Revisiting the messages that I received for the energy of 2023…


Our message is for humanity….

Dear Humans, 2023 is the year to believe in yourself, lose your sense of not being worthy enough, encourage yourself, expand yourself, and be in the energy of ‘self-worth’.
Self-worth = recognising your worth, appreciating yourself, listening to yourself – we cannot give you a stronger message.

During 2022, people became more aware of corruption. Corruption for 2023, people will be saying enough is enough, and this can be on the political world stage or in your everyday dealings with another.

2023 is the year of deep healing.

You might resonate with our words, and because of resonating, you will embrace our words.  Or you might reject our words. Regardless if you resonate or do not resonate with our words, whatever direction you step forward in all the avenues of your life during 2023, do check if it is right for you, serves you, and whether there is a purpose.

Occasionally in 2023, you will have to put the hand brake on because of needing time out and having to re-jig and re-energise, and this is because 2023 will be a year of awakenings.

There is much hostility on the world stage – wars, corruption/deceit/camouflage and it is difficult to know what is truth or fiction, but this is also about self-preservation and of becoming more aware.
Self-preservation is also relating to self-worth.

We Dolphins are Star Beings, and our consciousness defies what is believable for this planet.  Our consciousness supersedes earth’s consciousness.  But then these words ‘supersedes earth’s consciousness’ also hold true for many that are living on earth.

The Cetaceans are the holders of the Platinum Ray, and there are other Star Beings who are also holders of the Platinum Ray.

The Platinum Ray will also influence the Diamond Frequency.   And at this present time, the Platinum Ray is invading earth – invading to support earth’s consciousness to grow; therefore, it is a wonderful invasion.

The Platinum Ray is the Ray of karma & restoration.

We will chat about the Diamond Frequency.  Maybe you have heard of Crystalline Energy, but if you haven’t, Crystalline Energy is held on Earth’s Etheric Layer and is associated with Earth’s ascension consciousness – though it is more than this. The Crystalline Energy is supporting Earth’s ascensions, but also, during specific periods, there are specific crystals that are harboured within the Crystalline Energy, and these crystals will be bringing forward more energy to support the awakening – we have shared the shortened version because if we shared the extensive version, it would take many a day for the words to come forward.

And as has been stated within the Crystalline Energy during specific periods, there are specific crystals of the Crystalline Energy that will be bringing forward energy – the crystal that is demonstrative at this period is the Diamond. And the Platinum Ray is corresponding with the Diamond Frequency to create a new blueprint for earth, and for all that dwell on earth – it is more than this, but hopefully, you have read a small shimmer of what is happening during this awakening period.

Key statements that apply to 2023

  • Knowing what truth is and what is fiction, becoming aware
  • Self-worth
  • 2023 is a Year of Creation
  • Rejigging because it is a necessity so that you can go through the shafts of light so that you can absorb the frequencies of the Platinum Ray & Crystalline Diamond

The Platinummum Ray, as mentioned, is karma & restoration. Some people have immediate fear when the karma word is mentioned, but there must not be fear because all that happens is karma; and for some, 2023 can be a year of clearing karmic ties, of releasing the old bonds that no longer serve, that have no purpose, so that a new path or paths are created.

If life is gritty for you, and you are thinking, feeling, and knowingly aware that your life is gritty because of karma playing out for you, take a deep breath, and because you recognise what is happening, you can release it so that you walk lighter.  But you cannot blame all that happens on karma of the past, and to be realistic that many things that do happen are not driven by karma, but when it is something new that is happening that isn’t being driven because of a karmic bond of the past then it will, in turn, create karmically, therefore be aware of your actions, your mindfulness, and practice this. Be constructive with your thoughts, be aware of what you need, listen to yourself, and become aware of your self-worth.  EVERY DAY REMIND YOURSELF  ‘I AM WORTHY, I AM WORTHY, I AM WORTHY’

Other points of note for 2023

  • Focus on your in-breath – breathe differently than you usually do. Focus on your in-breath at least 6 x daily – breathe deeply in through your nose/and out through your nose, and this will help re-energise you and, will support your energetic body to be grounded, and aid your brain & sensories.


Our message for 2023 is survival, but this is something that, as a living being, you are facing every day.
That word ‘survival’ might be seen by some as doom & gloom – can I survive this, can you survive that, can the planet survive?  But remember, the energy of survival is about living.
Survival is living with forethought, living with prosperity, and living with purpose.

The human psyche might view survival as associated with hardship, but the trueness of survival is the continuation of life.  Continuation of life, now that is a thought, isn’t it? Continuation could also be viewed as infinity. And what is infinity it is unlimited!

2023 will be a very purposeful year, but only if you are aware of 2023 being purposeful.

2023 is the year of actions & great strives forward, of achievements, but only if you remind yourself to be purposeful.

Survival is purposeful. Daily remind yourself that you are purposeful.  Spell it out, yell it out, ‘I AM PURPOSEFUL’, and plaster these words where they will be viewed daily.

2023 is a year of creation, but only if you are purposeful.

There will be periods in 2023 where you will achieve a lot, but there will also be periods in 2023 where you will need to be resilient – being resilient is also survival, but so is achieving survival.
Resilience can also be stepping out of the drollness & hostility of life and just relating to the natural world, the natural order, and finding within yourself peace.

As a species, we are constantly under threat from predators, environmental destruction, and also viruses. But as a species, we nurture our young, we protect our young, and our young grow and prosper.

New life is creation, isn’t it! We marsupials are very blessed that once our young are birthed, they are held in the bosom of our pouch, and they can, if they so wish, occasionally peep out, they can, if they so wish, occasionally adventure out, but they keep returning to the pouch, till they are independent and ready for the many tomorrows that are waiting for them.

The beauty of our pouch is incredible and prepares us for surviving independently.

As a species, we Koalas go through three birthing periods, or should we say one birthing creation and two re-birthing creations.

The actual birthing of marsupial young, and soon after an egg is fertilized, and we are born in a premature state and crawl into our mother’s pouch.
And whilst in the pouch, we are captured in a cocoon, a beautiful cocoon of love, where we feel safe, where our needs are met, and we are re-birthing and becoming ready for all that is waiting for us.
Two creation periods have happened, and then….
When we are ready, we leave the pouch, and when we are free from the pouch, we are again experiencing another re-birthing – and again, this is a creation period.  But with this creation period, we are experiencing freedom/liberty/absolution.

Maybe you are wondering about the message that we have just shared. And if you are wondering, the message is advising that earth is also going through a re-birthing, and many humans and other species are also going through re-birthing.

Re-birthing is a process, it doesn’t happen overnight, and for us Koalas, we have to experience one birthing and then two re-birthings to experience freedom/liberty/absolution. And for humans that are going through a re-birthing process, you will need to, at times, cocoon yourself, focus on yourself, feel supported by your divine wisdom and the divine team that supports you, and this, in turn, will allow freedom/liberty/absolution  – and with freedom/liberty/absolution you will discover grace, and with grace you will not be separated from your divine wisdom, and divine team, and you will have more freedom without the restraints because the energy that is influencing you is your divine wisdom.  It is a process, though, and it will not happen overnight, but it is happening, and the process can take years, can take decades, can take longer, but view the earth and all that live on earth as going through a rebirthing process, and that it is all leading to something brighter where harmony rules, where the divine feminine and the divine masculine are not polarities but are in unison but also all of earth’s consciousness is in unison.  Also, be aware for 2023, because the polarities are in combat, there will be many unsettling periods, and many concerns, but align your own energies so that you can step into the new and if you need to rest in your cocoon for a while do so, but also you have to put actions into place as it is also a year of creativity.


The energy of 2023 is a balance board. Energy is tilting towards the right, then the left, and then forward, and then behind.  My words are not a warning; instead, they are words of insight, of advising that earth has stepped onto a new platform, and because it is new, you will have to find balance in all that you do. And this means that 2023 is a year of balance, and because of this, balance throughout 2023 must be maintained.
2023 is a year of releasing deep fears, fears that have held you back, fears that have pushed aside sensibilities, and fears that create mayhem.  And for some that are living with fearful consciousness, their fears will be controlling their living life, and their fears will be creating mayhem.
2023 is a year of creativity, and if you have desires that you wish to fulfil, then start actioning – what you can do today, do not put off till tomorrow – but because it is also a year of balance, you will have to be totally aware of your energy, and if you are tired then it is doing what is necessary and not overextending yourself, and my words might seem contradictory, of advising you not to put off, but if you are energetically tired, then you must address this so that you can achieve.
2023 is a year of great awakening, and in a blink of an eye, many on the planet will be viewing life differently; they will be reassessing where they are, they will be reassessing what is important to them, reassessing what they want to do, and there will be three dominant awakening periods during 2023, but there will also be seven other awakening periods during 2023.   Never before in the history of this planet has there been this many awakening periods in a calendar year; therefore, 2023 energy will move very fast, dramas will happen very fast, but restoration can also happen very fast.  Be prepared – be on your balancing board, and be excited.