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Giant Pandas, would you like to hear about Pandas? Yes, you do; where do I start with these unique, adorable-looking animals of incredible beauty and magnificence.

            Giant Pandas have silent feet. Pandas quietly walk, and all is hush in their world.

Pandas once roamed over large areas of Asia. Because of deforestation and farming have also meant that the Pandas have shifted higher up the mountains, naturally pruning as they travel, each Panda being on their mission of assisting the planet.  The bamboo forest has a natural quietness due to the denseness of the bamboo, and with the forests being high up, it feels like it is on top of the world.

Much danger looms for the Pandas; the threat to their lives and having to adapt to changes. Unfortunately, Panda Bears are not adaptable and struggle to survive on anything other than their diet of bamboo shoots, stems and leaves; though they can consume different food, they do not thrive on other food as they do on bamboo. The Pandas’ great mountainous areas are being invaded, and their bamboo forests are cut down. It is challenging for them to be here. Also, their numbers have alarmingly dwindled.

Many Pandas are reared in Panda sanctuaries; without these sanctuaries, the Pandas would have become extinguished as a species. Do reflect on this as that alone is a special message to you humans that you must be custodians for the Pandas in sanctuaries because of the destruction you have caused to their natural environment. 

Pandas are designed to travel great distances, to graze on bamboo, and as they walk through the mountains, they eat as they go. Therefore, the Pandas selectively prune as they only eat enough from one area. And Pandas will travel great distances to fulfil their food needs; this way, they ensure that they are naturally pruning the forest while travelling.

Pandas have been given the extraordinary job of eating. Also, Pandas carry great joy happiness, which they spread. Happiness is energy, and like all energy, this will travel. 

The Pandas who are roaming free because of their natural knowledge of what to take from each area are balancing the energy of the mountains, like a tree arborist who knows how to prune a tree correctly. If Pandas removed too much bamboo vegetation from one area, then landslides could occur, or the soil and lower rock coverage would not be as stable as they should be. Therefore, they, in their wisdom, are very selective. Pandas travel great distances; rather than clearing all vegetation in one area, they are snacking here, snacking there and recognising that if an area is too heavy in flora, they might remove a little more in this area so that the landscape is held in more balance.

            I will touch on what I shared because it is important to repeat, but I will use different words: Panda Bears are aligned with the earth plates, but many animals are. However, when freely roaming when Pandas sense the earth plates are shifting, they have the natural ability to give support to the earth, so that hopefully, there will be fewer disasters of landslides and quakes. Pandas can also sense the instability of the soil. And if the soil’s stability can be helped in any way by Pandas pruning an area, they will happily prune away, trying to help ease the tension and balance the energy of the mountains. Pandas are selective; they only eat enough; they never gorge themselves on just one area unless this area needs to be ecologically cleared. 

            The earth plates are continually shifting; remember, I advised Mother Earth is a living being. So, therefore the Pandas are assisting the planet in having fewer natural disasters, and it must be noted that if one earth plate shifts severely, this will cause another earth plate to move elsewhere. The earth plates that Pandas preside over are almost like a locking mechanism for the rest of the planet’s earth plates. So yes, do view Pandas as beautiful, but also realise that they have an essential role in protecting the world with fewer disasters if they can.

However, humans’ interference in stripping away the bamboo forests in the mountains is causing more unrest. If the forest is stripped bare or becomes too dense in an area, then the land has more ability to slide away. If there are more disturbances on the outer layers, this will, in turn, affect the inner layers of the earth plates. Therefore, the rumbles above are also experienced on the earth plates below. 

            Panda’s mission is to prune their mountain ranges and a good one, too, because we need our mountains not to collapse. But man has taken over Panda’s natural habitat, causing their species to become scarcer in the wild because of habitat loss. Attention has been given to the Pandas to ensure their survival by keeping them in sanctuaries. However, due to humans clearing, mining and drilling the mountainous land, this then creates problems that could cause the mountains to slide away.

And, of course, there have always been landslides because of subsoils being stripped from the winds or heavy rainfall or earth tremors or other reasons; but some things that do occur are created from humans’ actions. 

The Pandas travel light and silent. The Pandas are sad and full of deep pain, and yes, I did advise that as a species, they love to spread their happiness; the pain they are feeling relates to their natural way of life is slipping away and leaving them, and there won’t be a place anymore for them to roam free.

            Pain and happiness are polarities of energy, are they not? If you feel joy, you have to feel pain. Pandas have felt very privileged to have been of service, ensuring happiness flowing and their purpose of assisting the natural ecosystem of stability. All energy experienced on earth is stored: happiness, love, trust, pain and purpose. 

            Some humans are doing what they can to ensure that the Pandas survive, but the Panda’s role will be more in the prison of zoos or a Panda wildlife sanctuary, which won’t suit a Panda’s radar system of travelling many miles in one day.  Panda’s free will is stifled. Pandas need to be free to explore and do what they as a species mass consciously agreed to do – to assist this planet and help support the land, work with the earth plates, and tend to any disturbances they feel they can aid.

We mustn’t lose our mountains as this will cause our earth’s shelves to fold, and much more harm will happen to all. You humans must work towards restoring the Pandas’ habitat of the bamboo forests and ensuring that the Pandas have the will to be here. The will to be here is on the many levels of, emotional, mental, physical, and environmental. 

The Pandas have their sacred message of beauty to share.

            “We are pure beings of great beauty. The energy that we present is exploring beauty…

Our world, or what we see as our world, has been exploited, but because of our heart energy, our plight is known throughout the world. So many are trying to assist us as a species to prosper.

            Through us, there is education, and we are honoured to be teachers to humans and raise humanity through our plights. Hopefully, this will lead to greater awareness of other species’ plights – species of animals, flora, and humans.

Our unique essence is of being teachers. We are ‘Teachers of this World’, but many others who walk with silent footsteps are also teachers.  We carry the energy of compassion, great compassion. As a species, we are symbolic of much, and what we will share with you might relate to your journey, or you might sense our energy to be a Power Animal that you feel can enhance you. 

We see ourselves as sacred, but then all that is held in trust is sacred, but our energy suggests this, and hence we are kindly treated by the many humans trying to assist us. 

Our footsteps are silent, so, therefore, we quietly walk through the Bamboo Forests. We are incredibly selective; consequently, we choose wisely.  We are also extremely sensitive, but we have vast reservoirs of strength. Our sensitivity and strength are balanced.

Our colour is black and white, and through our colouring, we are representative of Yin Yang energy, and due to the association of Eastern with Yin Yang and our Eastern ancestry, this is where our roots are.

            The Goddess that helps oversees us is Quan Yin.

Quan Yin is the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, and this is the energy that Quan Yin has gifted to us to carry on her behalf, and we are energetically representative of this.

Quan Yin, Yin Yang, our colour of black and white – we will expand on this…

Quan Yin has experienced masculine gender. Quan Yin assists the planet and was born as a male Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva who vowed to free all sentient beings from suffering. Because of the despair that Avalokiteśvara felt at his overwhelming task, he shattered into a thousand pieces. And from these pieces, Avalokiteśvara was shaped into a Goddess to help with compassion and mercy. This Goddess was given the name of Quan Yin, ‘She who harkens to the cries of the World.’ And this is how Quan Yin came to be, and she returned to earth to assist. 

            Yin Yang is balancing energy – that energy forces are complementary. So if one cares to think of masculine & feminine energy and if the balance is complimentary, then Yin Yang is in harmony – this is the energy that Quan Yin holds.

Even though Quan Yin is female, her energy is beautifully balanced because she has experienced Bodhisattva of masculine and Bodhisattva of feminine.

Bodhisattva is an enlightened being who refrains from entering Nirvana in order to serve others. We are the mammal of the Animal Kingdom that represents Quan Yin’s energy; therefore, we carry the colours black and white.

Do have a small quizzical reflection on the statement associated with Quan Yin’s name: ‘She who harkens to the cries of the World’ our energy is aligned with the mountains due to this. Once we lived on lower ground, but because of habitat removal, our natural habitat is now on the peaks of mountains that grace the world. So our energy reaches for the stars, and from this position, ‘we hear the cries of the world’.

            We are enlightened beings of the Animal Kingdom – we hold the essence of worship, peace, humanity, and suffering.

We are great teachers who will inspire one to reflect deeply. To find peace within self, to live compassionately and to raise awareness. Our mission relates to humanity. If our attributes are what you are seeking, then Panda can walk alongside you to assist your growth of ascension and the growth of ascension for this planet.

            Because of our role in conservation, we are also a useful Power Animal to consider if you have roots in conserving what this planet has and holding what is sacred in trust. We are energy that conservationists can call on to help with various situations. If you are campaigning or working towards the good of maintaining this planet and not destroying this planet, then maybe, we are already energetically walking alongside you by embracing you and supporting your energy so that you can raise awareness further. Therefore, this is why we are depicted as the logo associated with the WWF [World Wide Fund for Nature].

            Through our steady work, we are assisting this planet, helping this planet, aiding this planet by caring for the vast bamboo forests – carefully pruning, carefully ensuring that there is fertility for our species for our future. The bamboo forests are extraordinary. The mountains where we naturally roam capture sacred keys that hold the earth plates together – similar to a locking mechanism is one way to think of this – sacred keys are also held in other areas of the planet. 

            We are reaching the stars because of our natural domain of the mountains. Our natural territory is becoming much smaller because of human invasion. There is work ahead for humanity to ensure more conservation efforts.

            We are energetic beings, and energetic beings will influence another – our energy encourages others to become active. If one thinks of conservation, one will also think of Mercy & Compassion, so, therefore, our power is Mercy & Compassion and Yin Yang energy – and if you wish to embody the deep, joyful spirit of Panda, do so because we will walk with you in an entrusted position of sacredness.” 

I must admit I am a total novice at travel, but Sedona, Arizona, had been on my bucket list for many a year.

LifeVantage wanted to share some kudos with Poppy & me and we were invited to their 2022 Convention. This year it was held in Arizona, Phoenix – oh wow – so grateful to be invited, and dreams do come true thank you, LifeVantage.

And we set off on our travels.

33 hours after leaving Christchurch, we arrived at our Phoenix hotel (we had a long delay in LA because our air hostesses had flown into another terminal whose security system had shut it down, and they couldn’t get out).

The day was almost finished when we arrived at our hotel. Our hotel’s architecture Art Deco so beautiful, and was originally a combined wellness center & a bank but when the bank shifted out the building fell into disrepair and only a few years ago it became a hotel and was restored, stepping through the doors was stepping back in time. We had a quick shower and change of clothes, which made me feel like a new me, and we had a walk around downtime Phoenix as we needed to feed ourselves, and we shared a woodfired Margherita Pizza & picked up some organic fruit from a supermarket.  Impressions of downtime Phoenix love the vibe and the cleanliness, and the cacti vegetation.  Arizona is home to 51 native species of Cacti, and the giant Cacti, the Saguaros, reach over 50 feet tall with arms spread out, and we were told they are only found in Arizona & in the neighbouring southern state of Sonora, Mexico.

I woke with the birds, excited as can be. Poppy had a decent sleep in, and we had breakfast at the hotel, and then we registered for Convention. Again we walked around downtown Phoenix, and late morning we visited Amazon Mills [shopping mall] to check out the shops and walked innocently into a pet shop to look at animal toys & accessories, now the pet shop was spotlessly clean, but at least 60 different puppies were on show behind glass windows, pedigree & designer dogs.

That evening, we had our celebration dinner with Corporate and other distributors from Australia, Hawaii, Puerto Ricco, and Thailand – maybe 30 of us in total – heaps of fun. 

The first day of Convention started with a party atmosphere, and inspiring speakers took to the stage. And we were part of the select attendees that were invited to have lunch with the keynote speaker Dr Deshauna Barber (Former Miss USA 2017, Award Winning Motivational Speaker, who has done so much for soldiers suffering from PTSD).

Phoenix has two Convention Centers facing each other, and that evening, the street between the two Centers was shut off for our own street desert party – street food, live music/dancing, and games.

2nd day, up early as LifeVantage had organised a Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Trip over Phoenix for us – hey hot air balloon trip had been on my bucket list since I was a kid. And we greeted the sunrise with our hearts in the sky – was I scared yes, and that lasted for less than a minute, the trip was so still and surreal but plenty of laughter due to the other folks in our balloon. We arrived back at Convention, and the morning session was well underway with our Australia & NZ Corporate folks acting as MC’s, and they added the down-under ambiance – so special. Because we arrived back after Convention started I missed Claire Duke, our Australia & NZ Marketing Manager, chatting about me on stage, but I listened to the recording yesterday and felt very honoured and valued. 

At the end of the Convention, Kiwis & Australians were invited to nibbles & drinks with some of our Corporate folks Claire, KitKat, and Pamela, and we were also invited to a few after-convention parties; we found our way to one, but we didn’t stay as we had another early start as we were going to visit Sedona.

Sedona was waiting for us, I cannot describe what I was experiencing, it was so beautiful and spoke to my heart, and at times tears were so close due to the surrealness and the beauty and the energy. Poppy was wired with all the energy and turned into an energising bunny.  We bumped into our LifeVantage Corporate folks Claire & Pamela so special as we had spent the previous evening with them.

Comment from Poppy, you didn’t tell me Sedona would be like this. I don’t want to leave.  I did tell her but proves that kids, regardless of age, don’t listen to their parents!!!

Temperatures Phoenix was HOT, Sedona was brisk, and what about Grand Canyon well, there was snow on the ground. 

Grand Canyon I’m not going to prattle on too much other than to use one word, ‘grandioso’, no I will prattle on the light played out on the Canyon, and the time we left Grand Canyon was at sunset with the sun setting and the canyon ablaze with colour.

Flying out of Phoenix to LA, again, our plane was delayed, Delta Airlines had to find a new aircraft due to a technical engine fault.  We expected to arrive in LA around lunchtime, but it was closer to dinner time.  I had left the LA hotel booking to Poppy, and the hotel she had booked us in rated well, but on arriving at the hotel, we decided it wasn’t us, and we hightailed out of there.

And we parked ourselves at a safer hotel, and it was now around 8 pm,  Hollywood Boulevard was about a 5-minute walk away, we were told it was safe to go out at this time of night but wouldn’t be safe to walk around after 11 pm, again we set off to find food and to investigate the Walk of Fame, and we were hit with the starkness brutality sadness of LA – homeless people – drug-fueled people sprawled over the pavement in all directions – incredibly sad.  City of glamour, city of lost angels.  We were both overwhelmed by it all, we are both sensitive to energies.

Poppy, on returning to our hotel, told me we are going to get out of LA and get ourselves home, and she started to check out flights back to NZ, and none were available for days.  And I did fall asleep, but before falling asleep put out the intention that tomorrow would up be a better day.

Woke up, will we hide away in our hotel room for the next 4 days or venture out, I decided to venture out and booked us into Universal Studio. I hadn’t intended to visit Universal Studios but  it was a 10-minute drive from our hotel, and we could get tickets so that sealed it.  Universal Studio I would visit again, super fantastic experience, and made up for our yesterday.

The next day we went for a 5-hour tour around LA, we were lucky we had the right tour guy, and it was his own business, on our tour with us was a family of 4. We visited the Griffith Observatory, which is one of the best vantage points for seeing the Hollywood Sign, Capitol Records Tower, Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, Film Locations, Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive, Celebrity Homes, and lunch at the Farmers Market.  And we even got to see a robot whizzing down a street with food onboard (areas of Hollywood has food delivery robots). 

After the tour, we returned to our hotel around 3 pm and decided we would visit the shops at Citadel Outlets as they were open till 9 pm (Poppy loves window shopping) waiting for our uber in the hotel carpark LA Police arrived in force I was wondering if there was a bomb scare or some serious crime had taken place but on asking the valet what was up, and he said a celebrity is staying due to the Black Panther 2 Premiere happening down the road and the police are doing their job.

After being dragged around Citadel’s 130 stores, we dined at an American Diner, and it was so cool, their Apple Pie was out of this world!!!

Woke up at a reasonable time, and what to do today, let’s go to Disneyland. I’m glad we went for many different reasons, one of my reasons my Sundays as a child, we would have a special family dinner, and we would as a family watch Walt Disney, and depending on the time of year and the Disney show the neighborhood kids would come together and play out whatever had been on our tv screens.  Now you shouldn’t compare experiences, but I am going to compare Disneyland to Universal Studio – Universal Studio outshines Disneyland. The highlight of Disneyland for me was the last shop we walked in, and it was a shop of Princess dresses where little girls would pick their dream Princess dress, and then they would have a beautician turning them into their favourite Princess, the little Princesses eyes sparkled, and their sparkles were infectious. And because we enjoyed the American Diner, we stopped there on the way back to the hotel.

On our last day in LA, we were flying out at 8.55 pm, our hotel said we could leave our bags with them, and we had another walk to Hollywood Boulevard but what to do for the rest of the day, let’s go to Santa Monica. On arriving at the pier we got to watch amazing dancers and the beach is stunning. We had an early lunch on the pier soaking up the scenery & relaxing and meet a lovely couple from Tasmania that were catching the same flight as us.  Because we thought we had hours to spare, we went for a walk to Venice Beach, a breathtaking beach, but every park bench seat was bagged by a homeless person; I love sea air, who doesn’t but the sea air was buffed out by the smell of cannabis – cannabis is legal in California and in some other USA states. 

On the trip back to our hotel to retrieve our bags, we got caught in traffic jams, we finally got to the hotel, and ordered an uber to take us to the airport, and again we got caught up in the traffic the traffic was not going anywhere, luckily for us, we had the best uber driver, who lived out by the airport, and he drove the routes his GPS was not advising him to go, and we arrived in time.

USA uber drivers are amazing, they open car doors for you, load your bags for you, and nothing is too much trouble. 

Now this one surprised me, every person that asked us where we were from, and there were many, but every single person knew where New Zealand was, and their response was New Zealand is their dream destination and if they had visited they would share that it had been their best ever overseas holiday.

And hey, maybe French Bulldogs are the most popular dog breed in LA, as the majority of people we saw out and about with dogs were with French Bulldogs.

The growth & healing I experienced because of Convention, an opportunity to meet up in person with people that I already knew but also an opportunity to build new relationships, of having quality time with Poppy, also the expansiveness in myself from visiting a little bit of USA of fulfilling dreams, I am so appreciative for the experiences. I have so much appreciation for all that New Zealand has, embracing all the USA experiences, embracing being back in New Zealand. 

Dreams do come true, create your bucket list, and it will happen!!!  And who could ever imagine, because I am so passionate about supporting people and their animals with their well-being that LV offered us an opportunity of a lifetime, to support me in my growth & that I got to share it with my one and only daughter.

20th December 2020,

          “As we are in this phase of planetary ascension, many humans have been getting stirred up in their relationships they have with others.  Others can be family, partners, friends, acquaintances, business colleagues, school acquaintances, community groups, social or sports groups, social media friends & groups.

Many humans & animals are having to rest to prepare their energetic & spiritual bodies.

          And as always is happening some humans & animals are leaving the planet.

Some of the some that are leaving the planet are creating channels of light of such brilliance to support the planet in her ascension, but they are leaving their living loved ones with heartache which is opening the heart chakra of the Earth.

And some that are leaving the planet will be going home but did not sign up to create the channels of light instead they are creating their own light.

          I will continue my chat on humans getting stirred up from other humans, and this will be from relationships that are no longer necessary & outgrown or can be from old patterns that are no longer necessary.

When going through these transformations of changes with others you, humans, have to listen to yourself. And when you listen to yourself the answers will come to you. Is this person shabby towards you because their needs for you have not been in your best interests, or have you outgrown them in other ways, or have they outgrown you, or are they casting that they are a victim because of feelings of resentment?

Sometimes ones that hold themselves in victim mentality will feel resentful towards the one that has supported them because it is easier than addressing what needs to be addressed. 

And the ones that have placed themselves in the attention-getting victim role are not prepared to abandon their image of being a victim because as far as they are concerned this image serves them well or it has become a habit and they do not know how else to be.

I do not want my words to sound heartless and I have true heart feelings for any that are abused & mistreated; I do have true heart feelings for any that holds onto an image of themselves as a victim because of refusing to shift into something new that would better serve them.

          I mentioned some that are leaving the planet that are going home are opening up channels of light for the planetary’s ascension but they are leaving heartache for their loved ones on Earth.

For any that are grieving because of loss of a loved one and through their grief, their heart chakra is opening the heart chakra of Earth.

Your counterargument might be that Earth’s heart chakra needs to be filled with love & light and not with tears of grief.

But when someone experience the loss of a loved one your own heart chakra is being supported by the Earth’s heart chakra & in turn, they are opening up the Earth’s heart chakra – there is magnetism involved. To understand this if someone filled themselves up with hate or fears and this will plague their heart chakra but also add density to Earth’s heart chakra. Whereas if someone is grieving because of a loved one returning home then this is true love is it not and their heart chakra is fully open, and in turn Earth’s heart chakra is supporting them, and because of the depth of love then this is adding more volume of love to Earth’s heart chakra.

          I know my words are not simple to understand, you just must feel and be aware and listen to self, and that is my message to humanity – feel / be aware / and listen to self.

          I am elderly, I am preparing to return home, and I will be helping hold the frequency of love which will support the channels of light for the planet’s ascension.

My journey here on Earth as a physical being has not quite finished, but my journey is nearing completion. And if recently you have lost someone or you are in preparation for a loved one to return home then love & honour them, but also be aware because of this present energy that maybe also their journey has also been to accelerate the planetary’s energy into more evolution.

I am returning to my Blue Star, my registered pedigree name also captures the word ‘Blu’ have a play with the words of my pedigree name ‘That Blu Feeling’ and those words ‘That Blu Feeling’ are not about feeling blue, but of holding the light of ascension, as that has been part of my journey to do this, and to hold you in the highest esteem and to hold the essence of love for myself and for others that I love but also the fertility of the planet’s love.

Captured on my physical presence is the colour blue – blue hair, blue eyes, and I cannot escape from blue can I, it is who I am, I cannot escape from my incredible beauty because this is who I am. The external package represents who I am, but the internal package represents who I am – full of light – whatever form we walk in when full of light then beauty is exhibited and cannot be escaped from. 

22nd December

          My soul has been released from my physical body and I am light, I am light of love. 

          If anyone is needing to feel light, then feel my energy. If anyone is feeling unloved then feel my energy. I cannot contain my energy – my energy is to be of service to others, and if I can assist support you in any way then I am here for you. There is no shadow attached to me, I am light, and because there is no shadow attached to me then wherever my energy is utilised will be for the highest purpose.

          I will also suggest that in your minds-eye, which some might call imagination, but I prefer the words ‘minds-eye’ is that you sense Earth as a round globe of light, and surrounding Earth are the Angelic Choir the Virtues, and at this present time the brilliance of energy that is streaming in for Earth because the Virtues are holding the Chords of Light, but also captured on Earth is also brilliance of such magnitude, and that is why the Angelic Choir the Virtues is surrounding Earth because these notes of brilliance haven’t been experienced on Earth before, and this is exciting is it not. New energies, new way of being, new direction for all of Earth, but you humans have to step up, you humans will have to step up more, because these notes of brilliance can play out as they should, or they can be defused because of lack of goodwill because of lack of support from the human race. 

Listen to yourself, feel yourself, associate with yourself as you have never associated with yourself before. Become aware of your divinity in all your divinity’s wholesome, and this in turn will aid the planetary ascension.

My words I have just shared are not relating to that you have to be passive, and submissive to others, instead my words I have shared is that you stand up in your own magnificence with your own voice with your own power for all to see and when you do this, sure you can stir up others which can create resentment, sure you can move others which can create more positivity for them and for you, sure you can stir up yourself so that your reservations are removed and that your power is unlimited and that you are the light that you only light walking in an earthly body. 

          I suggested to feel me, but if you have felt me, also feel the Angelic Choir the Virtues and feel their notes of brilliance that are surrounding Earth, and the Virtues energy on the 21st December is surrounding Earth and is of such enormous brilliance because the Virtues have never done before this before in this manner so that new frequencies of light could enter Earth on the 22nd December, and these new frequencies of light will become stronger which will influence more.

But when frequencies of light become stronger they can also stir up and relationships that no longer serve will be tumbling, the old way of doing things that no longer serve will be tumbling but many will try and hold onto the old ways because they are not ready for the brilliance or they do not want the planet to rise into ascension and my words that I shared relating to people that purposely hold themselves in a victim image because they feel this serves them also stands true for the ones that try to stop the brilliance of light because they are not ready for the new images that they could become and that this world could become.

And this world could become images without shadows, and isn’t that a scintillating uplifting thought of the new world, but in the meantime the purity is ringing so high on Earth and this will create clashes between the light and the shadows but if you are a true warrior of light, then do not cast yourself into the shadows of others energy, instead be informed by listening to yourself and step into your own power of magnificence.”


5th December 2004 – 22nd December 2020

Turtles are amazing land/sea animals, not quite of this world – they are so unique in how they are.

To be able to carry your house on your back doesn’t this make complete sense! To be able to stand up and uproot yourself whenever you wish and that all your possessions are contained on oneself. This is the message Turtles wish to spread to humans.

The Turtles message is about self-containment. Now isn’t that a strange thing to suggest as we always wish for more, even myself, but self-containment isn’t necessarily about possessions and wealth. Self-containment is captured in the Turtles to remind us to be true to ourselves, to contain our envy, to remember to be free enough that we can move ourselves if we wish too. It is about discovering who you really are, the feelings trapped so deep down inside you.

These feelings we suppress; these feelings we don’t acknowledge at all, but they are hidden deep down in the murky depths of our soul. Our soul that we believe in, but we try to padlock down to stop our essence leaking out. Our soul that we acknowledge but we try not to respond too. Our soul that if we grabbed hold of and emptied out would be full of so much wealth, so much creativity, and so much love and of course hope, hope is eternal, hope doesn’t die, and this is trapped in our soul.

See how unique the Turtles are! They carry their souls on their backs for all to see – it isn’t their house they carry on their backs, but their soul to remind us to look deep down within ourselves and to remind us of our soul, of our being, of our true self.

From little river Turtles to large giant Turtles that swim in the mighty seas, when a Turtle ends upside down again that is a message to people. The message is of being trapped as that is how most people live their life. People are trapped by a lot; they are trapped by their own insecurities, by their own distrust of life, by their own lack of awareness, and by their own lack of self-belief in the All. In the All Mighty and I am not talking about God but about themselves – of knowing that they are their own Universe, that the Universe resides in themselves.

If one trusted themselves totally and learnt to live in some form of harmony within themselves, they would do like Gandhi did. Many since Gandhi have tried to find themselves but nobody has been that successful since; many humans have tried and then they have become disheartened so have thrown it away.

Gandhi was an Icon, he wasn’t quite of this world – his message was for the Universe and the Universe isn’t so much the starry planets of the distance, but the Universe is what we all hold inside ourselves. Gandhi’s feet were stuck here on this earthly soil, but his soul was a universal soul that spread everywhere; and Gandhi was like the Turtles that we enjoy watching as Gandhi’s soul was carried around his body for all to see.

Next time you sight a Turtle, watch how their little flipper feet move. Watch how they swim – it’s all forward movement isn’t it!!!! Turtles are so much fun to watch, and this is their message to all that one must ‘move forward’. I am not talking about grabbing and taking it all but moving forward in oneself so that our souls become our being and that we don’t harbour great weights on our back or carry our burdens with us. 

People sight the Turtle’s shell on their backs and wonder about the burden the Turtles must live with every day carrying this great weight on their back, but the Turtle’s heart is free of burdens and their shell is weightless to their little body that lives inside their soul.

 This is the special message of the Turtles, it isn’t so much about themselves being a unique animal but what they foster, and it is so evident if one looked. If we all tried to be like the Turtles wouldn’t life be better? Wouldn’t the Universe surface for all of us? Wouldn’t our soul capture us rather than being contained within us?

“It might seem strange that a species that is on the brink of extinction is sharing, but it’s not strange, because we are sharing as a reminder to humans that you can destroy, or you can captivate with love with tenderness with caring Goodwill, and the gentle reminder is captivating with Goodwill.

You will be wondering what the energy of 2019 is relating to, and it is energy of prosperity. 

The energy of 2019, is about placating the old energies that no longer fit, and working with the new energies of brightness….The new energies of brightness is relating to humanity, caring, unity – must not forget dignity – dignity is worthy honourable respect!!! 

We are not sharing our words to educate we are here to encourage. 
You are in a period of greater consciousness, and this you do know. 

The Divine Feminine Energy has risen strongly, and this energy will keep on rising, and this will allow for more prosperity for this planet. 

Prosperity is relating to Goodwill. Goodwill is the energy of 2019.

Financial institutions, corporations, governments will be activating energy of fear, of hatred. And there will also be more disasters happening throughout the world some will be natural, and some will be manmade to look like they are natural disasters as the manmade disasters creates more fear and suffering, there will also be more strange weather patterns but do reflect on the energy of Goodwill.

You humans have that beautiful adage ‘Goodwill to all Men’ but sometimes this beautiful adage also captures the words ‘Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All Men’. This is the energy that the planet is going forward, where there is more awareness of consequences and that actions must happen to create more positive changes.

Since certain periods in time: since Lemurian, since the Golden Age of Atlantis and this was before Atlantis became destructive, since the great Arthurian era of discoveries – do not be fooled into thinking that these periods are only legends and have not existed because they are legends with existence. There have been a few other Golden periods on earth but our words will not become a book in explaining further instead our words will share simplicity. The present energy of this beautiful planet is replicating the energy of Arthurian where there was unity, where there was greater consciousness, and that there was strides of discovery relating to the Chalice energy of purity, feel honoured that you are here, honour yourself, understand that you are voyaging here because your soul wishes to be here, rejoice.

As the planet’s consciousness is rising, then this allows opportunities to happen that will lead to more Goodwill, remember the adage that was shared earlier ‘Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All Men’ pay attention to these words they are powerful words to share.   But also relate to that it has been advised that the old energy will try and control and create fear, but you must view yourself above the fears and relate to your own power, your own beauty, your own sense of who you are, and feel yourself shedding your outer covering and becoming the light that you are. 

Your voice can speak out, you can through your actions create positive, you can through your thoughts create positive, you are becoming lighter, you are become brighter, you are becoming exposed to the Chalice of yourself and is it possible that you could become the Chalice.

You might ask what is the Chalice, it is purity energy without blemishes, it is the greatness of yourself, and for some the Chalice will be representative of rituals, for some the Chalice will be representative of what Christ drank from at the last super but surely that is also important to reflect that if Christ drank from the Chalice then his energy has ensured that you can become purity energy whilst you adorn your beautiful earthly form.”