggling with the concept that the world was round due to what they had been educated to believe but if you stretch back further in history there were great minds who always suggested the world was a sphere of energy and not flat, but their viewpoints or teachings weren’t held up as accountable as science didn’t have ways of measuring – inventions – so therefore make-belief that all is believable……

You have the power to change your outcome. If your health is poorly focus on your health with all your might – focus on the ability to self-heal and also follow the medical path that is offered to you as the medical path that is offered to you is also an invention – focus on your needs being fulfilled on all levels and focus on your own beauty and not surround yourself with what no longer serves you as the ethos of errors has cleared the old energy and not held the old energy in storage that can come out and haunt you and it will only come out and haunt you if you allow this to happen.

As you walk see every footstep as creation! What are you creating? What are you doing?

Are you walking across the golden path of absolution? Is every footstep that you are placing on the earthly soil – are your footsteps opening up the golden light of the universe stored within Mother Earth?
Some have suggested the Golden Age is maybe a decade or even further ahead, but the Golden Age is already here, and therefore the majority are blinded and not able to see the Golden Age is here as they are still seeking and waiting & waiting & waiting rather than celebrating the Golden Age is upon this planet for many, yes for many but not for all, as some are still cast in the old energy, the old way of being but for the ones that are in the energy of the Golden Age this will give you more conviction, more imagination, more possibilities.

Believe me, imagination is the energy of creation. Imagination is the energy of creation of all that is possible, all that is truly splendid, all that is scenarios of importance that have come of being are due to imagination and creation, but then there are also scenarios of magnitude awaiting one or have been experienced, but that is relating to how big you are and noting this. ‘hey I am actually a scenario of magnitude, I am unstoppable because I am divinity energy, every cell internally sparkles with the energy of divinity, I have been walking in this physical body, but I have been healing the past due to my cells also capture the past, and this is the energy of magnitude”.

Can you arrest magnitude? No, you cannot as magnitude is bigger than you can imagine. So, noting that you have walked a long journey of magnitude in this bodily form that also encompasses all that you have been at any time………….

Turn to heart to celebrate the festivities of the magnitude of the imagination of all the possibilities that come true due to make-believe.

Faye, I will not answer your questions today relating to ‘Do I copycat (mirror) my caregiver’,  yes that question is important but I prefer my message today to ‘capture magnificence splendour creation possibilities suggestive imagination that leads to all possibilities’……what is the old adage ‘all roads lead to Rome’ and this holds so much truth, not necessarily relating to Rome but once Rome was sighted by some as the centre of the Universe and that life couldn’t exist without Rome but in the bigger sense of this suggestive thought ‘all roads lead to the divinity exposure of self, so that all can walk the golden road to all that is’.