I received this message from a lovely sensitive friendoh Faye… how do I overcome such sadness when I see posts of animals suffering? And I know it’s just one post. But know also there are sooooo many more. It’s such a heavy down-heartening feeling…sometimes I just want to go off fb and know nothing….sooo much heartbreak”

I can really relate to the question asked of me. Daily I am a getting bombarded with pictures & stories on social media, television and other media of cruelty & plights dished out to people, to animals, and destruction to the environment. Also silently in my consciousness I am aware that the barbaric practices of Taiji are happening again.  I read a couple of weeks ago that so called beggars in China cut off a camel’s hooves, and they transport the camel around asking for money for the care of the camel, cruelty & exploitation of another animal. Camels are dignified special animals, and to be treated so disgustingly is beyond actual words.

At times I feel so crushed, so heartbroken at what I have viewed, so suffocating under the weight of it all and I have asked myself many a time when will it all stop. At times my fragility is so incredibly high, and I wonder if I can bear it any more So many times I want to shut myself away, not view all the dreadfulness, I have this great need to be in the energy of totally harmony but then I also know that this also doesn’t help others, doesn’t raise awareness.

And yes, I do share some of the awfulness on my own Facebook social media as I feel such a need to speak out for others, and my Facebook business page will be controversial due to this. If you regularly visit my Facebook business page, you will have noticed sometimes I am incredibly pro-active speaking out for others, and then I might go for a phase that I am not pro-active & I am only sharing the nice beautiful stories that also touch us so greatly. When I am in energy of wondering if I can bear it any more I tend to only share softer postings.

But then I rally around again and being so passionate for the well-being of others I also know that through sharing my voice, and of many voices sharing of inhumane actions we are speaking out as a mass consciousness energy that will bring in massive changes and this will light the way forward for more awareness, and through more awareness more will be achieved. And knowing this helps me I can either allow myself to feel powerless and not able to do anything or I can hopefully make a difference by speaking out and when I step into energy of truly knowing that I am making a difference I can step into energy of feeling like I am doing something, and that even though I am one person that through my voice and my actions I am also encouraging others to be more aware, more pro-active, and also raising the consciousness, and by raising the consciousness this will bring in more changes over time. Mass consciousness awareness is so important, as we shift into higher consciousness awareness and as more become more & more aware and speak out against what is no longer acceptable then that this energy is held and anchored.

I thought I would ask my beautiful dog Hero (female) if she has any advice to share that can help us  from becoming saturated with the suffering of others that then leaves us feeling powerless.

 “Dearest sentient friends,

Honour your feelings, treasure yourself and to help you free yourself from taking on the suffering of others – feel in your 3rd chakra which rests between your naval and your heart – feel this power centre as this is the power centre of personal power and governs self-esteem and this power centre captures your warrior energy, and the power of transformation.

You have to really feel this power centre, so don’t rush doing this, but settle your energy, and tune your energy into yourself.

And as you feel this power centre and then feel this power energy displayed directly out from you, as a radiant beam of bright yellow light. Feel the warmth, the power that this power centre holds but also feel this power centre cleansing your aura and start to feel yourself being cleansed and then being totally cleansed and this will hopefully help you deal with viewing through media the atrocities that are being played out against another or against many.  

This is also a good exercise to do before logging onto social media sites, or watching news, or reading newspapers or other media that are portraying dreadful ordeals. 

Also being aware that when you log into social media sites you might also be leaving your own energy open for others to tune into your energy. To explain this further if you sharing your insights or something that you are feeling then others will be tuning into you and this can also energetically drain you, and you might have experienced at times after visiting social media sites felt incredibly drained but by doing this simple exercise you are working with your own power, you are holding your own power, and setting up a wall a barrier of defence to protect your own energy.  

Love to you all, Hero”


I heard the news on Harambe just after he was taken from the world, and it took me over a day to post on facebook due to I was feeling so much heart-break. Also after hearing the news, I did connect with Harambe and shared healing, he mentioned he would share a message of humanity & awareness to hopefully help his ‘own kind’. Harambe hasn’t focused his energy on helping animals in captivity but on his species demise.


“If you are sad for me then you have to be sad for the entire fleet of all Lowland Gorillas.

I was born in captivity, and my name is Harambe and the essence of my name is: unity, helping, sharing & caring.

I will share about my species demise, and this is due to mining of coltan that is then used in cell phones; also demise due to poaching and deforestation.

Every day my kind that live in their natural habitat are facing great extinction due to mankind’s evasion. As a species we are not coping with only one human onslaught but we are having to cope with many humans onslaught towards our environment.

Without an environment that we can survive in then we have naught, and we will become naught, except for a distant memory, or captured in some nature book that the generations ahead will look at and reflect on and wonder what happened to the giant apes. And could these giant apes possibly be a tale of fantasy like the Loch Ness Monster who is occasionally seen by one or some but is rarely seen by the masses. And maybe we Gorillas will become fantasy beasts due to there will be stories circulating that ‘one’ could possibly be here when all are gone.  Your counter-argument might be ‘zoos & wildlife parks’ will ensure that Lowland Gorillas survive as a species but this is not true. Zoos & Wildlife Parks depending on their mind-set and philosophy will try and encourage breeding but will also encourage the masses to understand that what is gone can never be replaced.

Zoos & Wildlife Parks cannot breed enough Lowland Gorillas to replace what is gone. There is not enough genetic diversity. And remember we are genetically programmed to be a certain way, to act a certain way, to co-habitate with others that are also of the natural of the same environment. And even if Zoos & Wildlife Parks replicate our natural environment our genetics will alter over a great time due to we will not need the genes that we have now, we will not need the life skills that all Lowland Gorillas are born with, or the energy of awareness that we have now.

I also realise what I have shared this isn’t what people want to hear, as people would like to hear my views on the incident that took my life.

Have you ever done something and then thought ‘if only’ or ‘bugger’ and yes I have been around humans long enough to learn unsavoury speech…but then maybe this is the expression that the human parents are feeling relating to me though maybe they are not –  if only. If only doesn’t lead anywhere it only takes one in circles….It’s not about pointing the blame of negligence ‘if only the child had responsible parents’ ‘or why didn’t the parents listen to their child or watch their child’; or questioning the security ‘if only the security’; or questioning what else could have been done ‘if only this could have been done’; or questioning the policies involved ‘if only the policies were different’….

What it is about is bringing my demise to the world stage and saying ‘here is a giant ape that could have crushed a very small child in one blow but this giant ape was trying to defend the child’. On lifting the child out of the water I could have snapped the small child’s leg if I had applied enough force, and yes I was excited in my actions and who can blame me, as there was hysteria happening above me, and my energy was of defense – wanting to protect but also not knowing what to do.  Did I maim the small child in question? No I feel I bruised him which isn’t maiming but he was already severely bruised from the fall he experienced.

There is also heart pain associated with me from my keepers as many of the ones that care for the well-being of the animals in the zoo that was my home or my previous home as I once did live in another zoo do have a heart connection to an individual animal or to many animals.

There is also heart pain from my small troop that I lived with, they are sadly learning about great loss due to my demise. And my energy towards my troop was of unity, sharing & caring, protection and leadership which relates to trust.

My message to humans, to all humans, is relating to my name and it is about unity, and humanity. So gather your own energy and use your energy wisely. Become aware of the needs of others and if you are reading my messages then you are already aware of the needs of others. Be aware of choices that you make and the choices can impact greatly on others. Become educated not in what you are lead to believe by corrupt advertising but become educated in what you hold of value and this means get back to your roots and demand justice not just for me but for all Lowland Gorillas.

Your scientists are able to replicate coltan or a similar mineral in laboratories. Don’t you have all these synthetic chemicals, synthetic minerals that are mass produced? Your scientists can even replicate diamond so why not coltan?  But then maybe it is easier for corporations to manhandle the environment and this is due to control, controlling the world markets, controlling the environment. Manhandling of stripping the environment bare of trees. Manhandling due to poaching and the markets that are associated with poaching. This is not a lecture but a simple fact.

Again look at the energy of my demise and there is manhandling involved and this manhandling lead to my demise. Then apply this simple fact to the energy of the masses of Lowland Gorillas who live natural who under threat of enormity due to manhandling. Then associate your thinking patterns towards  all that live naturally in Lowland Gorillas natural environment what their future is.

I now need you to also do this, to feel my essence, I will take you on a guided journey, and I am not asking you to feel heartbreak but to feel my magnificence.

I am sitting next to you, I gently reach out and touch you with my index finger, and you feel my touch, and I offer you my hand, you take my hand and the hand is soft warm and caressing in energy – my hand is waxy feeling compared to your hand but you also feel this incredible power in my hand.

Sense through your heart your body size next to my size, how much smaller you are then I am. Sense the size of my biceps, and feel the power of the biceps but also the ability of my arms to do more than your arms can do. Sense how I use my arms. Sense how I stand on my two feet, and my feet stand flatter than your feet but the power in my toes alone is astonishing and also the energy in the feet to feel is so much more than you can feel.  Feel how my toes work, the ability to curl as they do, the ability to be flat as they do, the ability to feel so intensely of all vibrations on the floor.  Feel me stand two strong, and the energy in my hips and lower torso is incredible that something this massive could move as it does, then feel the upper torso strength.  What does it feel like if a Gorilla pounds (beats) their chest, and the chest is pounded for various reasons – sometimes pounded in agitation, sometimes pounded in joy, sometimes pounded in warning, sometimes pounded to exclaim strength.

I am now standing four square, what does it feel like and there is only complete balance, there is no awkwardness. There is only balance, and ability, and strength, the spinal column is incredibly strong but also flexible, the muscular and fascia are impressive.

What does my hair feel like, feel the texture and energy of my hair, it is different than yours, almost like the hair has incredible strength but also ability to ward-off the forces of nature.

Feel the strength in my neck.

Feel my incisors, and how large they are compared to yours, but then feel the jaw power.  Feel the breadth of my nostrils and how I breath, and the lung power that allows my body to receive oxygen, but also the circulation system that I need to be one with the natural environment that my species live in.

Feel the size of my head, and relate to how my frame supports my head.

Feel my teenager youth energy, and this is who I was, I was stepping into the energy of my own power, of being the Silverback. And the Silverback’s energy is so ultra-amazing, so intense, so deliberate, so kind but also aware, and of strength, and ability to live with this much power is a true gift. Also feel my energy relating to my troop, the ones that I lived with, and allow your energy to feel connected to what they are feeling, what they foresee their purpose to be.

Feel the energy in my eyes, and what do you see, what do you sense about me, what do you feel, let me hold your hand whilst you are dreaming with me.  Let me expose my soul to you and you will become captive of me, captive of the beauty of a species of magnificence, but also captive to love.

Remember I am love, and that due to I am love, I do not carry grievance or what ifs that don’t go anywhere.  I carry energy for being in the moment, of being who I am, of being realistic and aware of what is ahead of my species but then also for you to be aware of my name and hopefully there is unity, helping, sharing and caring for all Lowland Gorillas of the future. Come explore with me, be aware of me, and yes you are aware of my tragic demise but be aware of the tragedy demise of my species. This is where I want to place my energy, energy of awareness relating to the future of what is natural, and what needs to be held in energy of unity, caring, sharing & helping.”

I went to a dog show, my first dog show ever, and met an Irish Wolfhound puppy [there were at least 6 Irish Wolfhound puppies at this show as 2 litters were being shown from 2 different breeders and quite a few adults] and with one of the puppies it was instant love.

I just couldn’t get her out of my mind, every day she was mine but she wasn’t mine.

Now this puppy was all of 3 months old when I first met her at the dog show, and the people she was living with decided they didn’t want a puppy dog this big, and she was on-sold to a Doberman breeder when she was around 5 months of age. On hearing the news I felt crushed…and I said to the Doberman breeder that she lived with and to her part owner [as she was sold in partnership with a lady who bred Irish Wolfhounds – she lived with the Doberman breeder & the Wolfhound breeder had breeding rights on her] if it didn’t work out could they please consider us.

And sure enough she needed another home at 7 months of age. We couldn’t get there fast enough with a cheque.  We found her tied up in the backyard on a chain with very little shelter and the Dobermans had first class accommodation. We bought her outright with no partnership involved with anyone.

Bonnie Puppy

We bought her home and our hearts danced with joy. The perfect dog because she was ours; and the only crime she ever did and it wasn’t a major crime she chewed the edges of my first Irish Wolfhound book which is a very collectible book nowadays as it has long been out of print. All this happened over 35 years ago but then every time I pick up this book, I have this constant reminder of her and of her specialness and the joy she bought to us and the fun times but also the heart ache when she left. Thank you Bonnie for sharing your life with us.



I asked Facebook community what they would like me to blog about relating to Animal Communication or Animal Healing.

Sheryl asked these questions: “Communicating to a beloved animal whom has passed on. How to tell if that animal is still around you?”

Firstly I will touch on: ‘How to tell if your beloved animal is still around you?’.

Our beautiful animal companion/s that have shifted into the heavenly realms are forever in our hearts and we are forever in their hearts, and at various times they will try and show us that they are still around us. We of course have to be receptive to the signs.

Signs can be:

  • Static electricity: lights flickering.
  • If it is a species that you have allowed to sleep on your bed, you might feel a distinct weight on the bed, or on waking you might feel or even see an indent on the bed.
  • If you live with multiple animals of the same species as your animal that has passed on: when you go to feed your other animals, and you feel like you are missing one bowl/feed bucket/feed dish and there should be another bowl/bucket/dish that needs to be filled – you will be sensing your animal’s energy. Or you have enough food out for the animals that you are going to feed but you have a need to grab another handful of food.
  • Hearing sounds: which could be depending on species – scratching at a door (if your cat or dog did this), footsteps, rustling of feathers, movement noise, neigh, bark, meow, whistle, snuffling, croaking, squeeking.
  • Seeing their form

This happened to me back in the late 1980’s. Morag a beautiful sweetheart steel grey Wolfhound bitch that we had the privilege of Morag living with us for approx. 9 months [we lived in Auckland, North Island]. Morag had returned to her family [Christchurch, South Island] &  had been back with her family Cath & Mike for quite a few years but this day I felt a need to look out the cottage window and there was an extra dog running past the window –  a steel grey Wolfhound bitch running with my tribe of Wolfies & I counted the dogs as they were running past the window – my bitches were silver brindle & various shades of red brindles, and the boys were sable & steel grey. The only steel grey wolfhound was boy Bran who was enormous in size & frame. Blink blink I went outside, thinking that maybe someone had popped in to visit with their Wolfhound – no visitors.   About 20 minutes later the phone rang to let us know that Morag had just passed away and the time coincided.

  • Smells, and this can be smelling your pet’s natural odour.
  • Other animals that you live with, and depending on species – your other animal/s might be making room for the one that has passed on  through sharing of their bedding, or even plonking themselves down oddly so that they do not lie on the animal in spirit’s ‘spiritual energetic form’, or making room at a gate or at a fence line.
  • Feathers.

Last weekend I was thinking about one of my own animals who is in spirit, and I was actually doing some hand weeding around a Animal Communication, Animal Whispererfootpath and I couldn’t help see this sign. I had only taken a few steps and gazed at what I had just weeded and there on the footpath was a large white feather – there was no wind up – there was no bird flying overhead and as I had just weeded around the area of the path I would have noticed the feather less than a minute ago. And another occasion after Hero had passed I found an extraordinarily giant white feather outside my bedroom door – we don’t have birds this size living around our house. An enormous hole in my heart and an enormous feather to represent Hero’s love for her family. Photo: of recent feather found, and the ginormous feather found on Waitangi Day just after Hero had passed away – this is the largest white feather I have ever seen.

  • Through our dreams – our dreams can tell us so much, and our beloved animal might be spending time with you whilst you are in dream state.
  • Your attention is drawn to look at something and it could be a heart shaped stone, or seeing something unusual that has significant meaning to you.
  • You might be doing something and an unexpected memory comes tumbling in very fast of your beautiful companion animal, and the memory feels so real, like it is the present time. Your beloved animal could be trying to tell you that they are still with you.
  • Messenger Animals: which take many forms, and this could be another one of your animals acting out of character in some way and replicating what your animal in spirit would have done. And a messenger animal could also be a really rowdy bird who has taken up residence outside your bedroom window just after your pet has passed. Or Butterflies flittering fluttering around you after your pet has passed.
  • Rainbows.
  • Temperature changes – you might feel warmer or slightly colder than you would normally and the temperature change is very brief.
  • Hearing music playing that isn’t of this world.
  • Hearing buzzing noises in your ears.
  • Orbs that can sometimes be seen with the naked eye or captured on digital cameras/phones.
  • Deep peace – you are grieving but you feel this deep peace, a stillness, a silence of beauty, almost like time has stopped…and your beloved pet is trying to tell you that they are at peace and trying to comfort you.

Sometimes when we are at our most vulnerable we are more sensitive to energy and our sensories are higher. Grief affects us all differently, and for some people due to their heartache they are more aware more in-tune and they can naturally feel their beautiful beloved animal.  For other people who are grieving they will  completely shut down their sensories. 

Sheryl’s other question: “Communicating to a beloved animal whom has passed.”

A few simple steps to feel the presence of your beloved animal companion

  • Find somewhere you can close out the world for a little while, this could be your bedroom, or the garden, or your office desk, or you might want to go to a park/beach/forest
  • Allow yourself to be – don’t argue with any impressions that come to you
  • Feel grounded & centered
  • Feel inner quiet
  • Feel your heart energy (emotional heart)
  • Ask your beloved animal to step forward
  • Feel your beloved animal’s presence, feel their energy
  • Feel their heart energy, feel the connection from your heart to their heart
  • Feel yourself looking into their eyes, feel connected
  • Talk to them and this could be through verbal words spoken out, or mental words
  • You might want to record any impressions in a journal. Take note of any impressions you receive – you might hear an actual word, or you might receive a sentence, or you might feel emotions shared with you, you might receive visual impressions – you might hear unusual sounds, you might be receptive to smells or taste  – be open to receiving – again allow yourself to be – don’t argue with the impressions that come to you

The Messages that Faye receives from Animals in Spirit

When I receive requests to communicate with Animals in Spirit the messages are incredibly deep & the messages holds much light & energy of love – these special beautiful messages offer great support to the family & are deeply healing. They do take longer than a general communication due to the animal is sharing a lot of energy & I am holding the animal’s energy whilst this is happening. If I am doing a written transcript: healing/loving energy is captured in the words – so the words are not just literal words due to energy transference, and the messages are for the present time but will also deliver different impressions when re-read at a later date due to they are energetic messages.  If doing a phone or Skype or face-to-face session, sometimes the animal will channel healing energy through me that is then transferred to the person/s that I am talking direct to – so we might end up doing a healing session.  Animal’s in Spirit will also share what they feel is relevant and they might dismiss some questions that are asked of them, out of respect to the animal I do not push them to answer things that they feel are irrelevant and this could be ‘what was your favourite food’ as they are more interested in sharing what they feel needs to be heard and this could be relating to their ‘person’ needs, or sharing of love, then sharing the mundane which has no bearing to them now. 

To find joy one has to sense this about themselves.

To be a dog is a joyful creation and to exhibit ‘dog joy’ is pure pleasure.

Life is truly beautiful and the beauty of life exists in all of us.  To understand that all answers are held within one but one needs the time to pursue their own inner being of wisdom and must make time to do this.

Our lives are a journey and we must walk with great joy on our journey.

We experience negative, we experience positive. But what is negative? Is this something of our own making or is it part of our journey that we asked to experience this? Maybe it is a bit of both but to understand that the positive will always overcome the negative so always smile, always cherish your own beauty and always give blessings to all that you have.
I love my dog scrunchies [rubs] that you give me, I love rolling in the beautiful smells of the forbidden, I love exploring and I am free – always so free – I cannot be penned in – I have my own agenda but also I have to abide rules and rules are not easy to abide because of the freedom that I exhibit in my soul.
Be like the waves that break on the shore as this is the continuation of life and the moving of time so never forget this.

Do go experience life, do gather your dreams to yourself and go discover your own dreams.

Do not hesitate, do not pause in your journey but do take time to reflect on the way and you will be astounded at all you have experienced.

Do keep a journal high-lighting the beauty of your life and who you are.

Do not stop, do not give up, just live for the moment and the moment is yours. Grab every moment as it comes to you and abandon yourself with the beauty of yourself.

Understand that you are a truly beautiful and this will bring more joy to you and will bring you freedom in yourself.

Understand that you asked to experience this life and once you understand this then you can walk freer.

Understand what you see as negative and once you understand this, then the negative can leave you but only if you desire for the negative to leave you.

Are you constantly repeating the same negative over and over again? Are you attracting negative to yourself? And maybe this is your journey to experience this? Or is the negative energy that you are carrying due to being told you are of little value or are unimportant in the big scheme of things?

If it is your journey that you asked to experience something negative so that you may grow and evolve from the experience, then once you have understood this then sight the negative and ask this energy to go from you it will go from you – do not hold onto this – let it go – it is fear that keeps one trapped and there is fear to let go – so therefore there is only positive if you allow this to be.
If you have been told that you amount to very little and whose thoughts are these? Are they yours? Or has another given these thoughts to you to keep you trapped and powerless? Do understand where this energy has come from and this can be eased away from you and you will grow energetically due to being yourself.

Animal Communication You are on your life path and you will walk the path and what you will learn on the way will astound you but you must reflect on your journey. And reflect on all that surrounds you. What does surround you? Do you not sight the beauty of the autumn trees if living in the Southern Hemisphere or the beauty of Spring if living in the Northern Hemisphere?

The colour of Autumn is the gathering of beautiful golden colours spread everywhere and brings calmness and a time of peace within one.

The beauty of the Spring brings much freshness and joy and expansion of feelings of the beauty of new life.

What does Summer and Winter mean to you? And reflect on these seasons and apply the seasons to your life.

Is Winter a time for looking inward and reflecting on who you are and the mighty energy that you carry within you?

Is Summer the energy of great abundance of energy?

Do think about your journey and how this relates to all that is around you. Understand that your journey is unique, you are an unique being, understand that the smiling flower that you viewed is unique, the blade of grass that you trod on is unique, the bee that is harvesting – yes harvesting because it is allowing abundance to come to you is unique, just like the rolling waves that break on the shore and share the continuation of life and moving time with you.
What is moving time? It is the storage of all historical evolvement that you have experienced. Not necessarily capturing the seconds and minutes of your life but understanding that time is a journey and your journey is now.

Do not see time as wasted time or time has disappeared but understand that time is how it should be for you.

Do not waste time looking for time or trying to make more time because you will not live and experience.
We all have fears and worries but it is being one with one self that the fears and worries can be less and this will allow attraction of higher energy to come to one, will allow the fears and worries to depart of altering of your own energy and that you can live with abundance and not be stuck in time of carrying energy that doesn’t allow you to capture your own time.

Recently I asked Facebook community what they would like me to blog about relating to Animal Communication or Animal Healing.

One of the responses I received was from Susann. Susann asked if I have ever had animals calling, and the animals initiating making themselves known to me maybe due to an emergency or something they are concerned with.

Yes, this has happened to me, the animals have come calling. 

Normally I have rules in place that I am the one that instigates a connection, this isn’t forcing myself onto the animal to share as I will also ask the animal if they are ready to share with me – so it is a two-way agreement happening but I am the one that is normally initiating. If I didn’t have this rule in place it would be exhausting and would be similar to a highway of animals seeking me out and sharing their viewpoints. Imagine that you could hear non-stop every animal that co-habitats with you in your environment (all the birds that hang out around your house, all the spiders, all the worms etc.) but also able to hear the animals that are living in your neighbourbood, and then hearing non-stop the animals scattered over the planet you just wouldn’t get any rest and would be exhausted from continuous pouring in of energy . What works for me I have my own ‘on & off switch’ so to speak!! And when my switch is on I will connect with a particular animal [with some blocks up so that other animals cannot join], and when my switch is off then I am naturally blocking out being bombarded. But sometimes the on/off switch isn’t working as well as it should or maybe the on/off switch isn’t supposed to be working in some circumstances, and an animal might pop in unexpectedly and if it is unexpectedly then it could be a major reason why they have come calling, or they might just be checking me out due I am going to be contacted from their human in the near future.

Here’s a few memories tumbling forward to when my on/off switch wasn’t working….

  • A beautiful black Gelding kept showing himself to me, and this magnificent Horse had the most unusual gait. I had never seen a Horse like him before or a Horse that could move like this. A week after he had showed himself to me, I lady in USA contacted me for an animal communication session with her black Gelding Tennessee Walking horse.
  • On another occasion I was reading a book, and a lovely Staffie Dog presented himself, and told me that he had a dislocated neck, on asking him who he was he mentioned that my partner Chris knew his family and was out with them. Chris was out on a motorcycle ride, and when he returned home I told him that his friends’ Dog had been to visit…..A quick phone call, and ‘ah excuse me, this is what your Dog told me, he has a sore neck and mentioned that his neck is dislocated’ the couple in question did advise that their Dog had been lame for quite a while and the vet had x-rayed his legs but couldn’t find anything wrong [he was physically presenting lameness in his front legs] and the vet had put him on  strict rest and vet medication.  A day later the phone rang with update, they had taken their Dog back to the vet to have his neck x-rayed and the diagnose was a broken neck.  I have no idea how he even managed as well as he did.
  • This one I remember so clearly, and it was about 8 years ago. A family trip out, and I was sitting in the back seat looking out the window. We were driving up our driveway and I saw a darting animal dash quickly under the car, I yelled out ‘STOP’, we got out and we couldn’t see an animal. Family asked me what sort of animal ‘not sure, not very big, bushy fluffy tail, really big eyes and ears’. Family asked me  ‘a cat?’ ‘no, not a cat’ I couldn’t quite define what species the animal was as it happened so fast. Later on that day I received a request to connect to a beautiful Chinchilla.

Animal Whisperer, Tiger

  • An incident relating to New Zealand private wildlife park that was open to the public. The wildlife park’s main focus was Tigers & Lions. I was watering the garden and the Tigers & Lions of the wildlife park started sharing their concerns relating to their future and I sent them a little bit of healing in the hope it would ease them, a week later on national news was stories relating to the wildlife park’s situation.
  • One day I walked outside and all the Birds started sharing with me, what I initially thought was ‘beware’ I kept hearing it over and over again. This constant chorus of many voices and believe me it was quite a din – big roar of noise coming at me from many voices that kept repeating over and over again the same words. It was kind of freaky hearing ‘beware beware’ constantly drumming at me, so I went back inside.  And one of my dogs asked me what I heard, and I said ‘beware’ and he told me that I didn’t hear the Birds properly as they were actually sharing with me ‘be aware’ and he pointed out that there is a big difference between beware and be aware and he told me to go and talk to the birds again as they had something important to share, and he gave me the good advice to tell the Birds to keep the noise volume down to a reasonable level.  I asked the Birds for a bit more, and they mentioned it was relating to be aware that there would be a huge fire outbreak in Australia within a few days.  What am I supposed to do with this, and my dog said to me that one has to be aware that all are connected that sometimes some animals have awareness of something that is going to happen before it does happen, and that the birds wanted to share with me about being aware and that was the objective, that the Birds here in New Zealand had some inkling of what was happening elsewhere, that there was awareness between all but the majority of humans have forgotten this but we are remembering that we are all connected. We are all connected: the forces of nature…air, sea, land, water…the animals, the trees, the crystals, the humans – we are all connected.
  • I was woken up in the middle of the night by a Tiger. The Tiger mentioned he saw himself as a prisoner of a zoo, and the zoo was in USA. The Tiger shared how angry he was, how frustrated he was, how fed up with the taunts from the humans, how he had no privacy and was so openly exposed, how he desired not to be here on earth anymore. He then went on to share that he could escape, and he did, and he then shared that he physically attacked humans, and then shared that he was shot and was so relieved to not be here anymore. Roll forward to morning time, and after getting out of bed I turned on the television and there was on the news about the Tiger incident, and the exact time of the Tiger presenting himself to me was when it was all happening.
  • I have just remembered about a little Kitten. I was going to dog agility and we would always park in a particular car park. We were  almost at the dog agility training grounds  and  I had a Kitten pop in and told me to drive around the block to the ‘other car park’ as she was stuck and needed a helping hand.  Hopping out of the car, we had a look around, and found the little Kitten who was aged around 4 months of age that had her neck stuck in hurricane wire fencing, and she couldn’t free herself – well & truly stuck. With a lot of effort, we managed to free the Kitten.
  • A summer holiday break, and a few days of bliss spent at Moeraki Village. Waking up to the sound of surf, and a beautiful day before us, I wasn’t in any rush to jump out of bed as I was enjoying the morning solitude and then a Seal sent out an S.O.S. message that he needed healing…I shared some healing with him. After breakfast  we went to find him, he was exactly propped up where he had suggested, and mentioned that he was feeling brighter.  Whilst there we met a local conservation person who mentioned this particular Seal hadn’t looked great but was looking brighter today.
  • There have also been many occasions, when an animal that I have sent healing to will at a much later date get my attention and ask for some more healing. Normally this happens for the elderly animals, or an animal with a life threatening disease they might present themselves weeks or even months after the initial healing sessions.

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This is the email I received from lovely caring Susan:
“Hi Faye, Sometime maybe might you put something in the newsletter for what we can do for the cats, birds, hedgies etc we find hurt/dead on the roads or which we hit while driving ourselves – like a small blessing we could give them. There are so many on the road and I want to support them a bit more (I tell the hedgies to come home to my place in new golden clothes, spirits are free etc and have been known to bring birds home to bury that I find). Is it ok with cats etc to talk to their spirit so they know love, but not to take them away in case their family are looking for them? I come across them on the way to work and feel I have to do something rather than just walk past like a stranger; hopefully even in spirit they know a kind word…..”

Blessing Prayer for an Injured Wild Animal

“Dear Beautiful Animal:
I invoke an Angel of Love to place their wings around you and enfold you in love.
I invoke Arch Angel Ariel, Arch Angel Raphael, St Francis of Assisi, and our beloved Jesus to watch over you and to encase you in healing energy.
You are truly beautiful, and I recognise a special soul of greatness. I send you love & light.”

Blessing Prayer for an injured domesticated animal that you find on the road

“Dear Beautiful Animal,
I invoke an Angel of Love to place their wings around you and enfold you in love.
I invoke Arch Angel Ariel, Arch Angel Raphael, St Francis of Assist, and our beloved Jesus to watch over you, and to encase you in healing energy.
I send loving energy to your family so that they find you.
You are truly beautiful, and I recognise a special soul of greatness. I send you love & light”

If you are not able to personally help the injured animal, also ask with your mental thoughts that the right person immediately turns up to offer assistance who is experienced or has the means [transportation] to take the animal to receive care or who has a mobile phone so that the right people (animal authority, vet, SPCA etc.) can come and assist.

Blessing PrayerBlessing Prayer for a domesticated animal that has been hit, and passed away on the road.

Blessing Prayer if you sense the animal hasn’t gone into the light: Sometimes animals that have died suddenly due to an accident can be in shock, or worried about how this will impact on their family. 

“Beautiful Animal,
You have died, you have had an accident and been hit by a vehicle, and I ask that you become aware of this. I invoke your Guardian Angels, and any other Angels to step forward to guide you. and I ask that your soul steps into the light.
I honour your body that has served you well, and allowed you your amazing experiences whilst you were physically alive. I love you.
I ask that your family becomes aware of your circumstances as soon as possible, I also send your family and all that love you my love. You are truly beautiful, and you are of the light”

If you sense the domesticated animal has passed over into the light:

“Beautiful Animal,
I send you my love, and I recognise your specialness and beauty. I know you are being cared for by the Angels and other beautiful spiritual beings.
I honour your body that has served you well, and allowed you your amazing experiences whilst you were physically alive. I love you.
I know your thoughts turn to your family, I pray that they find your body. I send your family and all that love you my love.”

If you are unsure if the animal has passed over into the light:

“Beautiful Animal,
I recognise you as a special being, I see your beauty. I am sorry you have had a dreadful accident, I hope you have gone into the light, if you haven’t gone into the light please go. I know the Angels will be looking after you, and I pray that your family finds your body. I send you my love, and I send your family and all who love you my love.”

The blessing for an animal that has died can be adapted slightly for a wild animal, and many wild animals are living as unity of family. If you are aware that the wild animal has young that need caring for please contact animal control or SPCA or appropriate wildlife trusts or the local vet who will be able to inform you who to get in touch with.

Animal Whispering (Small)Animal Whisperer Faye Rogers shares a message from beautiful elderly blind cat Magic. Magic shares her beauty, and her perceptions of aging.

“……the elderly are difficult because they do not fit into what is considered the norm as the elderly have different needs and are not always that beautiful to look at as the human spirit sees the exterior and forgets to see the interior. But the elderly if cat or animal or human or plant has a noble majestic beauty that the young do not have.

The elderly if they are in the energy of acceptance which so few elderly humans are but if they are then they are in the noble majestic beauty of acceptance.

Acceptance isn’t relating to one being treated cruelly or unfair but acceptance of treasuring the moment that you are in – of saying to yourself it is alright to be this way and that you are not a nuisance and that you are a living being with different needs than you had before and that accidents can happen or confusion can happen at times because one isn’t as perky or as bright as they used to be but then due to one isn’t as perky or as bright as one used to be then this can also be spending time relating to energy of self and dreaming.

Dreaming isn’t necessarily just relating to what humans see as dreaming as it can also relate to soul dreaming so the soul is spending time in the spiritual heavens whilst the earthly body is snoozing away and the majority of living beings do this. In dream state one goes back to soul energy regularly but for the elderly that are in energy of acceptance when they wake from their dreams their soul energy is so strong so beautiful they are acceptance energy of being old and not struggling with this and are instead viewing their world as spectacular of colours regardless of what colours can be seen.

So senses go higher on some things and also go lower on other things. When one has sight taken away which means eyes fade, then other senses will become stronger but also with aging the hearing can become less and even the taste buds become less due to glands and organs are a bit sour but there are other senses of awareness and it could be feeling like the heart energy of your own self is so strong so vibrant and that this means that your awareness is heightened.

So living in my colourless world I actually have a lot of colour as I feel and sense more than I could possibly have imagined as the senses have turned inward but also turned outward to the Greater Universe.”

Initially, I was resistant to being on Facebook when Poppy daughter first created a Facebook page for me, and the page lay dormant for a few years, with little input from me. And then over time I felt comfortable with using Facebook, and loved sharing from the heart, and loved others also sharing from their heart on this page, and also listening to others viewpoints and learning from people who have shared or spoken out or corrected (thank you).

When Facebook numbers grew to the first 100 likes WOW, and then to 200 Likes WHOOPEE and at 200 likes I gratitude for facebook likes Faye Rogers Animal Communication decided how I wanted this Facebook page to be and wanted this page to have a community feel where people could feel comfortable for hanging around but could also exchange ideas freely and be respectful to others. And when I reached the big milestone of 1000 likes AMAZING, and numbers kept growing, when reaching 1200+ likes Facebook did a re-scramble and many business pages that had numbers over 500 were grumbling they were losing numbers real fast, my numbers slid down to below 1000 but have steadily risen since then, numbers of likes are now approaching 1,800 AND SOME WEEKS I have 23,000+ visits to the page (the number of times the page has been visited in one week) and the page has held the community activity due to exchanges of ideas & sharing …

So so thankful for all the likes, for all the inputs,for the outrage we have felt at times due to some posting, for the inspiration, for the passion, and also for the laughter, and LOVE. And big thanks for when I ask your opinion the response that follows is wonderful. Sending you all love and big thanks to everyone who has liked, and contributed through comments, who has shared views openly & shared through constructive feedback, and also shared the postings & posters on their own page, or tagged their friends.

A couple of years ago, I actually added this info to Impressum on Facebook page as I had came up with Vision, Mission, Motto & Objective on what I wanted the Facebook page to represent, and this still holds true for today:

To have a page where people can express how they feel but are also respectful to others, a place to share their love for animals & for the environment

“My dedication is to a vision – a vision of beauty, love, joy, trust, humanity and BALANCE FOR ALL” – Faye Rogers

Faye’s Mission:
To share with others (humans) how to reconnect with their own power of self – encouragement without limitation.
To deepen the bonds between humans & animals by sharing & encouraging others (humans) how to be in touch with the Animal Kingdom – to bring balance, awareness, harmony between humans & animals.
To raise awareness & consciousness relating to animals, people, humanity and the environment.
To work towards deeper peace for all – humans, animals & environment.
To share awareness that we humans have been entrusted to care for others but also entrusted with being who we truly are – not being influenced by how others think we should be but of stepping into our true SELF with PURPOSE as SHINING LIGHTS; our purpose is to be true to ourselves so that we can be true to others.
To be the vessel for the animal’s thoughts, feelings, wisdom & humour and to encourage others to listen to the Animals, listen to Nature that surrounds them with respect & caring.


To bring together a Community of like-minded People who stand strong, who SING THE SAME SONG OF HUMANITY to raise awareness & consciousness
relating to animals, people & environment.


No separateness. To hold energy of sacredness. To be custodians of the present. To be in energy of encouragement, love, passion & inspiration. To be energy of a Community that truly cares for others. To be love.