“Being in love….
What a powerful emotion to feel – being in love.

Being in love it turns your world upside down, it makes you feel things so much deeper, it allows you freedom to be who you truly are.
Please place your hand on your heart, and pledge to yourself that you are in love, and you are in love with yourself; that you are in love with your specialness, that you are truly deserving of being in love.
This is actually an important message, and one that I would love for you to listen to. As a dog, I loved myself so greatly: I loved my physical body, as a soul a spiritual being when I was in my dog form I also loved my soul so greatly, as a soul residing in the spiritual heavens I love my soul so greatly and all I can feel is love, love buzzing through me, love circulating around me. And I wish for others to experience being in love with themselves whilst they live in their physical body.
Being truly in love with yourself, is the most important thing that you can ever do, it holds more elite, more quality, more specialness, more sacredness than anything else you have ever done.
Be in love with yourself, feel your own specialness, feel your sacredness and raise a glass to toast who you are, and be full of pride for who you are.
Humans find it so easy to surround themselves with shame, to surround themselves with regrets, to surround themselves with ‘oh if only I had known’ or ‘if only I had done it all differently’ but you must focus on your own needs and relate to that you do love yourself.
Do not turn away from loving yourself.
Loving yourself is the most powerful energy you can surrender too.
You might not realise or recognise the power of what I have shared, but if you do recognise the power of what I have shared then you are truly in love with yourself.
Let’s pause for a moment and feel your own vibe – what do you sense, what do you feel. Are you not magnificent just as you are, are you not truly splendid, are you not created from Creation Energy – are you not a divine being, and yes, do play along with me but it isn’t play I just need you to command yourself, to project yourself into the energy of truly loving yourself or recognising how much you truly love being you.
What a special sacred lesson it is to step into energy of truly loving who you actually are!!! Be kind on yourself, do not be your own harshest critic, instead learn to be kind to yourself and if you are kind to yourself then you are also listening to your own needs and not holding yourself as a victim, or holding moral judgement against yourself, or holding energy that you are inferior – you are not inferior – you are perfect as you are…and if you have learnt to be kinder to yourself then you are truly stepping more and more into the energy of loving who you are and this will in turn allow you to love others with more compassion, with more tenderness and with unconditional love. You are love, I am love, and you are greatly loved!!!
I am not asking you not to be aware of what is not good for you, instead I am asking you to be totally aware of what is great for you.”