Last week on Facebook people put up their hands wanting to read Swan’s Message, below is the chapter dedicated to Swans from my manuscript FOOTSTEPS by Torino Wolfhound & the Animal Kingdom – (author) Faye Rogers.

[From Torino Wolfhound] The Bird Kingdom I have already shared about beautiful Birds and discovery.  I have shared messages relating to Eagle & Dove, also Owl and Penguin messages, I am going to share further on Birds.

As Footsteps is a journey book the various Bird species I have shared about has been steps forward, all messages tie in together, all messages add more heightened awareness. I would love to share about all species of beautiful Birds, but this isn’t practical as it would take many many decades of sharing of words and messages to capture all that is of the Bird Kingdom.

I hope my messages keep you spellbound so that you wish to discover more about the little Birds that might gather in your garden or Birds that you might sight at different places that you visit. 

Today I am ready to share about Swans – let us look at the energy of Swans – beautiful majestic regal Swans. Swans are the King and Queen of the Bird Kingdom – their energy is associated with water energy so that there is fluidity and movement always. Even the way Swan drapes their neck signifies something so beautiful. Even the way Swan flies without much effort for a Bird their size but also the shape that they outline in the sky signifies something so beautiful and breath taking. When Swans are flying they are seeking – they are open to visions – visions of youth, visions of joy, visions of calmness. Watch out for those ‘nasty’ Swan beaks as they do have the habit of biting; Swans are greatly protective – their essence is of protection.

From the mystery of the wonderful children’s tale ‘Ugly Duckling’ and how a Cygnet can transform into a beautiful Swan but on the journey Ugly Duckling had much to discover about the brutality of life but then transformed into the beauty of life – powerful messages captured in a simple tale – incredibly powerful message. 

Also interesting that Cygnus Constellation is called after Swan due to the shape of the constellation has captured Swan – powerful stuff! And you might be shaking your head wondering where I am going with this message but shouldn’t the King and Queen of the Bird Kingdom be seen as powerful and shouldn’t they take on the form of a Constellation. Also understand that there are little chances in life that these sightings in the night sky are also evident on earth; that one species is here for special reasons but also they have captured the essence of a special constellation.

Swans will generally mate for life and this carries the essence of fidelity.  I call on Swan to share their own message………

“Dear people, we are great gifts to this world. We share our essence with the world and what is the world – do ask yourself this – is your world narrow and confined or is your world broad and expansive?

We are Birds that are associated with royalty and much has been written about us, and there is great truth in many of the writings shared about us because behind the writings there are important messages – do seek messages in all that you read, all that you sight, and allow the messages to relate to your own energy.  

Call on Swan Medicine when you desire grace, fidelity and transformation.

Swans are beautiful Birds, we are the King and Queen of Birds whereas Eagles are Power Birds and they are different due to their association with Sun Energy whereas Swans are associated with Water Energy. And yes of course Eagles are prey birds, but let’s not get too pedantic with the messages that are shared, be in your heart, and be receptive to receiving, be open and read on……… 

When Swan comes to support you in your journey know that you are blessed with grace, with fidelity and transformation.

Do you feel heavy and afraid? Call on Swan who with their grace can help you wade through the obstacles of life.

Fidelity is truth and this is truth to yourself – fidelity is much more than this as it can also be fidelity in all relationships so therefore when you need alliance with another call on Swan to assist.  

Transformation, there is much written about the Ugly Duckling who turned into a beautiful Swan. Young Swans do not exhibit the grace in form as an adult Swan so therefore this is Swan’s essence – transformation by finding grace and beauty within yourself.

To find your own true beauty to discover your true self Swan is able to bridge the gap between the reality of your physical body and reality of your spiritual body so therefore Swan is a powerful Power Animal to help you discover your true self of beauty.”

Oh, there are many legends involving beautiful Swans and I will casually outline a few……

In Greek Mythology Leda and the Swan and the conception of Helen of Troy are well known legends. Ireland there is the legend of Children of the Lir. In Hinduism the Goddess Saraswati who is the Goddess of Knowledge is portrayed sometimes riding a Swan or a Swan resting by her feet. In the Vedic literature people who have attained great wisdom are sometimes called Paramahamsa [‘Great Swan’] due to their ability to travel between various spiritual worlds. Swan’s essence is even captured in one of the most beautiful ballet created ‘Swan Lake’; you will maybe be familiar with this ballet of the beautiful Princess Odette turned into a Swan by an evil sorcerer’s curse who is Swan by day and human by night, this beautiful ballet depicts loves struggles due to others but also undying love, of choices made due to loving another so brightly, of breaking the spell and ascending to heaven of eternity.

When one thinks of Swans one thinks of the beautiful White Mute Swan but also we must not forget the Black Swan. These magical Birds that are found throughout Australia are also native to New Zealand and nowadays the Black Swan also resides in many other countries as they have been exported due to their beauty, their majestic presence, their colour of density so dark and what does this advice one of? The Black Swan still carries the same symbolism of the White Swan but also, they carry mystery, they carry great power, they are also connected greatly with the great Swan constellation. The White Swan also has extra energy of youth, and the Black Swan has extra energy of knowing – think about what I have just shared – youth isn’t ignorance but youth is fresh pure and beautiful and extra knowing is mysticism the allure of the unknown – and that is the difference between the White and Black Swans that honour our planet with their graceful forms and energy of specialness.