Turtles are amazing land/sea animals, not quite of this world – they are so unique in how they are.

To be able to carry your house on your back doesn’t this make complete sense! To be able to stand up and uproot yourself whenever you wish and that all your possessions are contained on oneself. This is the message Turtles wish to spread to humans.

The Turtles message is about self-containment. Now isn’t that a strange thing to suggest as we always wish for more, even myself, but self-containment isn’t necessarily about possessions and wealth. Self-containment is captured in the Turtles to remind us to be true to ourselves, to contain our envy, to remember to be free enough that we can move ourselves if we wish too. It is about discovering who you really are, the feelings trapped so deep down inside you.

These feelings we suppress; these feelings we don’t acknowledge at all, but they are hidden deep down in the murky depths of our soul. Our soul that we believe in, but we try to padlock down to stop our essence leaking out. Our soul that we acknowledge but we try not to respond too. Our soul that if we grabbed hold of and emptied out would be full of so much wealth, so much creativity, and so much love and of course hope, hope is eternal, hope doesn’t die, and this is trapped in our soul.

See how unique the Turtles are! They carry their souls on their backs for all to see – it isn’t their house they carry on their backs, but their soul to remind us to look deep down within ourselves and to remind us of our soul, of our being, of our true self.

From little river Turtles to large giant Turtles that swim in the mighty seas, when a Turtle ends upside down again that is a message to people. The message is of being trapped as that is how most people live their life. People are trapped by a lot; they are trapped by their own insecurities, by their own distrust of life, by their own lack of awareness, and by their own lack of self-belief in the All. In the All Mighty and I am not talking about God but about themselves – of knowing that they are their own Universe, that the Universe resides in themselves.

If one trusted themselves totally and learnt to live in some form of harmony within themselves, they would do like Gandhi did. Many since Gandhi have tried to find themselves but nobody has been that successful since; many humans have tried and then they have become disheartened so have thrown it away.

Gandhi was an Icon, he wasn’t quite of this world – his message was for the Universe and the Universe isn’t so much the starry planets of the distance, but the Universe is what we all hold inside ourselves. Gandhi’s feet were stuck here on this earthly soil, but his soul was a universal soul that spread everywhere; and Gandhi was like the Turtles that we enjoy watching as Gandhi’s soul was carried around his body for all to see.

Next time you sight a Turtle, watch how their little flipper feet move. Watch how they swim – it’s all forward movement isn’t it!!!! Turtles are so much fun to watch, and this is their message to all that one must ‘move forward’. I am not talking about grabbing and taking it all but moving forward in oneself so that our souls become our being and that we don’t harbour great weights on our back or carry our burdens with us. 

People sight the Turtle’s shell on their backs and wonder about the burden the Turtles must live with every day carrying this great weight on their back, but the Turtle’s heart is free of burdens and their shell is weightless to their little body that lives inside their soul.

 This is the special message of the Turtles, it isn’t so much about themselves being a unique animal but what they foster, and it is so evident if one looked. If we all tried to be like the Turtles wouldn’t life be better? Wouldn’t the Universe surface for all of us? Wouldn’t our soul capture us rather than being contained within us?