My first blog post on website. I have been blogging for a few years on facebook & sharing snippets of info, pouring my heart out, also protesting & rejecting what doesn’t hold true for me. 

When I started to think about having a regular blog page on website, it felt kind of mammoth ‘BIG’ of where to start, & then the word INSPIRATION popped in.

Inspiration is a pretty big word! Without inspiration we find it difficult to do, when we are inspired we do with more ease.

Take a minute and mind-map what Inspiration means to you – what inspires you, what makes your heart sing.  

Maybe you are not aware that you are inspiring others and this can be from something you have said or done.  

How has your presence or what you have said inspired another? Sit with that thought form for a minute and think about HOW YOU HAVE INSPIRED OTHERS JUST FROM BEING YOUR OWN UNIQUE INSPIRING SELF – I think you will be quite surprised at what you will discover!!!